Chevrolet Sighting In Australia

1927 Chevrolet at Tambar Springs

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From Chris W. – G’day, I spotted this at a village called Tambar Springs, NSW, while on route to the Bathurst 1000 race. It’s a 1927(ish) Chevrolet. From the full running boards & rear mudguards, I’m guessing it was once a passenger car? It’s all there under the bonnet, the 4 cylinder engine, carby, stater & generator, etc.  I was told it was loaded onto the trailer with a front end loader! Cheers, Chris

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  1. rusty

    hah thats great one the scrappies didnt get in the great chinese scrap metal rush

    we had the gold rush in the early years and a few years ago the chinese scrap rush where scrap was $300 a ton..ironically scrappies wont come out now to pickup scrap..its around $45 ton and costs more in petrol..when i moved last month i had few wanting to pickup my scrap whereas previously they kept hassling me to give them my cars in the front yard.. And i was in a I was in busy Sydney not the bush living next door to a scrappy..hee hee.

    basically a lot of properties outback were denuded of many many cars including stuff like this..damn bad time. Some scrappies saved some but most were in it for the quick money i guess the US got the same

    basically stuff like this is getting scarse because it was close enough for scrappies to drive to when the dollar was good and simply pick a property clean.

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  2. Matt Tritt

    She’s a goner, mate! Well, maybe not entirely. The wheels seem to be in remarkably good shape compared to the rest of the old girl. Might make a fun speedster project for someone with all the time in the world. The metal men were paying big bucks not too long ago here in California too and I should have rid myself of a bunch of rusty barbed wire and the like, but I generally wait too long. I had a Peugeot 505 TD wagon sitting out back for 10 years and waited to sell it until the prices dropped. ;-)

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    • rusty

      hi matt

      nahh not here as we have fewer American cars so there is a project here [aussies are suckers for yankee steel though its probably more likely to be rodded or ratted….believe it or not I think it probably is an ok starting point because the land around there is reasonably dry as is most of Australia the steel will be better than is perceived…

      why do I think this possibly is restorable? well because i bought a similar project not far from there in a place other side of Gunnedah which Aussies will know.. It was an early 1930’s Austin Seven in similar condition..was told it was on a property when I was at the Gunnedah swap meet I trundled up to look in my Morris Minor panelvan.

      Looked just as bad as this one when sitting in paddock but when you looked at the metal close up you generally found it was all sound. Infact all panels better than some austins I bought from suburban yards because it had been laid up probably in the 50’s but the suburbia purchases were puttied up so many times they were far more rotted or rough. This is honest vintage tin. Took it back home to Sydney and started assembling it out of other bits and cars i had scrounged and it it came up a sound resto project. Of the seven Austin 7’s I owned it was the cleanest and straightest tin wise. The other all bought from suburbia and thus handed thru many owners and bodgy repairs.

      But i will say people now are lasier and no one seems interested in Sydney to restore as much now. They just buy a previous restoration and tinker. So from that point of view it may be toast..but I still think sound enough to try. [best for someone who like me who had a few similar cars/parts already.]

      I’m like you I hang onto stuff to hee.

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      • rusty

        ps..if you look at the dry land in the background in october as he mentioned he was on his way to the Bathurst 1000.. which is our spring…so its showing no signs of lushness just coming out of winter…so definately good dryish country that isnt desert. We seem to have just a winter and summer in NSW with hardly any spring or autumn..its either cold or hot. Metal survives nicely away from the coast in NSW. Still scare off many though as restoring now is dying off.

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      • Matt Tritt

        Well then, why not? All it takes is time, energy and money, so if those are in adequate supply, what better thing could you do than save interesting vehicles from the compactor? Your climate sounds just about like ours here in central California, even though we usually have good Springs and falls.

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  3. Chris

    Saveable. The engine was all there, and if it wasn’t seized, you’d have it running in a weekend. The LHR wheel was in pieces, but the rust was all surface.
    The guy was collecting it for his son who had another ’27, if I remember correctly.

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