Christine’s Cousin? 1965 Plymouth Fury III

This 1965 Plymouth Fury is listed on eBay in a fashion I have not seen in a long time. This car is listed with no reserve and the high bid is currently $1.00! That means either the seller has very little invested in this car, thinks very little of it, or is really certain it will bring a big price. A $300 deposit is required at the time of purchase, but is it even possible to make a $300 deposit on a car you just won for $75? To be fair, there are nine days left in the auction so it is very unlikely that this car will bring less than $300. This car is a project, and the more you look at it the worse it gets! Find it here on eBay in New York.

The reason for the flaking paint job is because somebody did it with a brush. I’m no expert, but I’m going to hazard a guess that the person who painted it is also the person responsible for the recovering of these front seats. Though yellow now, I suspect (and sincerely hope) that at one time these were red and white to match the exterior of the car. Seats aside, the interior is mostly complete and in restorable condition. The radio is missing and the dash is cracked, but most everything else is there and nothing has been disassembled.

The engine is a 383 cubic inch Chrysler V8. Though this car was indeed a barn find, the engine “runs with a bottle” which means it probably needs a full fuel system replacement. It is equipped with a 4-barrel carburetor and an automatic transmission. This Fury has an 8 3/4 rear end. Though dirty, the engine bay looks to be relatively rust-free and the seller states that the radiator support is not rusty. Here we can also see the original silver color of this car, and while red is cool, I think the silver would look much nicer on this car.

The seller states in the ad that this would be a good GTX clone car, but I think it would be way cooler if restored as a regular Fury. It need quarters and a trunk floor, as well as assorted other patches, but the rockers and frame are solid. Though a little hard on the eyes, this Plymouth is mostly complete and has all the makings to be a good project. If restored back to original, this would be a great looking car that would likely be the only one at many events. Would you make this the muscle car of your dreams? Or restore it back to original and have a beautiful Saturday night cruiser?

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    • glen

      It’s not a bad looking wagon!

    • Andrew Tanner Andrew Tanner Member

      Thanks Butch! I’ve fixed it now.

  1. Gunner

    More like the Red-Headed Step Child that had to stand in the corner too long.

  2. Dave

    One of my favorite year Plymouths.
    I’ve never noticed the dips on either end of the back bumper though. Looks like a ’67 ford bumper lol.

    • Ed P

      I think those dips are kinks from battle.

  3. Dave Wright

    Looks like an honest car, my Grandmother bought one new, always liked the clean design and the mechanics are great. If it was on the opposite coast, I would be a player. It would look great next to my 66 Imperial convertible. My grandmothers had a floor shifter and a 318.

  4. Dallas

    A GTX clone?…. No GTX’s until 67… it wouldn’t take long to get called out on that ruse.

    • flmikey

      …you can make anything into a GTX clone, with the right amount of welding equipment and duct tape….

    • Rabbit

      Besides which, a GTX would be made from a Belvedere.

  5. JimmyJ

    The fury is a c-body and the gtx is a b-body

  6. Sam

    Resale red gets a bit boring. I see a cool resto mod…charcoal grey with silver roof, black leather with grey inserts or grey leather with red piping. Build the engine, lower it a bit, maybe some factory fender skirts…

  7. Howard A Member

    Not even a distant cousin. These were much better cars. The Wisconsin State Patrol used 4 doors, with 383’s,4 barrel and 3 on the tree. A friend across the alley bought one. It was the 1st car I went 120 mph in. Looks pretty decent, sure can’t beat the price. Probably the best CL ad for the cheapest car. Go figure.

  8. jw454

    I had a neighbor across the street (Leroy) back in the seventies that had a dark forest green one that was fitted the drive train from a totaled 1970 Dodge Charger, 440 cu. in. with a 4 speed. That car had so much torque. It would compress you in the seat all the way through first and second gear. He would let me drive it anytime I wanted until he found out I was only 15. Before that, He’d just throw me the keys and say “Don’t hit nothin'”.

  9. Wrong Way Member

    I don’t think that these cars came with bucket seats! I think that they all had bench seats if I am not mistaken! I had one way back when, and it had a bench seat! Just sayin!

    • Ed P

      Sport Fury came with buckets. Fury I, II, III’s bench seats were standard.

      • Charles G Van De Sampel

        Bought a 65 Sport Fury back in 1978 that had a bench seat, just like my 1969 Road Runner (383 w/4spd) had a bench seat when I purchased it. Then I got the 67 Fury II my aunts father-in-law owned. It had buckets. So you can’t tell a book by its cover.

    • Bill McCoskey

      Wrong Way – You are correct. If you ordered bucket seats, you got a console too. No console on this one.

      Back in High School I had a 66 Fury 3 convertible,red, black interior, white top, but special-ordered with the 440 engine. I put in the Bucket seats & console, along with the torqueflite floor shift. I really miss that car, but it sure did drink some fuel, even at 32 cents a gallon it was expensive to run, especially for a high school senior.

  10. thomas schweikert

    had a 66 fury 111 with a 383/4 speed supposedly from a road runner pretty quick car


    Looks like a good worthwhile project.

  12. Miguel

    As both cars are Furys, this would be Chrstine’s younger sister, just as my ’63 is.

    My ’63 even came with Christine’s bad attitude every time I took a girlfriend for a ride.

  13. W9BAG Member

    I’ve always have had an affinity for these cars. I was working at a Chrysler Plymouth dealership in Lexington, KY in 1981, standing next to the dealership owner, just gazing out the window, waiting for the next “up”. In rolls these 2 70 something year old spinsters (sisters!), in a ’65 Sport Fury, 383 Commando, Turquoise & White, turquoise interior, buckets, floor mounted shifter, with 75K miles. FULLY loaded. A/C, power windows, driver’s seat, AM/FM radio, inside trunk release, I mean EVERYTHING! Pristine condition. As soon as Mr. Loveday saw the car, he turned to me and said, “whatever it takes, I want that car”. Sold them one off of the showroom floor. The most beautiful Cordoba you’ve ever seen. Two tone: brown metallic and creme, fully loaded, including T tops. The ’65 became a regular at the dealership. It was totally cherry.

  14. Clinton e Miner

    Well guys she no sits in canton ohio and will be the doner to my sexie 65 fury 1

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