Classified Find: 1956 Dodge C1-B6

1956 Dodge 100

This rust-free 1956 Dodge 100 is in need of restoration. This truck has a lot of potential and the seller indicates that all the parts are available for the truck, except for two vital pieces, which will be mentioned later. Located in East Hampton, New York, the seller is asking for $3,000 for this project truck, although they will also consider a trade for a Harley Davidson or parts for a motorcycle, or even a 4-stroke outboard motor. You can view this truck here on Barn Finds Classifieds.

1956 Dodge 100

The seller has provided an image of the VIN tag and states that they have a clean title for the truck. Sadly, no engine or transmission comes with it, which are the vital two pieces that are missing. That would explain the low asking price and lack of miles documented in the listing. It is up to you in what you want to put under the hood and there are so many options you can go with. Deep pocket dreaming, I would find a Hellcat engine and let loose under the hood. Maybe paint the truck a purple or green to mimic a Challenger or Charger. Again, that is if money were no object. However, there is always a purest in me that wants to leave things alone and original, so I would more than likely listen to that small inner voice and put it back to stock.

1956 Dodge 100

One of the photos shows the cabin floor of the truck and as described, it is rust free. If the color is original, that would be a great shade to return the truck back to. It looks like some bodywork and primer have been performed already. Hopefully, the seller can clarify that and provide some more history because, beyond that, there is very little info about the truck in the listing. While lacking the drivetrain is a bummer, the price of this truck makes it more tolerable.

The classic truck market is still on the rise and this one could definitely be restored back to its original condition. Of course, it could also be a great candidate for a more custom route. It will all come down to its next owner’s tastes and goals. So, will you be its next owner and if so, what are your plans for it?

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  1. Howard A Member

    Actually, the 2 pieces that are missing are the 2 most would replace anyway. Don’t go gonzo for cryin’ out loud. A slanty with an automatic, or a Dodge V6, 5 speed. You gonna put some fire-breather in this? There’s a reason people switch these front ends with Mustang ll’s, it’s a lot safer at 100 mph than the old straight axle. Great start here.

  2. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    The color on the floor, it’s factory. Seems the few times I’ve run into this truck on the streets or in fields over 60 years they’ve all been that color. Kind of a Jewel Tea delivery truck turquoise. I also have a 1/32 scale diecast of this truck in this color.

  3. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Had a 55 with a Desoto Firedome Hemi in it many moons ago. Didn’t have it running long (had to sell it for a down payment on a house) but when I did have it running, it was more beast than docile. This could be a very impressive street sleeper for those wanting that. When I did mine, the box floor needed replacing, I ended up having to make the wood parts as I was not able to find them available anywhere (pre internet days).

  4. Gaspumpchas

    I agree with howard, I like the idea of the leaning tower of power, slant 6, or a 340 with aa 4 or 5 speed behind it. Nothing radical but enough to mover down the highway, Great project, good luck with this beauty.

  5. John D.

    Early 70’s high school, I had a 56 with a 392 Hemi. It idled at 35 mph the one time I drove it to school. I guess it was a beast as well. Some guy that was restoring an old Imperial or New Yorker, heard about the engine and bought the truck for that.

    I think if I had it, I would look to the larger displacement poly V8s

  6. Del

    I would offer 500 but my Demon needs new tires.

  7. John Nydam

    Perfect candidate for a sweepside pick up conversion. Put the 354 w/ auto in it cut up that 4 door sedan that was posted yesterday and you’d have your self one nice truck with a little bit of work.

  8. turbojim

    I believe that this truck is a 1954- early 55. I have the same truck sitting in a barn. The windshield went to a wrap around in 55. 53 and earlier have a split windshield


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