Column-Shift 1968 Dodge Charger Project

Although Chrysler has created many, many desirable products over the years, the Dodge Charger might perhaps have the largest cult following. This is partially due to productions such as The Dukes of HazzardBullitt, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, and Christine, to name a few.  The 1968 and 1969 Charger are very similar with the most notable differences being the taillights and marker lights as well as the grille. Both model years are well-recognized late ’60s MoPar products. I’ve grown up with a 1969 Coronet in my life, and as such have long held an appreciation for B-bodies! This 1968 Charger is no exception, find it here on eBay in Oklahoma with reserve not met. 

The bidding on this car is at $6,850 as I write this and I’m sure it will continue to go up. 1968/69 Chargers are very desirable in many automotive circles and project Chargers have been proving somewhat hard to come by lately. Although the interior is in rough condition, this car is a two-owner vehicle with the current owning having had it since 1978. It looks complete and ready to be restored, which is what it sounds like the current owner’s plan was (until his son decided he didn’t want the car). Another unique feature of this Charger is that it is a column shift! From the ad, “Of the 906, /6 68 Chargers produced, there were only 2 that had a column shifted 3 spd manual transmission. This being one of the two. In this car’s gold/black colors with gold interior, this car is a 1 of 1.” They say with old MoPars that finding two alike is more uncommon than finding one that is totally unique, but either way this Charger is very cool.

Under the hood we have nothing, yet! This Charger was originally a Slant-6 car, which coupled with the column shifter did not exactly make this a fast car. The original Slant-6 is included in the sale, in case someone wants to make this car all original again. A correct restoration would bring the most money for this car, but would not bring the most fun! Also included is a 1971 4-barrel 440 that was running strong when it was pulled around five years ago. The seller does not state that it was pulled from this car, but that it has about 70,000 miles on it. It is a little hard to tell, but the K-member in this car looks to be for a Slant-6, which would not be surprising. This shot also shows the original gold color of the car.

The seller has included a front clip from a 1969 Charger, as the car was wrecked in the front in the ’80s. If it were me, I would find all ’68 parts and put it back the way it should be instead of having a combination. What is most amazing about this car is the lack of rust. Though there is some bubbling on the driver’s quarter, the seller states that many of the typical B-body rust-prone areas (rear frame rails, rockers, quarters) are solid. It was repainted one time in the black paint it is currently wearing. Even the vinyl top and the metal under it are said to be in decent shape. It’s far from perfect, but as B-bodies go, this Charger is in excellent condition. Sheet metal repair is most of the money on these cars, and it sounds like this Charger needs very little. Would you put the 440 in it? Or restore it original?

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  1. Dave

    Listing has been pulled. Someone’s either bought it under the table or the seller is seeing $$$ signs after “discovering” the car is 1 of 1. :-(

  2. Steve R

    Why would this car restored with the original slant 6 bring more money than a tastefully done R/T clone or a restomod with a modern drivetrain? Rare and undesirable does not mean valuable.

    Steve R

    • Troy

      Nope ,clone RT are going for as much as a original RT when done right.

      Clones are going for over $100,000 !

      A mint slant 6 wouldnt pass $30,000…And thats a stretch.

      I would put my built 440 with over 600 horsepower that looks bone stock…Valve covers,air cleaner etc all looks factory fresh,but its not the 410 plus hp they were when new (375 was a bogus number thats what the 383 had)

      It has to be rebuilt to factory looking,not with 20 inch wheels and custom interior…Make it like my 68 Charger Rt that looks stock,it can go back to 1968 and it looks new..But the 608 hp with 692 ft lbs of torque engine that is even stock looking…Car can run in the 10’s if it had proper tires that grab lol..I ran a 11.56 @129 with 275 street tires ! That didnt hook !

  3. billy

    Slant six all the way. These are so rare, it really needs to be original. Restomods or clones are a dime a dozen, but an original restored six would gather all the attention at any show. Sure would put a smile on my face to see a restored model with the greatest engine ever made.

  4. Andrew m

    Yep, the value in this car is it’s build sheet uniqueness, not it’s potential to be another run-of-the-mill big block transplanted mopar product. Granted, a 383 or 440 would be a nice car to romp on, but a factory slanty in a Charger? That’ll get more folks to stop and look at any show.

  5. Don H

    Very rare only 2 with the 3 speed column ,and slant 6 ,that’s why it’s worth more than any r t clone.

    • Trey

      And you know this how?

      A lot more than 2 were built. Seller doesn’t have a clue.

  6. dr fine

    I love the slant six, the 68 Charger and the exclusivity of a one of one. A fantastic find.

    • Trey

      What makes you think it’s 1 of 1?

  7. patrick scanlon

    christine? i don’t remember that charger in the movie?

  8. Robert White

    It must have been a dog with a slant six in it. I, for one, would rebuild it into a clone. And I have always wanted a 68 Charger since I was a kid.


  9. Troy

    That has got to be the worst engine/transmission combo for a charger. No wonder only 2 were built that way.

    • Trey

      The seller is full of it as more than 2 were built.

      When I see a car in these stories, I do research. Even the writer of the story here hasn’t done his homework. This site would be much better if knowledge was actually demonstrated.

      • glen

        I believe it’s the combination of the slant six and the column shift 3 speed that makes this unique.

      • Trey

        Glen it is still not as rare as the seller states.

      • Don H

        And how many had a 3 speed column shift ,with that color interior, and exterior? Typo on maybe I no

      • Trey

        Don H, your original post said “And how many had a 3 speed column shift ,with that color interior, and exterior, Mabry you need to do some research.”

        Since when did color and interior factor in addition to engine in the rarity of a car?

        The point is I’ve done the research. Have you?

        If you were a potential buyer, you have sucker written all over you.

  10. Pookie Jamie P

    Mark Worman!!! Show your face.

    Like 1
  11. Larry L

    While in the service in 1968 I bought a red 68 Charger with 318 and 3 speed on the column. I doubt if mine was the only other column shift Charger built in 68. I sold the car when I got orders over seas. The girl I sold it to totaled it a couple of weeks later.

  12. DweezilAZ

    The point is it’s one of 906 Chargers built with the Slant Six. No breakdown of how many got the column three speed vs automatic. I would suspect it was a very low # at any rate, whether 2 or twenty.

    And of those 906, how many are actually still around.

  13. Don H


  14. Don H

    It matters a lot Trey ,lets just stop this. Have a great day.😃

    • Trey

      Can’t wait To see what you find with your research, Don.

  15. j myles

    Here is number matching numbers slant six, 3 speed on the wheel

  16. George mattar

    I agree with Steve R. While the slant 6 is more reliable than any junk coming out of Detroit today, rare does not mean $$$$ a Plymouth Cricket is rare. I rest my case.

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