Custom Potential: 1931 Ford Tudor

1931 Ford Model A

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As much as I would hate to see this Ford Tudor customized, since it’s already missing its engine, that might be the best option for it. These Fords are quite popular with the hot rodding crowd, and it’s pretty easy to understand why! This example looks to be solid and quite original. You can find this Model A here on eBay in Lake Park, Minnesota for $6,500. So what would you do with this Ford if it were yours?

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  1. RayT

    I don’t think it would be terribly difficult or particularly expensive to find a proper Model A engine to drop in there. Considering the condition of the car itself, that would be my choice, especially if the final sales price is closer to the current bids than the BIN amount.

    For me, rat rods have pretty much run their course, and I wouldn’t be interested, particularly when it would mean cutting up what could easily be a nice old ride. If I were going to do a rat rod, it’d probably be a Toyota Corolla or Datsun B210 with a SBC in it.

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  2. Dairymen

    There’s enough parts floating around to build a ratrod on every street corner, so why cut up such a nice original car? Like Ray said it won’t be hard to find an original engine.

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  3. Rick

    or throw in a Pinto 4 (if any are still around) fix the brakes, leave the rest as is and drive it so everyone can see its great patina!

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    • RayT

      You’d probably have an easier time finding a decent Model A engine than a Pinto motor in any kind of functional shape these days!

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  4. grant

    Pinto motors are everywhere and that’s actually a pretty popular swap. Personally I’d like to see it kept stock but a pinto motor would make the car very functional, and would avoid the sacreligious SBC swap that I’m surprised nobody has mentioned. This is a great find. Love it.

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  5. geomechs geomechsMember

    It really shouldn’t be that difficult to find a Model A engine. I attend three or four swap meets a year and there’s someone at one of them with an A engine or complete rolling chassis for sale. I say: ‘Keep it simple and enjoy the ride.’

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  6. RollerD

    Some of the common mods from the past are are B Model 4 cylinder, or a flat head, with the later B Model wheels and hydraulic brakes, and steering upgrade from a later model full size Ford. And maybe a more modern transmission.
    Or just get it running. That is a nice body style.

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  7. z1rider

    Yes, a Model A engine should not be hard to find at all. In fact, just as lots of restored A’s are hitting the market as the owners die off or become incapable of driving them, they often have large caches of parts they hoard for future needs. Those are surfacing as well.

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  8. DRV

    I had one in the barn 30 years ago and used up my extra John Deere paint on it! All original at the time and would always start and drive. I never went into town or fast because the brakes were almost worthless in stock form.
    This one should be kept original except for the brakes of course, if you want to drive it practically.

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  9. Duffy

    Great looking vehicle, put the model A engine back in it, redo the brakes and drive it as we did in 1931. Good barn fine.

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  10. ron tyrrell

    Put a Tarus SHO in the back, sorta like a Shogun Ford, would make a pretty good sleeper with patina..

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  11. brady neros

    I’m 15 miles away from this car, if anyone is interested. Just give me a heads up on what to look for, as I’m not in my comfort zone on these.

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