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Cutting Edge: 1960 Chrysler 300F

1960 Chrysler 300F

Some classic cars were so ahead of their time that when we look at them today it is almost incredible to think a car that’s 50+ years old could have technology that seems cutting edge even today. As I look at this 1960 Chrysler 300F I’m astonished by its style and some of the equipment it came with from the factory, many of the features are common place in modern cars, but just 10 years ago would have been features only found in high end luxury vehicles. It sadly has been parked in a field for the past 6 years and will need a complete restoration. There are only 270 of these known to exist, so hopefully someone will save it. Find it here on eBay in San Jose, California with an opening bid of $11k.

1960 Chrysler 300F Interior

Whether you’re looking at the exterior, the interior, or under the hood you can easily find some unique and interesting feature to study and investigate. The finned body is truly striking and gives the car a dominating presence. Move into the interior and you are presented by a design that Buck Rogers would have been right at home in. Turning on the headlights will reveal one of the most incredible features on this car, at least from a technology standpoint, as the gauges and switches feature Panelescent Lighting. Today we call it electroluminescent lighting and it might not seem all that incredible, but when you realize that it isn’t all that common a feature in modern cars you can begin to see how impressive the 300F really was.

1960 Chrysler 300F Engine

Sadly, the seller didn’t provide any photos of the engine bay, which is really too bad considering this is one of the coveted 413 Wedge V8s with the rare Ram Air option. I found a photo of another 300F Ram Air’s engine bay so you can see what the option included. As you can see it was a system of what Chrysler called Ram Air resonator tubes to connect the dual carburetors to their individual halves of the motor. The linkage system looks rather complicated, but it made the 413 a powerful engine throughout the rpm range and helped the 300F to be one of the fastest machines on the road. Of course 1960’s consumers weren’t big fans of complicated, so the Ram Air option box was rarely checked. The seller claims this one’s engine is complete and the Ram Air system is still in place, but I would want to see it for myself.

Chrysler 300F

I just can’t seem to find an angle that doesn’t make this machine look impressive. Rarely do you see a car that can offer so many desirable traits. Car magazines of the day raved about its handling and straight line performance, it had features and technology that few cars could even dream of offering in those days, and it was wrapped in an incredibly designed body. I truly hope someone with the know-how and means will save it and put it back on the road where it belongs! So would you save this finned beauty?


  1. Randy Rush

    My first car was a 62 Chrysler Town and Country Wagon. He old lady I worked for after school had a 60 Imperial, her son had a 60 300 and a 64 New Yorker. Needless to say I have always lusted for one of these, but im sure ill never be able to afford one.

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  2. james g

    there’s no eBay link to the auction

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      We caught that shortly after publishing the post. It should work now. Thanks!

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  3. jim s

    the hood is up in more then one of the photos but no motor photos! leaves me wondering why not since it is a very important part of the value of this car. great find

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  4. RickyM

    I agree with Jim S; very strange not to have an under-bonnet shot of the engine when you are trying to sell a car ! Love that sharp styling – beautiful car inside and out. Nice Find.

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  5. Maestro1 Member

    Well, well. We had a Convertible, Black with Tan interior, swing out seats, the whole business,
    bought off the Auto Show Floor (My Father’s Grandstanding Days) in Boston. Then we had to wait until the car was titled; at the point of purchase the factory owned the car. With the Don’t Tell Your Mother Code in place he and I took delivery in Chicago (!) I don’t remember why, and drove it back East. My Mother thought it was the nicest Chevrolet…………I won’t go on with adjectives except to say it made me a Chrysler Fan every since; especially in the 60s when the cars went like stink, stopped right now, and handled flat with Torsion Bar Suspension. I own several now and they are still monster cars. Thanks for the memories………..

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  6. fred

    6 years in a field, I expected much worse… definitely not beyond restoration and well worth saving.

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  7. Horse Radish

    Flip flop

    Photos taken in a warehouse, where it admittedly wasn’t stored,
    No engine photos.
    E-bay listing has 12 photos of which one is double.

    Honestly looks like he picked this thing up (out of the field, where it sat, definitively LONGER than 6 years) for 2 grand and is trying to multiply his money.

    I think it’s worth near $2k but not 11……….., next.

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    • Horse Radish

      the reason why he doesn’t have engine shots most likely that vermin have moved in and left their nests behind.
      That can be an ugly and time-consuming task to remove….

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  8. joeinthousandoaks

    I think this car is past it prime in the market.

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  9. Other Josh

    One of my favorite engines! Love the Ram intakes

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  10. Rev Rory

    That’s Crossram, by the way, not Ram Air. They were fitted from the 361 Ram Commando and some Golden Rams to the 413; lovely to look at but sort of a silly linkage. Contributed mightily to the torque monster reputation of those engines so fitted.

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  11. Bill

    You state that the induction on this car was optional. It was not. You buy a 300F and that is what you got. I know this car, needs help, has rust in the trunk, but all there. Would be a great buy.

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  12. Mel Major

    Correction to the article. All Chrysler 300F’s had a 413ci engine with crossram intake. There were no “boxes” to check for that combination. There was a race option that provided a modified crossram to improve power at higher RPM’s.

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    • Josh Staff

      Thanks Mel,
      As I was researching this one I kept coming across information about the Ram Air option and how few were optioned with it, so I assumed that was in reference to the complicated air intake system. I did a little more reading this morning and it seems I misread my sources. There isn’t really a lot of detailed information about the 300F out there, so I definitely appreciate having someone with more knowledge about these incredible cars sharing and keeping the info accurate! Thanks again!

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  13. Bill

    Both 300 clubs are a great source of information and have a plethora of information available on their respective websites.
    I have seen this car myself and It is a great project as it is all there. Unfortunately, Chryslers get a bad rap as hard to find part for and expensive to restore. If you are plugged into the network of 300 enthusiasts in both 300 clubs, you can easily get around this preconception. The 300’s were the original muscle car and were dominating the performance trials and the competition before it was cool.
    Bill Adams Editor BruteForce magazine

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    • Josh Staff

      Thanks for the links Bill! Obviously, these cars are way before my day, but ever since the first time seeing one in person I have been fascinated by them. The engine is incredible and all, but it’s the interior and styling that really interests me. Maybe once I get some down time, I will do some more research on them. I’ve been thinking we need some more history only articles on the site and I think the 300 would be a great place to start! What do you guys think? Would you enjoy seeing a few stories just on the history of a certain car thrown in the mix?

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      • Gstegall

        Was before my day? Lol!

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  14. Bill

    I also host the club library that was started in 1969. Needless to say, it has some great historical documentation and fascinating stories. The 300’s and specifically the letter cars had wonderful interiors that was specific only to them. Would be happy to help.

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  15. Rich

    Several years ago I read a great article in Collectible Automobile about these. Richard Carpenter (of The Carpenters) was/is a huge collector of these cars and was featured in the article. Nice cars. Chrysler really had some forward engineered luxury vehicles for their time.

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  16. Chuck

    These cars were the ultimate moonshine haulers around here, back in the day. Fast, good load capacity and good handling for the time.

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