Desert Flower! 1967 Skylark GS 400

Production of Buick’s legendary “Nailhead” V8 came to an end after model year 1966, and Buick customers expected the new V8 to deliver the civility and power of the Nailhead. To suit Buick’s position as a stepping stone between Chevrolet and Cadillac, Buick’s engineers built a torque-rich powerplant for their 1967 lineup, offering displacements of 400 and 430 cubic inches, the latter available only in larger cars. This purported numbers-matching 1967 Skylark GS 400 is ready to rumble with its rebuilt motor and transmission. Thanks to reader Michael for spotting this GS here on craigslist in Inland Empire, California.

The listing makes no mention of the running and driving condition, but it seems to have powered itself to this photogenic location. The original-looking paint may be weather-beaten but the body and trim look good, at least from this distance. This GS shares its “A Body” underpinnings with the Chevelle, Tempest, and Cutlass of its day. At first GM capped A Body engines at 330 cid. By ’65 the cap grew to 400, a number fully exploited by this car (thanks to for some details).

Though lacking the aircraft cockpit layout of its Riviera sibling, the GS has lots of shiny metal in the dashboard and console. The classy interior features interesting details on the steering wheel and door panels as well.

Collectors call this 1967 GS-only air-cleaner housing the “Star Wars” air cleaner, though the part itself pre-dates the Star Wars movies by about a decade. It’s a unique engine-topper no matter what you call it. With no details of the engine build in the listing, we must assume it received a minimal replacement of stock parts. Considering this car is unlikely to become a daily driver, a decent rebuild may serve the new owner for their foreseeable lifetime. I’ve owned a number of Buicks, and I like the idea of this one-year combination of new engine in the old body. That aspect recalls my Dad’s 1953 Buick Roadmaster, which introduced the Nailhead V8 in the last year of its body style too. What do you think of this yellow desert flower with the refreshed powerplant?


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  1. flmikey

    I’m guessing Auto Zone doesn’t carry that air cleaner…absolutely beautiful find…

    • Rodent

      It actually uses a fairly common for GM round filter element.

  2. Rhett

    right car, right options,right price, right part of the country. 401k loan all day long.

  3. dirtyharry

    In case you live out of state, the inland empire is an auto “honey hole.” Basically, it is the desert southwest, a perfect spot for old cars. Very little rain too. I have pulled many cars parked for a decade and instead of the tin worm, the vehicles suffer from sun damage. If I find rust, it is usually the result of bad seals around the trunk or glass. The trunk is the most likely spot to find rust. I also have seen a lot of interiors that look ok in a photo, but in real life they are dry and hard. This looks the part, no rust that I can see, heavily faded paint and that is a good thing. Now dump the auto box and get a 4 speed in this one.

  4. Oingo

    I like it, 12k might be pushing it a bit for the options.

    • Rhett

      From a rust belt perspective, it’s a $7500 car with $4500 of bodywork that doesn’t need to be done.

  5. Sparkster

    Didn’t see a/c , rare for a California car.

  6. 86 Vette Convertible

    Back in 1967 I was buying my first new car, but being underage I needed my Dad’s signature. Cousin was married to a guy who’s family had the local Chevy/Buick dealership. They had a 66 SS396, a 67 GS400, a 66 Impala with a 396 and couple of other good cars there on the lot. Do you suppose I could talk my Dad into signing on the line for any of them – Nope. He would do a 67 Malibu 283 3 speed though so it was a big improvement over the 61 Biscayne I had been driving though.
    The GS was one of the more desirable ones IMO at the time and sure wished I could have gotten that one, but I counted my blessings as he could have refused to sign on the line for anything.

  7. Dan

    Wish it was close to me…

  8. Drive-em Member

    Not many like this out there. Unmolested, no rusty panels, orig interior, and thankfully no aftermarket ratchet shifter! Great value here.
    The 1 of 1014 the seller references is for 67 GS post cars. I dont recall the total number of hard tops and converts that were produced in 67 in addition to the post cars.
    The Buick GS has a fully boxed frame like the GTO, 442 & SS Chevelle big block cars. The standard Skylark, Cutlass, Tempest, & Chevelles were not boxed frames.
    I think drums may have still been standard on the fronts in 67 with disk brakes an option. No mention which this has.

  9. Buick Fan

    I’m most fond of the 70-72 Gs, and having tried the later G-body’s which didn’t do much for me, this model has really grown on me…looks like a great beginning for a nice classic cruiser.

  10. Nrg8

    Love the car, but loved browsing craigslist in cars area even more.

  11. Neil

    Always loved the styling of this car. But… no 3rd pedal = no interest.

    • Loco Mikado

      Not too hard to do if you have all the parts. I helped a friend convert a 326 auto LeMans to a 389 4 spd out of a wrecked GTO in less than 2 days in the early 70’s. Everything just bolted in place.

  12. danny kelley

    I owned one of these back in my youth. I bought it used from the original owner who purchased it new. I was told it had a 401 nail head engine in it. It had factory three speed in the floor with a bench seat up front. It was one of many great cars that passed thru my hands when I was young and dumb and having fun!

  13. Troy s

    The muscle car for the more mature buyer, I’m guessing. I just like the 70-72 455 versions better even for appearance, not just spine bending performance. Still, this would be a cool car to cruise around in.

  14. Tyler

    Post deleted, must have sold. Love this body style, you don’t see a lot of these Buick’s in my neck of the woods. You see all the Chevelle’s & LeMans or GTO’s you could want, with the occasional Olds thrown in for measure, but rarely see the Buick. Such a pity, as they are beautiful cars.

  15. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Best looking of the General’s A bodies this year IMHO. In 67 they got the cars’ look just right. The grille was unique to the Gran Sport or Special Deluxe, made of plastic with the red horizontal line in the middle. Also the chrome around the rear fender arches instead of skirts like the Skylark. I owned both. The lines were perfect. Always loved the roof sail panels as did the tin worm. Everybody had rusty back glass within 7-8 years if parked outdoors, where rainwater would sit around the glass molding.

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