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Eclectic Electric: B&Z Electra King

051616 Barn Finds - 19xx Electra King - 1

Um.. here’s an odd one, to say the least. This is a B&Z Electra King made between the early-Kennedy administration until sometime in the early-Reagan administration. That’s a fairly long time, both politically and for an EV company to even be in business. These little 3-wheeler EVs had a 36 volt electric motor with two-speed motor and reverse. This was, and is, a street legal vehicle, and although the name is similar, this isn’t Elektra King from James Bond’s The World Is Not Enough. This eclectic electric is on eBay for $1,995. And guess where it’s located? Yes, California! Ok, I’ll try to come up with a more difficult question than that.

051616 Barn Finds - 19xx Electra King - 2

In all fairness, these cars were made in California; Long Beach to be exact, by the B&Z Electric Car Company, which believe it or not, is still around! And, since the Electra King has a range of about 30 miles and a top speed of about 25-30 mph, it probably hasn’t traveled far enough to cross the border yet. Needless to say, this thing is cool in my world, I absolutely love these quirky, small cars. It’s so easy to hoard.. ha, er.. I mean, to store a garage full of these little things compared to storing two Packards and a ’74 Lincoln. Not that I wouldn’t want two Packards and a Lincoln, but I’d much rather have a garage full of these little oddballs. Who’s with me on that?! Hello? Guys? Hey, where’d everyone go?

051616 Barn Finds - 19xx Electra King - 3

This shouldn’t be a hard car to master, controls-wise. There are a few homemade-looking switches and.. and, that’s about it. You can charge up the six 6-volt marine batteries with a regular household current in 4-6 hours. That’s not too bad, is it? You can drive it around your neighborhood, to the store, out to eat, drive it to a car show, and maybe even drive it around at a flea market and fill the decent-sized trunk with even more oddball finds. I know that most of you could care less about unusual vehicles like this one. And, especially when you throw in the EV factor which is a dirty word, or letters, to most car guys and gals. Are there any other fans of these little unusual, little electric vehicles out there? I can’t be the only one!


  1. grant

    No I like it. I’ve seen them before but it’s different and cool. The question on everybody’s mind Scotty, do you have 2 Packards and a Lincoln? Can we see them?

  2. Chris In Australia

    So if a Buick Electra 225 is named after the length of the car, what’s this one?
    An Electra 75?

  3. Brakeservo

    Golf carts just don’t do a thing for me . . . whether they can be driven on the street or not . . .

    • Renee Bromfield

      It’s an electric car not a golfcart we love ours !!
      It was stolen but we got it back

  4. Glen

    Put bigger bumpers on, and you’ve got a bumper car! It sort of looks amphibious from the front. weird and wonderful.

  5. Doc

    Great for the short commute. a few miles in town at best.

  6. Dave Wright

    Silly price when decent GEM cars are selling for less than 1000.00 from the government if you like this’s ins kind of thing

  7. Mike

    In the town I live next to, they changed a city law that allows for golf carts and ATV to be driven on the city streets, back when gas was pushing $4.00 a gallon, so this would be great for the little runs to the store. Shame it is in California, I guess I will just stick to my John Deere Gator for the quick run to town.

  8. Bryan Cohn

    I love the oddballs, weird and wonderful, keep them coming!

  9. GLouie

    How can an Electric Car Company – if it is still around – not have a Website? (at least I couldn’t find one . . .)

  10. LD

    Love the top (hope it runs like one), like a cartoon car come to life! LD71 :D

  11. Hoos Member

    I think Rick Dale, of American Restoration fame, restored a 4 wheel version of one of these. It’s a neat little vehicle.

  12. Tim Rusling

    I just love this thing. Much more affordable than a gas Messershmitt, Trident or Peel. I’d love it for neighborhood jaunts.

  13. Greg

    Got one of these little weirdos years back, and now have a 48V motor and controller ready to install (the old motor and mount had been removed years before I got it). Any thoughts or ideas? Hoping the charger still works – haven’t tested it yet. Live in NorCal, so if anybody knows anybody who might want to help me tackle it, let me know…

    • Stinky

      Did you get yours up and running? I have the opportunity to buy a project one.

  14. Mitch

    I have a green one that runs great I like the fact that use the world war II tank turret motor as a drive motor it’s very quick tight turning radius very nice little car a little warm in Tucson Arizona as it’s all enclosed vehicle would like to know more if you can help me don’t see many of them around thanks Mitch

  15. Laurie Fadness

    I have a 4 wheel yellow Electra king car. It use to run but it’s been sitting for years and when I went to go drive it the batteries had been taken out. Not sure how to hook them back up once I buy new ones? Anyone know how to work on theses little treasures?

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