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Enduring But Rusty: 1969 Camaro


This poor Camaro is beat up, rusty and all around rough, but it is a very well optioned car with the rare and desirable Endura front bumper, A/C, houndstooth interior and the rosewood dash! It’s also equipped with a 327 and power steering. I can’t help but wonder what exactly happened to this pony, either it was in a major fender bender or in one rough barn. So besides fixing rust, you going to have to repair all kinds of body damage. And after all that hard work, you’re still going to have to the fun task of finding a title for it, as the original has been lost. If you are good at body work or are looking for a good parts donor, you can find this Camaro here on eBay in West Creek, New Jersey with a current bid of $2k.


This seller has listed several other barn finds recently, leaving me wondering what the full story is here. Did they come across a barn loaded with cars and manage to buy the whole lot or was it their own barn that they were hoarding projects into? Well no matter what the story is, all of their finds are in rusty shape, likely to do with their location. It’s too bad they weren’t rescued before they got so rough.


The most desirable part of this Camaro is that Endura bumper. Most reproductions ones are low quality and rarely fit like original. Sadly, this one is pretty bent up. I think a skilled body worker could straighten it out and make it look as good as new though. The question is, is it worth the work?


That is a question I think we all have to ask ourselves whenever we take on a project. More often then not, the answer is yes, well at least for me, but it comes down to your connection to the project. If you have fond memories of a ’69 Camaro that had a 327, houndstooth interior and the Endura front bumper, than it might just be worth it to you to restore this one. If you just want a Camaro though, this one might not be the best choice. So what do you think, do the options line up for you or is this just a parts donor?


  1. Anthony Rodrigues

    You basically have to repair or replace the whole car. In the 1970’s this would have gone to the scrap yard no questions asked… Now i am sure someone with deep pockets will restore it

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  2. JohnD

    Wonder why it is all wet under the hood?

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  3. JW

    Parts car IMHO and that’s too bad !!!

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  4. Hans

    Same seller also has a second 69 Z28 on eBay that looks eerily similar. Two rusty twins, interesting pair.

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  5. Rustytech Member

    Unless that’s a good 302ci engine in there, this don’t even deserve the title “parts car”. It looks like the only re-usable parts will the glass. Looks like it barely survived the local demo derby. What a shame.

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  6. pappy2d

    IMHO, there’s not 2K in parts here. What’s usable if you’re putting a nice car back together? I think you can build these cars completely from catalogs, so there’s no need to use old parts. Yes, it used to be a nice piece. The nice is long gone.

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  7. Dan h

    Poor wet car. For the love of god, can someone just bring it inside and let the poor thing dry out so it can die in comfort…

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  8. erikj

    POOR THING, That hurts just to look at it and wonder what kind of life it lead. RIP!!

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    • Dovi65

      Given the amount of abuse the sheetmetal endured, it wasn’t an easy life, that’s is for sure. Very sad, and should be left to die in private

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  9. Rolf Poncho 455

    JohnD the water makes it look shiny so u can see more
    detail and it just looks more attractive

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  10. Chebby

    I kinda like it all dented up, it’s like the Hot Wheels cars we used to bang up with hammers so they would look realistically like….this car.

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  11. Jubjub

    Shame. Not even a big Camaro fan but this was once gorgeous.

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  12. Aaron

    The wheels look brand new!

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  13. jaygryph

    Kick the big dents out and drive it.

    If it’s mechanically sound, dents and broken trim is simply cosmetic.

    Can you imagine the reaction if you rolled this up to a chevy meet? You would without a doubt have more people looking at your car, than at the one with a 100k into it. And you’d probably end up with someone buying it from you to save it and right the wrongs you befell upon it by diving it in such a shabby state. The horror.

    I find it a little funny, and a little sad, that people get so bent out of shape about the looks of things. “Oh I want a 69 Camaro with a V8…but not that one, it has dents.”

    Ya know what, if it’s mechanically sorted, this car will drive exactly the same as as one without dents. So at that point, you’re not interested in the way the car actually performs as a vehicle, you’re concerned about cosmetics. If that’s the case, get a straight one with an inline six, they’re cheaper.

    “Oh I want I 69 Camaro, but not that one, it hasn’t got a V8.”

    People are a strange and picky bunch.

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  14. JCW Jr. Member

    The best I can say about this car is the glass and passenger door looks ok. The rest not so much.

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