English Exclusive: Ford Escort 1300E

UPDATE: This one seemed fishy, so we pulled the seller’s email.

Oh how I wish this exclusive were closer, or even just on the same continent! There are many European cars I dream of owning and this just happens to be one of them. I know, a Ford Escort might not sound all the exciting compared to a Lamborghini, a Ferrari or even a Lotus, but these compact Fords are nimble and fun to drive. I’m sure the fact that we never got them here plays a part in my desire to own one. This particular car is a 1300E, which was a mixture of sportiness and comfort. Reader Sussan has decided it’s time to part ways with this lovely little Ford and is asking £4,400 or about $5,800. It’s currently located in London, England and you can contact Sussan here.

Sussan – Reluctant sale of my Ford Escort 1300E owned from new. A prime example of a vehicle that is now becoming rare. I totally restored it some 20 years ago and has been dry stored since. Restoration consisted of: full engine re-build, seats fully re-upholstered, new carpets including trunk, body work fully restored (further details upon request), new vinyl roof, new tires, new brakes, new exhaust and new battery. Please no time wasters.

The Escort was offered in a variety of trim levels with several different engines. The 1300E was an interesting combination of things, it came with the 1.3 liter crossflow engine and an “Executive” interior. Think of it as an Escort GT, but with a wood grain dash and cloth seats. While I’ve never dealt with the 1.3 liter, I do have experience with the 1.6 liter version! And I have to say, it’s one lively little engine that just loves to rev. I would imagine this engine is much the same, just smaller.

I really would love to have one of these English Fords, but shipping one from England to Idaho just doesn’t make sense for me right now. Sussan’s car might not be a “barn” found survivor, but it’s a beautiful one owner machine that is ready to be enjoyed. More photos of this Escort can be seen here. So what do you think of this Escort? Would you daily drive it?

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  1. Blueprint

    This is a rally legend! Very, very nice. GLWTS!

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  2. JamestownMike

    VERY COOL CAR! A Ford Escort never looked so good! Reminds me of the Datsun 510.

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  3. Adam T45Staff

    I used to own a Mk 2 Escort with the 2 litre Pinto engine. It was the most enjoyable car that I’ve ever owned. My biggest automotive mistake was selling it! Unfortunately I’m also on the wrong continent for this. It’s a shame because I’d happily have this any day!

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  4. Wagon master

    Geezuz Josh, it’s really cruel to tease us on this side of the pond with this. Almost makes me want to move to the MotherLand just to own this one. What a superb example!

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  5. sir mike

    beautiful…at this price won’t last long in England.

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  6. Rob

    One of the few glorious examples when you can say Ford Escort and not cringe like fingernails on a chalk board.

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  7. milotus

    I had a chance to buy a LHD one of these,
    in Gilroy,CA,for about $4500,but passed,as I’d have to
    sell the Cortina MKIII first.
    What was I thinking?

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  8. Jamie Palmer JamieStaff

    Josh, this was our family car when I was growing up in England. Not this car, but one very similar 1300E in what I suspect was Wimbleton white. I still miss it. Nice find!

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  9. Howard A. Howard AMember

    Why is it, we, in the US, always got the low end styling of these cars? Looks like Capri styling, but in a much better package. Apparently, the British aren’t concerned with what year the car is ( I read the 1300E came out in ’72) Regardless, looks like a fun car, probably pissed away a lot of shillings on this, not unlike restoring a Pinto for us here. Neat car, though.

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    • Adam T45Staff

      Hey Howard, restoring an Escort isn’t really like restoring a Pinto. The Escort is reliable and is rapidly increasing in value. We in Australia were lucky enough to get both the Mk 1 and Mk 2 Escorts. I owned a Mk 2 for a number of years fitted with a 2 litre OHC engine. It went hard and handled well. My biggest mistake was selling it. Here’s a pic of it for you.

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  10. Birdman

    I have a few of these in my collection of Hot Wheels….


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  11. Sheffieldcortinacentre

    I’d be suspicious of this ad as for a 1300E in that condition would easily fetch twice that if not triple.
    a road worthy lowspec one will sell for that price.

    Susan is spelt thus in the UK which is one alarm bell.
    The “M” on the end of the licence plate designates a car originally first used between August 1st 1973 & July 31st 1974.
    As was the norm up to 2000. A new letter each year .

    The scammers are using this era ford more & more for thier dodgy dealings.

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    • JoshAuthor

      I don’t know, I’ve been in touch with the seller and I think this is legit. They have just owned it for a long time and may not know the current market. I sure hope that’s the case though. Like always, do your due diligence and make sure to have it inspected by a third party or yourself if possible.

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  12. z28th1s

    Does the snorkel for the air cleaner really gets it’s air flow from right on top of the exhaust headers?

    Nice looking car!

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    • RobertV

      I think that’s its winter position, and it might swivel? In Australia we had a similar model called the 1300GT. I see that the UK 1300E shares the same guard flares as the Twin Cam….of course TCs are now in rarified air, up in the $A60k region. Who’d a thought? Back in the 80s I sold my escort twink for around $4k and that was with a rebuilt motor. Aaaah hindsight

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  13. TC.

    You have to remember the car is in the UK where it rarely gets above 25 degrees C. at those temperatures the engine needs all the warm air it can get.

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  14. misterlouMember

    EnFos in Mopar Plum Crazy?

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  15. Bob C.

    If I can remember correctly, Pope John Paul drove a 1975 model for many years. I think it was sold soon after his death.

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  16. Peter Pentz

    As the owner of 2 Escorts (both Twincams) I can attest to their fun factor. It has a very tail happy nature (steer at both ends and a wonderful rack and pinion quick steering) – the recipe for tail happy lunatic behavior.
    So simple , but what a wonderful piece of kit.
    The only car more fun to drive is one of my 65 Cooper S’s , equally fun to drive, in total hooligan fashion, just one ended so to speak…..

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  17. Rob K

    Almost certainly a scam. The exact same photos and description were in an advert for the sale of this car at some point in the past on http://www.carandclassic.co.uk. The ad has been removed – either because the car has been sold or for some other reason. The name is spelt wrong (I have never come across a “Sussan”. The email address seems odd – Yasminlynchls@outlook.com. As someone already said, this car in this condition should fetch at least 3 times what the “seller” has advertised. I would be very wary of this one. Far too good to be true. If the seller reads this and it’s genuine, the car is near me, so I will go and buy it today!

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    • JoshAuthor

      Here is the phone number they provided when they submitted the car: 0786786453. Give them a call and let us know if you have any luck getting a hold of them.

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      • Rob K

        The phone number is a digit short of being a UK cell phone (mobile) number. Can you check it again please?

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  18. James Jordan

    I really think this is a scam. The car is about 30% of it real value which is about 16000 UKP today. I think if you go after this you will find yourself sending $$ to a Wells Fargo office.
    I could be wrong and this could be great buy, but just be carefull. It sure is a cool looking car (I presently own 2 in the US)

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  19. mike

    Have been in touch via email. When I mentioned I am in Essex UK, the car is now in Plymouth.
    Here’s the pitch – “Hi , Because i`m in Plymouth (PL9 9RP) the entire transaction will be completed trough eBay and PayPal . They will handle everything for both of us, including transportation and the transfer of the car papers to your name.You don’t have to pay anything extra,the total price that you must pay for this car is £4,400.
    Here is how the process works:
    I will make a private eBay listing for you.
    You will have to click “buy it now”,fill in the forms and follow the instructions.
    PayPal will send you an invoice with all the transaction details and the payment instructions.
    You will have to secure the funds to PayPal. After the funds will be secured to PayPal,the delivery will begin and the car will arrive to you in max.48 hours.
    When the car will be in your custody, you will have a 7 days inspection period. If everything is alright, the transaction ends and PayPal will release the money to me. If there is something wrong with the car, you will be fully refunded and I’ll get my car back too, without any extra fees. Everything is covered by PayPal & eBay. I will get paid only after you confirm that you received it. I would need your ebay username so I can send you the link. I’m waiting for your reply.
    Thank you”


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  20. rich voss

    Wow. Thanks guys for investigating ! I saw these in Europe while going back and forth in the 70’s & thought, “how cool !” I, personally, can see how the styling “morphed” into the Capri…wider, lower, second headlight, basically same rear-end… Since I couldn’t buy one of these here, I bought a new ’75 Capri. 2.8 V6, metallic bronze. Great handling & fast enough. Only problem, bottom pan and exhaust too low for around here. Ripped most of the pipes & mufflers off TWICE before having custom set-up done. Probably should have put on bigger wheel/tire combo and adjustable shocks too !

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  21. dave goodwin

    any more info on the safety of this advert would like to buy it .. anyone know if this is genuine yet thanks

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    • Jesse Mortensen JesseStaff

      I would steer clear of this one Dave. It seemed legit, but the emails we gave received from the seller make me rethink that.

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  22. Dave

    OK thanks what a shame

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  23. Scott Tait

    0If this was a genuine English written advert the grammar would be completely different look at the spelling they wouldn’t say trunk they wouldn’t spell tyre t i r e & so on , …. my bad just noticed this is 2 years old must have missed this at the time lol

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