Euro Spec Survivor: 1983 Porsche 944

If you are looking to enter the Porsche world, but just can’t afford an air-cooled example, the 944 is actually a great option. They are well balanced, fun to drive and fairly easy to work on. Prices have slowly been going up, the whole rising tide thing I suppose, but they still aren’t crazy expensive. If you are going to buy one though, you want to find one with all the right options. As things tend to go, Euro Spec cars tend to look the best and have more power. Well, at least that’s the case with this 944. It’s a barn find that was ordered by the original owner while they were stationed in Germany. It’s been in their barn for the past 7 years and is going to need work, but looks like a great starting point. You can find it here on eBay in Kansas City, Missouri with a current bid of $1,900.

Clearly, the seller is flipping the car and usually, that’s alright in my book, but I think this seller could do a little more to help find a good home for this Porsche. It looks like they cleaned out the outside, which is a plus, but it would have been nice if they had cleaned up the engine bay. It would also help if they included more photos of the car, especially the underside and interior. Given how expensive the interiors can be to restore, it would be nice to know what all this one is going to need prior to bidding. Obviously, it’s going to need a new dash, but it would be nice to get a better look at the rest of the interior and to know if the electronics are working.

Another area of concern is the engine. It’s said to turn over, which is a good sign, but it won’t startup. The seller believes it’s due to the previous owner attempting to start it without draining the old fuel. That could very well be the issue, but without flushing the fuel injection system, it’s hard to know for sure. And I really think this is an area the seller could have added a lot of value to the car. I get not wanting to open a can of worms, but flushing the fuel system really isn’t that difficult of a task. And if it turns out that the car does run, it’s a huge selling point to anyone looking to buy it!

I really do love the way this car looks, it’s got the Euro-spec bumpers, the 163 horsepower engine, is the right color and looks to be a solid survivor. I wish the seller had provided more photos and info, but if their reserve is realistic, it would be worth picking up. As long as the engine isn’t damaged, getting it running shouldn’t take too much work. I’d want to have a closer look before bidding, but it really could be a great way into the Porsche Club!


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  1. Dean

    Timing and balance shaft belts before you even attempt to crank it. Dash cover rather than replacement. Repro dashes a VERY expensive

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  2. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    Porsche hitched their wagon to this star so this ain’t no Porsche entry thing. 944 Turbo is the way to go. What’s as well a balanced car ? SAAB 900T baby !

  3. Mr. Exotherm

    Long time ’83 944 owner here. This one needs lots of love just to get it back on the road. As mentioned above timing and balance belts as well as water pump. Complete fuel system removal and cleaning. More than likely the gas tank will need the crack at the top repaired…most 83’s cracked. New tires, brakes and wheel bearings, the list goes on. Don’t get me started on the interior. If this one goes to the shop for repair it will take all of $3-3500 just to get it back to daily driver condition. If the engine, trans or torque tube needs a rebuild forget about it. After that you still have have a car that could maybe bring $6k on a good day.

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    • Christopher King

      AYup. Nailed it.


    Met a fellow while in college who had a new 944 as a teenager(maybe he was imitating the guy in the movie 16 Candles).
    You would think that’s the beginning of a story that was destined to end very badly, but he drove that car like a little old lady and kept it perfect.
    He had bought the car with some of the money he inherited after the untimely deaths of his parents, so perhaps that was behind his caring so well for the car.
    Probably best that I didn’t have such a car at 16!

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  5. Robert G

    I would venture it skipped the belt which means a complete engine rebuild. I am told that these are interfearence engines. Which means new pistons.

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  6. Dads944

    Oh my goodness! This was my father’s car. 100% his car. It’s even still sporting the Freistaat Bayern sticker on the rear. I’m shocked to see it was still residing in KC. By the time I found this the listing had already expired.

    What I can tell you about the car: He was not the original owner. He purchased it from the original owner, his Colonel, while stationed as a Major in Frankfort some time around 1985/86. The car came over to the states when he was relocated to Ft.Knox in 1992 and stayed with him until his death in 2008. At that point, the car had not run or been registered since around 2003.

    The interior looks relativley untouched. It did have a PerfProducts dash mat to hide the cracks. The aftermarket head unit/tape player is period correct and same the one I remember from all my time in the car. The drivers seat was definitely intentionally cropped out; as there was a longstanding, very large horizontal tear along the stitching that had been repaired in the 90s and then tore through again. I do know the car had developed a severe electrical draw somewhere down the line, ate through batteries at a rapid rate and had trouble starting; which was the primary reason it got put to the side and ended up sitting in the first place.

    I wonder whether the car had ever been running since it was purchased from my father’s estate. Last I recall, it was on late 90s era Pirelli tires; which would be a good indicator if this car has actually been sitting for 7 years or 17.

    If anyone has the VIN or knows where this car ended up (if it sold at all). I’d love to know. Not saying I’m necessarily interested in buying it, but I’d love to follow up on where it is, where it’s been and hopefully see it on the road again. Email is

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