Everything But The Drivetrain: 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T

As you can probably guess from this picture, at a minimum this Coronet is missing its engine. Its also missing the transmission, driveshaft, rear gears, and the original rear end. However, this is an actual R/T that was originally a 440 4-speed Dana rear end car. It has been stored indoors since 1972, and subsequently has very minimal rust for a car that doesn’t appear to have seen gentle use. Find it here on eBay in Missouri with bidding at $6,500 and no reserve! 

The seller speculates that this car was ordered to be fast and raced. The battery has been relocated to the trunk, which was likely done for racing purpose and not for aesthetics. The seller thinks that the reason the drivetrain is missing is because someone wanted to make it go faster, but never got there. Though the front seats are rough (really rough for being parked at 5 years old!), the interior is complete minus carpet and seat belts. The seat belts are included but not attached.  All of the glass is good other than the windshield. According to the seller, this was “1 of 1355 440 4 speeds made,” which makes this a pretty uncommon car!

You’re probably wondering where the 440 hood scoop is, and the truth is that there never was one on this car. It is in all original paint, hood included. This hood has been drilled for hood pins, but never for a hood scoop and the fender tag indicates a special order which the seller believes to be a hood scoop delete. Though it would be a cool sleeper without the hood scoop, a hood scoop is included with the sale should the new owner want it to look like a 440 powered Coronet R/T.

Although this Coronet is missing its engine, transmission, driveshaft, console, 4-speed pedals, and gas tank and has had the original Dana rear axle replaced with an 8 3/4, it is a solid body attached to a unique fender tag. If restored back to nearly original, this would be a really cool vehicle and it is likely that the new owner would get much of their money back out of such a restoration should they decide to sell. It isn’t rust-free, but it is as close as it gets for a 1967 Coronet that saw no special treatment. In fact, I’m pretty sure this car saw rougher service than most. Regardless, this is something of a blank slate ready for new life. What would you do with it?

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  1. Steve
  2. Red Riley

    Can you say “Hellfire Coronet?”

  3. Moparman Member

    The addition of the concealed headlight front end from a 66 Charger would REALLY make this one unique, if one was not going for originality! :-)

    • Miguel

      All of the 1967 Coronets in Mexico had the Chargers flip around headlights. Those cars also come without the Chargers inflated prices.

      I am waiting for a nice one to come up for sale.

      If I could post pictures I would, but I can’t.

      As for this car, it is a body and fender tag that you are buying.

      Is it worth the $6500 asking?

      By the way the car, if restored to original, would be much more valuable than putting a new hemi or any other modifications that people like to do.

  4. Howard A Member

    Some say the 440 was faster than the hemi, but for ’67, Chrysler made the hemi available in the R/T, Charger and GTX, and if there ever was a car that screamed for a Hemi, this was it. These were so much nicer than the Chargers.

  5. Miguel

    Can anybody fix the fact that pictures are being blocked from being posted?

  6. glen

    All the missing parts are probably in something else. Why would everything be removed, even the tank?, to build something that is even more rare such as a convertible? …just wondering.

  7. Superdessucke

    Grrrrrr! My pet peeve. You spend the time to take pictures and create an eBay ad but are too chintzy to pony up an extra, what, $2 bucks to spring for photos that you can blow up? Makes me wonder what other corners he cut beyond the obvious one on the transmission tunnel.

  8. Rustytech Member

    I’d put the modern Hemi and running gear from a late model Mopar, but I’d also want to restore the body, paint, and interior. A/C is a must.

  9. Troy S.

    Mean machine! I like the fact it has no hood scoop, it looks like a sleeper but nobody’s gonna take the bait. This car is just begging to be built into a street/strip terror, and hopefully that’s what happens and it does not become another all original trailer queen.

  10. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Also missing……

  11. dyno dan

    drop a v-12 Allison in it. enter it in the next demo derby.

  12. Hemitroy

    I have 1967 hp that would look great in that

  13. Mark-A

    Late model Hemi (or almost any Hemi with Fuel Injection, the new style that actually looks like a Carb set-up would be perfect in my opinion) especially with a 5 or 6 speed Transmission, just for good measure how about a Ford 9″ rear with LSD & converted to a 4 or more point rear end? After that I’d DRIVE the wheels off it!!

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