EXCLUSIVE: 1946 Chevrolet 1.5 Ton Dually Dump

When Gary F found this Chevy truck on a farm in central Maine, he just had to have it. Given how solid the cab is and how complete the truck is overall he figured he would get around to fixing it up. Unfortunately, with two other restorations currently underway, he has come to realize he isn’t going to get to this one any time soon. Rather than let it sit, he’d rather see it go to a good home with a fellow Barn Finds Reader! So, if you’d love to give this Chevy a new home, you can find it in Southwest Harbor, Maine with a $2,500 asking price. You can make him an offer via the form below.

This truck has been parked for the past 15 years, so it’s going to need a lot of work before it will be ready to go back to work. Thankfully, these are about as basic as it gets. Chevrolet’s straight-six engines are quite durable and easy to work on. Gary hasn’t attempted to start the motor, but the previous owner claimed the truck drove to where they parked it. Hopefully, that means the engine at least turns over freely, but expect to do some work under the hood.

The interior also is going to need work, but it looks to be complete. While a closer inspection will be needed to determine exactly what all it’s going to need, it looks like with nothing more than some new seat coverings, the interior could be used as-is.

Gary notes that there is some rust in the usual problem areas, such as where the fenders meet the running boards, but that overall it is in really solid shape. It really does look like a great starting point for a project. The hard decision will be which direction to take it. If you are into rat rods, it definitely has the right look to be a good candidate for a custom build. And it looks to be solid enough to also be a good restoration project. It will really come down to the next owner’s tastes and who much money they are willing to invest into it.

whichever route you take with this truck, it would be an interesting project to take on. I’m sure this rig could tell all kinds of stories from life on the farm, so hopefully, someone will save it and get it back on the road. While there’s plenty of work to be done here, the biggest issue will be getting a title, as it is missing. Depending on where you live, that might not actually be a problem. And if the original owner is still around, they could likely transfer the title to you without much headache.

  • Asking Price: $2,500
  • Location: Southwest Harbor, Maine
  • Title Status: Missing

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  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    I always thought that this era of GM trucks was one of the best they did styling wise. The looks of these was a tough act to follow. GM retained its popularity and durability but the styling fell short of the Art Deco that this one had. If this was to come my way I would remove the gravel bed and install a flat bed. Full restoration including the Babbitt-Pounder. This could run either a 216 or a 235; both were good engines but not a powerhouse. You learned to use your gearbox and (hopefully) a 2-speed axle. I might add that offerings from a decade later weren’t much of an improvement in the performance department but they still did what they were designed to do, just a little slower. I hope that this truck isn’t picked up just to sacrifice its cab…

  2. CJinSD

    I’ve known any number of people who’ve found similar trucks on land they’ve bought. It is a shame the seller is seeking five times scrap value, as this could only ever be a passion project and the asking price pretty much guarantees that this one will stay put until a natural disaster claims it.

  3. JOHN Member

    It would be cool to set that cab on a ramp truck or roll back…

  4. dave brennan

    Remove dump body/duals , 3fitty/5sp/ 20″ or larger (not pimp wheels), do up the cab nice, build a nice bed for it and love driving the tires off it!!

  5. Mrtinwoodie

    Living nearby in NH and a lover of the GM Art Deco trucks I would buy that dump in a heartbeat. Too bad the price is insane!

  6. Howard A Member

    Big smile in front, what a great find. No rollbacks, no Cummins motors, have a shred of compassion for the old gal. This was not a farm truck all it’s life, farmers didn’t use trucks like this. Probably an old highway dept. truck, as after the war, this was the standard size dump truck that was used to build many of our road projects. I love old dump trucks, and this is a great start to honor what these trucks did for America, and still haul a load of rocks. Sorry, a Cummins powered rollback would lose all the zing. And yes, years ago, these were just old trucks and could be gotten for free, but we can’t go on that now. Most WERE scrapped.
    Quick story, the farm I lived on in N.Wis. I remember from years ago, the guys dad had a Ford AA dump truck they used around the farm, but was dragged out to the woods, where it sat,,,and sat. When I moved there couple years back, I asked the guy, what happened to you dads dump truck? He said, oh, I had a scarp drive around the farm, and they hauled it away,,,yutz. I thought, the scrap guy must have thought, thanks, sucker,,,

  7. Geoff

    This would be great for a landscape company to pick up and use as an in town truck which could still haul a load of mulch and would be a great advertising piece at the same time.

  8. canadainmarkseh Member

    Sorry Howard but the dump box has to go. I’d shorten the wheel base a bit and fabricate a period correct truck box only a bit longer 8’ for sure. I’d put in a 292cid 6 with five speed to start with, maybe something bigger later. I’d repaint it the same blue only with black fenders. It would be my daily driver in the summer parked in the winter.

  9. Farhvergnugen

    If only it were in Northeast Harbor…

  10. Bob McK Member

    Maine does not issue titles for cars over 15 years old. Getting a title should not be an issue. Mrtinwoodie, the price says OBO. Give him what you consider a fair offer, I bet he will accept it. Snow is coming and he may want it gone.

  11. J

    its a parts truck, the grill is worth the most if its not rusted out, the cab interior parts and doors are good money makers, but the frame is junk, the fenders arent the kind people want, those fenders have bigger openings than the 1 ton and smaller trucks, the 2speed rear shifter is guaranteed to be stuck, motor and trans are boat anchors. Some people give these trucks away after sitting that long,

  12. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Before I sold my dump truck business a few years ago this would have been a nice advertising sign truck. Put tires on it, paint it, with “Cat’s Dump Truck Service” on both sides.
    God bless America

  13. TimM

    This truck has a face that reminds me so much of tow-mattor from the movie “Cars” that my kids grew up watching!!! Great style and gives it a personality!! I suppose I would have to give her a name!!

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