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Josh MortensenBy Josh Mortensen

Update 7/26/17: I just heard from Tiger and he has decided to lower his asking price to $42k! This seems like a lot of luxury for the money.

Seller Description: This 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Seville is a 2 door Hardtop with the 365cid/325 horsepower V8 and is equipped with the 2×4 carb setup. All Power, air conditioning is not working, sounds like it needs a new clutch, I have another compressor with clutch and one more in the barn. The interior is red & black and in great shape. I have extra 1957 Cadillac parts in the barn you may be interested in as well. A Northern California Cadillac.

There were lots of great looking cars built in 1957, but the Cadillac Eldorado has to be one of the best designs to make an appearance in ’57! Tiger’s Eldorado is a 2 door hardtop Seville and it looks to be in fantastic shape inside and out! Other than getting the A/C working, it doesn’t really need anything. Well other than a new home that is!

The 365 V8 is an impressive engine, especially for 1957. Of course, you need as much power as possible to move these massive luxury machines down the road at any kind of speed. It looks to be well cared for and in nice shape. Replacement A/C compressors are available, but they aren’t cheap, plus you will have the expense of converting the system to R134. Personally, I think it would be worth the cost and work to get it going again.

If you are looking for the ultimate classic cruiser, you really can’t do much better than an Eldorado! It isn’t cheap, Tiger is asking $47k for this one. Their price is right between what Hagerty values a #2 and #3. Looking it over, I think it’s condition is right in that #2.5 range, although it might be a little closer to #3 than #4. If you’ve always dreamed of owning an Eldorado with fins, be sure to message Tiger about this one via the form below. And if you have a classic sitting in your barn that needs a new home, please consider listing it here on Barn Finds!

Asking Price: $47,000 $42,000
Location: Redding, California
Mileage: 75,000
Title Status: Clean

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  1. TRP

    Those wheels are unfortunate.

  2. Luke Fitzgerald

    Nearly 50 large for those wheels – is that the right color for the motor?

  3. johnd

    Correct air cleaner won’t be cheap, nor will the sabre wheels.

  4. Andy

    You know, you say “Of course, you need as much power as possible to move these massive luxury machines down the road at any kind of speed,” but I bet this car is a LOT lighter than a modern luxury SUV. All that stupid safety equipment you’ll only ever need in an accident, which, like, nobody ever gets into! I would pick this car over an Escalade any day, and I’d save a ’57 Cadillac trunk’s worth of cash. And I agree that fixing and converting the AC would be well worth the cost.

  5. jw454

    Just a quick heads up on the correct Batwing air cleaner, the $1300.00 reproduction one made for the 270 HP Chevrolet 283 will not fit this car. The front to rear spacing of the carburetors is different.
    On the wheels…. they should go.

  6. Anthony R from RI

    Ok I know these are generally considered a classic design, but IMHO it always looked to me like someone just stuck the fins on a slope back design, like an afterthought i much prefer the rear design on a regular 57 Caddie….

    • Sam

      Agree but that was then…post war prosperity and the space age.

      Does anyone agree that the exaggerated grills, zig zagzags, lightning bolts and led gimmicks on modern cars is a throwback to the 50s?

      None the less…cool Caddy

  7. RoselandPete

    I’m not saying the car isn’t worth the asking price but for that money I think it should have original wheels and a working AC.

  8. Vintage Car Loner

    The wheels are nice, better than the all wheel no tire look that makes me want to puke. If I wanted an artillery wheel I would buy a military weapon.

  9. jeff6599

    Shipping weight on this Cad is 4810 lb.

  10. Woodie Man

    Gorgeous car. I wonder where the Sabre wheels went. I would put these right up there with the most desirable cars from the golden automobile age of the Fifties. I remember years ago at a car show seeing a stainless steel roof Eldorado…..just amazing cars. Need to look through the cushions for some stray change.

  11. Howard A Member

    I agree with Woodie Man, this the nicest (US) car 2 “dink’s” could buy ( dual incomes,no kids) in ’57. 1st thing I’d do, is lose the dual quads. Aside from the “wow” factor, for me, totally unnecessary for today’s driving. ( Heck, I’d even go for a 2 barrel) Now, I usually question why every classic car needs to have a disc brake conversion, and it’s not mentioned, but, I’ll admit, this car would definitely benefit from that. Most likely will be driven on the interstate at high speeds( unlike the old IH pickup) and we all know how that can come to a screeching halt without warning. Also, should fix the A/C. ( like no heat in a northern car) Someone paying this kind of money, it should really be “good to go”. Very nice car.

  12. Rob

    I love these old Caddys. One of my many dream cars.


    the wheels, air cleaner and non-op A/C is why the ask is so low. Add those in and the price will go up accordingly. Didn’t all these have the SS roof?

    Bucket list car for me it’s insanely beautiful!

    • Miguel

      Only the very rare Eldorado Brougham had the stainless steel roof.

  14. Francisco

    Why own a ’57 Chevy when you can drive a Caddy?

  15. Greg Millard

    Here is a quote by the Cadillac designer Ron Hill when I spoke with him about my Eldo Biarritz some 14 yeas ago, “It was an amazing accomplishment to be involved with something of a design breakthrough at the tender age of twenty two. We felt that getting the design management to see automotive forms three dimensionally was a real coup. The idea of the fin forms growing out of a complete shape instead of an extension of a plane, ie the body side, was a revolutionary thought at the time”

    • BMW4RunninTundra Member

      If that is your Automobile, you must drive with one wide smile!!!!!!! I know I would and count myself fortunate be having to pick the bugs out if my teeth!!!

  16. PMAC

    Those wheels gotta go and no A/C puhlezze…

  17. C Carl

    I know a 58 coup de ville for sale. Not my taste but it is awesome and affordable. I should score that thing.

    • Miguel

      I am after this car. It is also a 1957.. These drive great as is.

      • Francisco

        Now that’s livin’ mijo.

  18. erikj

    I don’t know the difference, but this looks like a Biarritz. I must be wrong, but aside from the ugly wheels what a nice caddy!!!

  19. Rustytech

    In my opinion, from the rear end these things were ugly. In these years I’d rather have a “regular” Cadillac.

  20. Bob Hess

    A/C not that big a problem. Change the dryer and expansion valve, fix the clutch and your cool. Now, those original wheels will be a problem…..

  21. Don H

    Makes a 57 Chevy look like a carp

  22. Mark S

    Nice looking car except for those fins I would shave them ugly things off, it would completely change the look of the car for the better.

  23. DrinkinGasoline

    Sorry but, for the asking price, the A/C needs to be operable and it should have a set of Kelsey-Hayes wires with wide whites at minimum if the Sabre’s are MIA. The air cleaner can be resolved.


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