EXCLUSIVE: 1963 Buick LeSabre 4 Speed

Josh MortensenBy Josh Mortensen

When it comes to ’60s American classics, it’s all about options, but sometimes less is more. This Buick isn’t the highest optioned car, but that’s what makes it appealing. It was optioned with the Wildcat 410, a 4 speed and that’s about it! Reader Morley B bought it at auction years ago. When he opened the trunk, he found something incredible. Sitting there was a complete dual quad carb setup for a 425 Super Wildcat! He got it running and driving, but it has been sitting for a few years and he’s decided it’s time to let it go. You can find it in Primrose, Ontario, Canada with a $15,000 asking price. If you’d like to give it a home, be sure to message him via the form below!

From Morley – When I bought the car at the auction, it was just outside the warehouse where it was hiding. I have no idea how long it was at the warehouse. I have talked to the son of the family who bought it new in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. It was their family car for 25 years. The son learned to drive with this car and said he had it over 120 MPH once. The car got parked outside and then put into the warehouse by a collector. As you can see it is still a very solid car. I have no idea how many were built in the cheap LeSabre bodies since most four-speed were in the higher end Wildcat with bucket seats and console.

Solid body with updated 425 engine, dual quads, a trunk full of NOS parts and boxes full of parts for complete brake rebuild. There are a couple of body dents, no rust through. Also comes with NOS muffler and tail pipes, NOS dog dish caps, and a complete parts car with excellent original interior (correct red and white interior). Everything goes with it.

No rust through, but there is surface rust. All original panels. Both front fenders have minor dents. Comes with a NOS grill, one head light door, and other spare parts

Motor still turns over, it was last run a few years ago, was rebuilt when I bought the car, needs all new brakes, but the parts are in boxes in the trunk! Needs points and carbs rebuilt.

Interior is completely dried out and needs everything, however, the parts car has an excellent correct red and white interior. The parts car’s dash is rust free on the gauges etc. This is a bench seat four-speed car with no unnecessary options.

I can’t weigh in on just how many LeSabres were ordered with the 4 speed, but I’m sure a Buick expert could fill us in. I bet with the dual quad setup installed, this thing hauls. I have no doubt that original owner’s son was able to hit 120 in it. I do have to wonder what the story is behind the engine and how it ended up with the 425 Super Wildcat carb setup in the trunk. Perhaps the son found a wrecked Super Wildcat, swapped the engine and then discovered that the dual carbs were just too much or that they consumed more fuel than they could afford to buy? I hope they are still around and can fill in some of the details. That carb setup is worth a decent chunk of money by itself, so do you keep it and reinstall it, or do you sell it off to recoup some of your money?

I want to thank Morley for listing this awesome Buick with us! It looks like a fun project with a great story. If you have a cool classic that has been taking up space in your barn and you want it gone, please consider listing it with us!

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  1. DrinkinGasoline

    As a youth, my father had a ’64. That LeSabre would pass anything but a gas station or tire store. Many a time, one of my brothers would come home with new tires on the rear. DOH !
    I would most certainly have to re-mount that intake/carb setup !

  2. Howard A Member

    Well, I’m no expert ( but I play one on BF’s) but this is one rare car, listen to this. One forum suggests, “Ward’s Automotive Yearbook” ( whatever that is) says, 0.2% of the ’63 2 door LeSabres were 4 speeds. 99% were automatics, 0.8% 3 speeds, so of the 309,068 fullsize Buicks made in ’63, 618 ( LeSabre or Wildcat, it doesn’t break that down) would have had 4 speeds. This has got to be the Holy Grail of ’63 Buick LeSabres. I’ve never seen one. Unbelievable find.

    • Woodie Man

      You have to wonder…why was this car allowed to deteriorate so much? I mean this was a unicorn 20, thirty years ago………..to now ask such a premium in its present condition seems wildly optimistic

  3. Speedo

    I had a ’65 Riviera, 425 C.I. with dual quads for almost 30 years. I often went to our local fixed base operator at the airport and filled it with aviation gas for a little extra boost. As a white haired old man, regularly dusted off Mustangs, Camaros and even a few Corvettes. If you manually shifted it, 0 to 60 times in the 8 second range were easy to obtain. However, I only did the stoplight drags, it was great in a straight line but scary at speed on a winding road. I wish I still had the “Banker’s Hot Rod”. I would definitely put the dual carbs on this LeSabre and leave it as, is without the hubcaps, for a real Q ship .

  4. Larry K

    About an hour north of me. I can take a look if anyone’s interested. I’d love to drive this beast. Gas is going up 6 cents a litre tonight to make it about $1.20 per litre but who cares. You only live once:)

  5. angliagt

    What great lines on this car! – & it’s Black!
    From back when you knew it was a Buick,without searching
    for the name plate.


    That shifter looks like it is for a three speed? Hope I`m wrong.

  7. terry

    I would drive the snot out of this car.


    Seller is asking top dollar for this but it needs quite a bit of work and not numbers matching if I read this right.

    It’s worth around 7-8 grand I think.


  9. DarS55

    My first car when I was 19 was a ’63 Wildcat 2 dr (same body as the LeSabre but with better trim, buckets, console) so when I saw the small picture in the right side bar of the site I jumped. I always recognize those droplet shaped tail lights. I bought it in ’82 for $495 out of the Swap Sheet – an old flip through rag. It was promoted on the front cover (which I still have) as the “Heap of The Week” and was a Florida car that was rock solid.

    My Wildcat had the “Wildcat 445” engine to which I added the same GS setup shown in the photos that I picked up out of the above mentioned classified magazine for $400.

    It had classic large car ride and from a class stand point put a lot of other cars to shame. Acres of chrome and stainless, console mounted tach, tissue dispenser, power antenna, seats, windows… the list goes on. If I only had that car today – I wish I’d never sold it.

  10. DENIS

    Never cared much for the body style, but it’s rare enough and now old enough that I would love to have it for about $7500 and yes, I would have the 2×4 setup on it…

  11. James

    Growing up my dad bought a 63 LeSabre, 2 Dr black with red gut. I remember how he loved that car. It was fast. He used to say it had 2 passing gears and since he was a minute man he probably used it often running late to work. They are not that easy to find. The 4 spd is a huge plus. Always liked that car with the baby fins.

  12. Don

    I thought the side louvers on a Buick represented a 6 cylinder or 8 cylinder. This only has 3 louvers. Didn’t they use this symbol back then?

    • DrinkinGasoline

      3 side intake louvers represented LeSabre…4 represented Electra. In earlier years, 3 holer’s were the Centurys and the 4 holer’s were the Roadmasters.

      • Don

        Thanks for the info. I misunderstood the meaning.

  13. Andy

    Awesome car at about $7 to $8 grand CDN, not so much at $15.

  14. Smittydog

    Need the extra discount for gas!

  15. Utes

    The anomaly remains as to people believing Buick’s torque ratings on air cleaner decals to designate engine size……WRONG!

    In ’63, the (optional) LOW compression reg. fuel 2bl 401 had 412 lbs/ft torque w/265hp.
    The std. HIGH compression reg. fuel 2bl 401 had 424 lbs/ft torque w/280hp.
    The high compression prem. fuel 4bl 401 had 445 lbs/ft torque w/325hp.

    • Morley

      Finally, some one who understands Buick advertising. And engine torque was way more important with these big cars than horsepower rating. Low RPM high torque was good. Morley, I think I am just going to keep the car and drive on. It looks god sitting in the garage beside these two.

  16. Dave of Ontario

    I wish I had the time, Energy and extra cash to make it the Hot Rod it could once again could be !!

    Can anyone tell me the year and model of Buick used in the Biker television show ( Sons of Anarchy ) ? The Doctor wife of the young leader drove it till she was killed off !!!!


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