EXCLUSIVE: 1965 Ford Mustang Project

Reader Michael M saved this Mustang notch back from going to the crusher about 20 years ago. It needed a ton of work and over the years he’s been working on fixing it up. He installed a fresh Police Interceptor 302 V8 in it and serviced the transmission, but other obligations limited his ability to finish the car. It’s time to let this project go, so if you’d love to take it on, you can find it in Cedar Park, Texas for $5,000 and you can message Michael about it via the form below.

Asking Price: $5,000
Location: Cedar Park, Texas
Mileage: 68000
Title Status: Clean

Seller’s Description: This car was originally parked in a goat pasture in Liberty Hill, Texas by the original owner and subsequently sold to a salvage yard, headed to the crusher. I stepped up and bought it about 20 years ago. I have been working on it on and off, between taking care of my parents. My money pretty much went for their care. I have to sell it to pay off the rest of their bills, as they are no longer here.

Body Condition: The basic body is solid, but the passenger side floor pans need to be replaced. It is a 50+ year old car and will need a ground up restoration.

Mechanical Condition: The engine is from a police interceptor ( 302/5.0). The C4 transmission has been gone through with new clutch packs, seals, etc… The engine bay has been repainted and a new wiring harness installed. The brakes are brand new with only a few miles on them before the car was parked. A new stainless steel fuel line was also installed with the rest of mechanical freshening up.

Access to get photos is a bit limited, but Michael did his best to get photos of all the major parts of the car, so be sure to take a close look at the photos below. It’s definitely going to need a complete cosmetic restoration. If the rust really is limited to just the passenger’s side floor, it wouldn’t be too difficult to get ready for paint. It looks like all the major parts are present and reusable. After finishing the bodywork, some paint and a new interior and this would be one fun machine. So, if you’re interested in buying it, be sure to message Michael about it!

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  1. JFC

    $5,0000 for junk plus an incredible amount of work? For $10,000+ one can purchase a nice 64 1/2 – 66, complete Mustang ready to go!

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      Why is it junk? Because you do not like Mustangs? Because it will need some work? This car is not junk, it is a project car. Is it worth 5K? Well that will be up to any potential buyers. Not ever buyer is in a position to lay out 10K+ all at one time but they may be able to afford half that and then work their way to the finish line. And let’s not forget the personal satisfaction that some will get from doing the restoration themselves.

      It is starting to become an epidemic here on BF where just about every featured vehicle will have at least one poster calling it “junk” or “trash”. The vehicle has some rust, it’s “junk”. The paint is faded, it’s “trash”. The interior needs work, it’s “junk”. It has a flat tire, it’s “trash”. It is burnt to a crisp and deformed, it’s “junk”. Even very nice survivor or restored vehicles will be called “junk” and “trash” because the poster will say they had poor build quality when new. Or that they cannot compare to the ride quality, stopping power, heated seats, fuel economy, etc of a brand new XYZ model.

      So perhaps we could all agree to limit the use of “junk” and “trash” when posting. Certainly everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you think a vehicle is “junk” or “trash” that is fine as it is your opinion. You know what they say about opinions though and not everyone will have an interest in seeing or reading it.

      Thank you. Rant off.

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  2. the one

    It’s amazing to me how any parallel surface quickly becomes storage space!

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  3. bob carroll

    great car, but someone is going to spend an awful lot of money. will be upside down for a long time. some of these cars just don’t make any financial sense.

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