EXCLUSIVE: 1966 Sunbeam Alpine V6!

When it comes to engine swaps and the Sunbeam Alpine, most of us think of swapping a Ford 260 or 289 V8 into it to make a Tiger clone, but Reader Phil S went a different direction with this Alpine. Rather than trying to stuff a V8 into it, he put a Chevrolet V6 with an automatic transmission. If this car seems familiar, that’s because we featured it for Phil back in 2017. He’s since done a little more work to it and has also lowered his asking price to $8,500.

What Makes It Special? 2.8 V6 Chevy, 4-speed Auto trans. Teak dash with new gauges. Rollbar.

Body Condition: Very solid, Needs Paint and interior. Good convertible top and hard top.

Mechanical Condition: Running and driving with the inspection sticker.

You can read Phil’s original listing here. This is an interesting little Sunbeam and could be a fun project, especially if you like British Sports cars but want the dependability of an American V6. It should be a fun machine to drive and would get lots of interest at any event you take it. If you’d love to make Phil an offer, be sure to message him via the form below!

  • Asking Price: $8,500
  • Location: Essex, MA
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. LARRY

    I’m seriously curious how a 2.8 sounds with sidepipes. I remember the cavalier z24 sounded pretty good with a aftermarket exhaust and intake

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  2. Gaspumpchas

    That 2.8 is weak. What a waste. My opinion. Good luck to the new owner.

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  3. Michael Candee

    Not even close to a Tiger…… maybe a lamb. Way too much dough for that conversion.

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    • mike leyshon

      Not even comparable models. Can’t make an Alpine into a Tiger clone. Sunbeam even gave up after Chrysler bought them out in 1967. They couldn’t fit the 225 /6 so they went into the business of toasters & blenders.

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  4. Francisco

    Side pipes on a British sports car is anathema.

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    • Healeymonster

      The AC Cobra may be a exception??

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    • NIK O.

      r u ignoring 62 lotus super 7?? be blessed, grateful, prepared…i owned it, put elan twincam/webers in

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      • Francisco

        While it is a beautiful and fantastic vehicle in every sense, the super 7 is not technically a sports car, more a racer.

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  5. pvdave

    I find the 2.8 attractive because it’s a 60 degree Vee, which has improved balance and more room between the heads and the inner fenders.

    Having said that, I’d much prefer to see a modern fuel injected engine installed over the carburated version. As Gaspumpchas states, these early 2.8s are pretty weak, while the fuel injected versions made OK power with much improved driveability. While most GM 2.8s used a front wheel drive configuraiton, the F-body offered a RWD multiport version for several years.

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  6. Tirefriar

    Note to self: avoid installing anemic engine coupled to an automatic transmission into a fun European sport car without removing side pipes first

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  7. Will Owen

    Downside: Okay, those side pipes, but what the heck. Automatic: Ho hum, but okay as an easy way out; the builder was not after a bada** pavement-wrinkler here.

    Upside: NOT a V8, so you can probably reach all the plugs from above …

    Downside from my perspective: Another nice Alpine messed with. But it’s not my car, and therefor none of my business, really. At least it’s not another fake Tiger.

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  8. Alford H Pouse

    A few of these went to rotary conversions

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  9. Wayne

    Just like my installing a 2.8 Capri V6 with a T5 5 speed, Nissan 200SX rear diff with disc brakes, in my MGB. Almost 100 additional horse power, ( it is a little warmed over) over double the additional torque and and virtually no additional weight. It is no tire shredder, but a very brisk accelerator and much more fun vehicle to drive. As much as I love my 5.0 Mustang, ( for tire shredding duties) there are times that I just want to cruise and enjoy the wind in my hair. And have a well performing vehicle to do it in. No need for a V8 in that application.

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    • Tirefriar

      Agree with you on the fact that you don’t need to have a V8 in every application. Personally, I’d opt out for a four banger with a turbo tacked on. Lighter front end for better handling, lower overall weight… Maybe a Ford 2.3 turbocharged mill…

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  10. Willowen

    I like the strategy of considering how much weight you’re adding, and where, as well as considering access issues. Having to go through the firewall to get at the back two plugs just disqualifies the Tiger to me. If I wanted another hard-to-get-at engine I’d get another Mini. At least those are a kind of fun independent of horsepower.

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    • Healeymonster

      I have headers on my Tiger. I dont know if that makes a huge difference or not but i can access all 8 from the top. There is a world full of transverse v6 cars that are infinately more difficult to service than a Tiger!

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  11. JMB#7

    Nice idea, but I would have gone for about any other V6 than the GM 2.8. I would never have entertained an automatic. To me, this is more Alpine than Tiger. Just my humble opinion.

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  12. Phil Stevens

    I wasn’t trying for a Tiger. Has FI and is fun to drive.
    Thanks for your comments
    Phil the owner.

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