EXCLUSIVE: 1971 Lawil S3 Survivor

UPDATE – Danny let us know that his Lawil has sold to a Barn Finds Reader!

Reader Danny D was recently spotted a classic vehicle that he just had to have, the only problem was that the seller required that he purchased it and another vehicle they had. The other car happened to be this interesting microcar. It’s a Lawil S3 and as interesting as it is, he doesn’t have a need for it. So, if you’d love to have this cool little car, you can find it in Upland, California and Danny is asking $4,500. You can contact him via the form below!

From Danny – This is a rare Italian microcar that is unrestored and in good running condition. It starts right up and drives with no problem. This car came with a 2 stroke 246cc Lambretta engine. Has a complete convertible top with zip on side doors.

Under the hood of this Lawil is a Lambretta engine and incredibly it’s a front-engine rear-wheel-drive configuration! Being an S3 means that this one received the larger 246cc two-stroke engine, which was good for about 12 horsepower. Danny has provided video of the engine running and it sounds just as you’d expect a two-stroke scooter engine too, but it runs smooth and is ready to go.

It might be a fairly limited use vehicle, but given the amazing condition and the oddball factor, it seems like a steal of a deal. For short trips to the store and to take to weekend car shows, this could actually be a fun little car to have! So, if you are a fan of microcars or just love oddballs, this one is definitely worth a closer look.

  • Asking Price: $4,500
  • Location: Upland, CA
  • Mileage: 3,163
  • Title Status: Clean


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  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    Though I’m not a golfer, this would be PERFECT for a round of desert golf..
    Tee off on a cleared spot on the sagebrush to a designated hole, usually another clearing in the brush-the cart path is whatever trail through the sage that you make..

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  2. PDXBryan

    Anybody could do a reasonable impersonation of Mr Incredible in this car! Impress the neighbor kid by picking it up and throwing it across the lawn etc.

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  3. Poptheclutch

    I’m just curious as to the classic car he bought to acquire this?

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    • Elanguy

      Probably a 1967 Ferves Ranger.

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  4. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

    Swap in the engine from a Kawasaki Ninja H2R, add slicks and wheelie bars, then blow the doors off your neighbor’s Challenger.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket……………

    Like 12
    • Bill

      Neat little machine for someone lol, anyway, I’m renting a 485 HP Challenger right now and it wouldn’t take much to outrun it, only did 60 in 5.7sec
      I digress, sorry mates

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  5. chrlsful

    LS swap – yeah, heard that WAAAAY too much.
    Y not use as is?
    Too bad we don’t see the doors
    see it drive
    have so few details~
    Due to that I’d say the price is a lill optimistic (but hey, U know me…

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  6. Wayne

    Perfect for The Villages in Florida where the golf carts are King! It just needs some pretty wheels so that it would be an “acceptable” vehicle there. I also like the idea of a larger engine for stop light Grand Prixs ( as they also have a lot of stop lights in The Villages) I was thinking more in line of one from a Gold Wing! Ooooo, dual exhaust! And a heater for those 2 brisk days per year!

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    • Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

      One of the new Gold Wing 1800cc 6 cyl Boxer motors with the DCT so you can beat your golf pals to the next hole-or to where you THINK you hit your ball into the rough..😎
      (DCT so you can hold your drink in the other hand..)

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  7. rod444

    Its amazingly small but even so, that engine bay looks cavernous with the miniscule 250cc engine in there. Enough room to put your golf clubs in FRONT of the engine or at least plenty of room to store all the oil youre going to need to mix with the gas… love it!

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  8. Dan Mar

    I would buy this if it were a 4 stroke. I have no idea if its possible to swap in one.

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  9. ctmphrs

    Danny must have really wanted that classic car

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  10. Dennis Graham


    I bought this car at the Leake auction in Scottsdale. My tech says the carburetor is not correct. Too small. He also says there is no way to check the engine oil. Does anyone know if the transmission oil is also the engine oil? He doesn’t know how to drain it. Would like to get info on the engine.
    Gold cars are legal on the streets in Palm Desert and it goes 40MPH!

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    • Tyler

      Hopefully you know it’s a 2-stroke, so there is no engine oil. You have to mix fuel and oil. The transmission is a completely separate unit on these. Might want to find a tech that’s more familiar with 2-strokes/microcars, otherwise some serious damage could take place, and these 250cc engines are VERY rare. If you ever decide to sell it, please let me know!

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  11. dennis graham


    How do you check the engine oil?
    What is the oil/gas mix?
    What is your email address?

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    • dennis


      How do you check the engine oil?
      What is the oil/gas mix?
      What is your email address?

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  12. Araknid78

    The company made a bunch of different models and started in 1967. This little guy was made from 1970-1980.

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  13. Dennis

    Thanks, trying to find parts for it.

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