EXCLUSIVE: 1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV Survivor

Asking Price: $$16,000
Location: Norfolk, NE
Mileage: 46,360
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 3Y89A828013

Seller’s Description: 100% Original

Body Condition: Excellent condition

Mechanical Condition: Everything is in working order. New tires.

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  1. Avatar photo Del

    Price to high.

    To many of these being flogged right now

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  2. Avatar photo Smokey Member

    A friend was storing one of these Lincolns in my garage for a few months, until his home remodel was done. Left the keys with me and said to drive it once in a. while…..have fun he said. I took it out once and never again. It had the roadability of a sponge rubber pillow. He would also “brag” about getting 8 MPG. I guess my 911 Targa had me spoiled.

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  3. Avatar photo Dairyman

    I had a 1975 top of the line with 28k miles. I sold it at auction and it only did $6,500. It was immaculate, it could of went str8 on the showroom floor.

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  4. Avatar photo 86_Vette_Convertible

    Too many cars end up costing way too much to get fixed up and you end up underwater on them. Might be what happened on this one also.

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  5. Avatar photo ccrvtt

    If it doesn’t have anything to do with Elvis I’m not interested.

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    • Avatar photo PRA4SNW

      A true laugh-out-loud moment.

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    • Avatar photo Dave Mazz

      I believe a second cousin of Elvis may have worked for a guy who knew someone who might have owned a car just like this… :-) :-)

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  6. Avatar photo 408interceptor

    Fast and Loud customized (ruined) one of these several years ago. They put huge clown wheels on it and other tasteless modifications. The car was sold at auction to a guy who gave it to his 17 year old son.

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    • Avatar photo Dairyman

      Have you ever seen those guys touch anything and not ruin it?

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  7. Avatar photo Del

    They built almost 70,000 of these so if you want one wait for a perfect one.

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  8. Avatar photo 4501 Safari

    I have one of these and am the second owner. The only reason I still have it is the 460, C-6 transmission and 9 inch differential albeit drum rear brakes. It has rust you can throw a opossum through in just about every panel. I found out the 1973 had a reputation for rust after I put a new padded top on the car. Every option and still has the original thin whitewall Michelin spare tire. I like to check on it every so often to see what else has fallen off the body. Can’t give it away even to someone who would get the engine and trans. When I see one like this I shudder at the prospect of ever having another. When I bought it, the car was perfect, low miles and only $2K Mileage is a joke and my personalized tag, LUVS GAS, was not a joke. Florida makes cars rot. Everything still works on the car including the rim blow steering wheel. I read one owner took his to the Ford plant and set it on fire in protest for the shoddy assembly. Oh well…

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    • Avatar photo Mark

      Old perfect American Cruiser
      Beautiful car and ride
      I got 1974

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    • Avatar photo Del

      People on Ontario, Canada were so upset with 1970 circa Fords rusting out that they had a class action suit against Ford and won

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    • Avatar photo Bakyrdhero

      I watched that story on tv maybe 25 years ago! I remember it being that the guy kept bringing his shoddily built Lincoln back to the dealer for one thing after another and they kept giving him run around. One night he parked it in front of the dealer and torched it. I can’t remember what happened to him.

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  9. Avatar photo Bob McK

    I may be wrong, but isn’t the price WAY too high?

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