EXCLUSIVE: 1983 Buick LaSabre Coupe

What Makes It Special? I bought this LaSabre from the 94-year-old women who bought new in ’83. Her family took it away from her at 94. It had been in her garage for 10 years when I bought it. It’s just a beautiful car, not perfect, but it’s a nice survivor. It’s a two-door and there aren’t many left.

Body Condition: The body is in very good shape with only a few dings. The interior is very nice. I had a new headliner installed, as it had dropped from setting. There’s no rust at all, top or bottom. It’s basically in original condition and everything works except the power antenna.

Mechanical Condition: The motor runs like new! I had a new water pump put installed with a complete tune-up. The transmission is perfect. I also had brakes done, so this car is ready to go and enjoy!

Overall, this really is a great looking LaSabre! It isn’t perfect, but it’s a nice driver as is and would be a pleasure to cruise around in. If you’d love to be the next owner, be sure to message Howard C via the form below!

  • Asking Price: $3,500.
  • Location: Middlefield CT.
  • Mileage: 68,000
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. Avatar photo Big_Fun Member

    This is an Electra Coupe – rare when new, rare now. Good luck with this sale!

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    • Avatar photo RicknGA

      Where can you see the badging? I had A Lesabre Collector’s Edition that was totalled by Hurricane Opal when it went through Atlanta. Great car which I bought from a friend’s grandmother when she went into a retirement home and was no longer driving. The interior was the same as the one which had been in the Park Avenue, and only the grill and tail lights and badging were different from the PA.

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      • Avatar photo Daved

        An Electra as correctly pointed out by Big_Fun. Electra badging appears on the front fenders but is identified as-such by the Electra/Park Avenue specific quarter windows and vinyl top treatment.

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  2. Avatar photo Carmen Angelo

    Be nice to see some interior photos of the car too .

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  3. Avatar photo Oingo

    Lasabre? you mean Lesabre? wait does it have an Electra badge? Guessing the engine is Olds 307? Interior is a mystery.

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    • Avatar photo Daved

      Electra badging appears on the front fenders.

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  4. Avatar photo Jim Williams

    Had an ’82 that had a 307 Pontiac motor in it…

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    • Avatar photo Tony Primo

      It was probably an Olds 307. Pontiac made a 301.

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  5. Avatar photo 86_Vette_Convertible

    I’m not faulting anyone just take this as opinion. Having had someone in the family that was up there in years and even though she couldn’t drive any more, the car was something that connected her to her deceased husband. She was content to keep it in the garage and not drive it, but it was still a connection. When some of the kids decided to get rid of the car, it was if you tore a piece of her out and threw it away. At 94 that lady doesn’t have that many years left, IMO better to just leave the car sit garaged and let her keep her memories for the time she has left.

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    • Avatar photo Terry

      We took my mothers driving privileges away when she was eighty-six, she began suffering with dementia and memory loss. She loved being driven in it like my father did for her. So for six years after my father died, she could have the car but not drive it. She was driven around in it daily by her care-giver or occasionally by one of her children. When we moved her into assisted living, then we got rid of it. By then she was to far gone to remember it anyway. 3500 seems like a bargain for that car.

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    • Avatar photo PRA4SNW

      Attempting to decipher what the article says, I think they are saying that she stopped driving it at 94 and then it sat for 10 years before they sold it. So, she would have been 104 when they sold it.

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  6. Avatar photo Charles

    I just spoke with the owner. It is an ELECTRA.

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  7. Avatar photo Bob

    Check on Amazon for an antenna replacement! I found the exact one for my ’87 Chrysler 5th Avenue. Who would have thought?

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