EXCLUSIVE: 1985 Buick LeSabre Stageway 6-Door ($1,900 Price Drop!)

UPDATE 3/17/17 – Howie has decided to lower his asking price to $5,100!

FROM 2/23/17 – You just never know what will pop up here on Barn Finds. It might be a prewar classic, a ’60s muscle car or even a mid ’80s Stageway 6 door Buick! Reader Howie B has decided it’s time to part ways with his Stageway Buick survivor and he thought BF was the perfect place to list it. He’s asking $7,000 $5,100 for this oddball, which if you price it by the door, works out to less than $1,200 $850 per door! This sure seems like a lot of car for the money. If you are interested, it’s currently in Lake Elsinore, California and you can contact him using the form below.

From Howie – Bought in 1984 by Claffey/Rota Funeral home and used for 27 years and then parked for 15 years, the car has only 62k miles. I have repair invoices documenting the mileage. After purchase, the gas tank was removed and cleaned, a rebuilt carb installed and the entire cooling system was replaced. The only thing that I see is on the lower left quarter panel has some spotting in the paint. A very rare coach built car, I can’t find production #’s, but I have only seen 1 other for sale ever.

Interior Condition: Mint original with no issues.

Mechanical Condition: Car runs and drives like a new car. New Radiator, water pump, hoses, A/C compressor, Catalytic converter, front and rear shocks.

Body Condition: Totally original in excellent condition. Never hit and no rust. Panels are very straight.

What a crazy find! It’s always fun when a Stageway surfaces, they are just so odd, but it’s amazing to see a survivor in such nice condition. Unless you have a very large family or you run a limo service, I can’t see too many uses for it. I guess you’d have the most talked about car at just about any car show you took it to, which could be fun!

For a running driving car in such nice condition, the asking price seems quite reasonable. It’s a rather niche find, but I’m sure there are a few of you out there that would love to cruise around in this 6 door Buick! Special thanks to Howie for listing with us and I hope we can find a good home for this oddball. So would you drive this Armbruster/Stageway LeSabre?

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  1. RayT Member

    Forgive me, Josh, but I can’t resist a new twist on the traditional Barn Finds response: four doors too many!

    • Josh Staff

      Haha good one RayT!

  2. Dr. D

    “LeSabre” not “LaSabre”

  3. steve m

    We had an 85 Electra t type, it was basically a 2 door LeSabre on the new FWD platform, in 86 my grandmother bought an 86 LeSabre on the same platform. Is this really an 85? I cant imagine Buick moving the Electra, and Park Avenue over to the FWD platform and not the LeSabre in 1985. Could this be a late 84??? Maybe someone who knows more than me can explain?

    • rmward194 Member

      The Electra switched to the FWD platform for the 1985 model year. LeSabre went FWD in 1986. I was selling Buick’s back then.

      Like 1
      • DrinkinGasoline

        Agreed, hence the release of the 1985 Collector’s Edition LeSabre as it would be the last full sized RWD LeSabre.

        Like 1
      • DrinkinGasoline

        I’ve owned a few B and C bodies.

        Like 1
      • DrinkinGasoline


      • DrinkinGasoline

        Sold in two days for the asking price :)

    • Myron

      Looking at the registration it is an 84′. The paperwork looks like it says 84′ also.

  4. Jason

    Now that’s what an aligned odometer looks like!

  5. Coventrycat

    I’ve had oranges with less peel concerning that trunk badge shot.

  6. Woodie Man

    Speaking of too many doors….I just saw a 6 door 2013 Chevy pickup. I spoke to the owner…they sent it to Mexico and sectioned in a totaled crew cab..too weird.

    • Big Mike

      Woodie, I have seen 6 door Chevy Pickups used by the Union Pacific Train service crews all the time up here, saw one just yesterday when I went to get my Grandson from Daycare.

      • Harvey

        Whats yellow and sleeps 6? A public works truck!!

  7. Nova Scotian

    Is that a rolled up body bag in the trunk? Lol…

  8. Harvey

    I can see a family of 6 tooling around in this. Way more unique than the average minivan. Don’t forget, the car-crazy people and mechanics of the oddball cars have to grow up from somewhere. Sometimes in families with more than one kid.There isn’t a school that they just magically pop out of.

    Like 1
  9. Bob S

    That would be a great car for a large family to See the USA in.

  10. KevinR

    Nothing says “I have arrived” quite like a 30 year old funeral home car.

    Like 1
  11. MBNut

    Bought in 1984, used for 27 years, then parked for 15 years. That’s 42 years. Welcome to 2026. How time flies when you’re not paying attention.

    • Scott Staff

      Doc browns funeral car

    • Richard Clarke

      I added it up too😂😂😂

  12. Glen Riddle

    I’ve ridden in a couple of these. Seems most funeral homes in my area have at least one of these 6-door sedans. Typically Cadillacs and Buicks, we usually call them pallbearer cars.

  13. Duaney

    At first I thought that it might have been my old car, but mine had the blue interior. Otherwise a twin. The one I had was used by a Colorado Springs funeral home, then I owned it a few years and then sold it to a collector in Denver. So there is another one out there.

  14. mike d

    I like the odd ball cars, though most are out of my reach, this would be the epitome car at an all Buick car show I am a nut about waxing cars, this would certainly keep me busy! It looks like most everything has been done to bring it up to par ! this would be an occasional driver , I would just to watch the stares would be ideal for that daycation of a couple of hundred miles !

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  15. Gary Merly

    If that’s powered by a 307, good luck with hills!

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  16. Scot Douglas

    I’d pull out the middle bench and use it to haul my dogs and my bike to different trails & camping spots. :)

  17. Ron Bajorek

    I should buy this

  18. Chris W.

    It would be great for a Ghost Tour business if done up right!!

  19. Woodie Man

    I see the Buick has dropped his price…hmmmm…heres the truck owned by a teacher at a local high school

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