EXCLUSIVE: 1996 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

Seller Description: This 1996 Cobra Convertible was pulled from a garage in Pittsburgh where it sat since 2003. It has just 4,200 original miles! Car is mechanically sound now and has been detailed. It has a few minor blemishes from the garage it was in. It still even has its original tires. Runs and drives great.

I know this is a little newer that what we typically feature, but this Cobra is quite the incredible find! The hand assembled 4.6 liter V8 churned out an impressive 305 horsepower and 300 foot pounds of torque. I know by today’s standards, that really isn’t all that impressive, but in 1996 that was near super car levels of power! Then add in the fact that it’s a convertible with just 4,600 miles and you have something worthy of collections. They only built 962 of these convertibles in Laser Red and I doubt there are many with this low of mileage left.

After finding it, Pete cleaned it up and got the engine running again. He runs a shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called Iron City Garage, so he knew what he was doing when getting the engine going again. It’s said to run great now and has to be an absolute blast to drive!

I’m amazed at how well the interior cleaned up. I guess it should look nice when you consider how few a miles it has covered! It still confuses me why you would buy a car like this only to park it and forget about it. I’ve driven a later SVT and it was an incredibly fun car to drive, so I would have a hard time seeing this in the garage/barn/shed everyday and not want to climb in it and go for a spin!

$27k might seem like a lot of money for a ’90s Mustang, but Hagerty values a #1 at $28,000 and that’s not taking into account for mileage or originality. With a little more cosmetic work, I think you could have this car to #1 level, while also having one of the lowest, if not the lowest, mileage 1996 SVT Cobras around! If you’d like to make Pete an offer, set a time to come inspect it or have a question about it, be sure to message him via the form below! Our thanks to Pete for listing his low mileage Cobra with us and we hope we can find a good home for it. If you have a super low mileage survivor parked in your garage that needs a new home, please consider listing it here on Barn Finds!

Asking Price: $27,000
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mileage: 4,200
Title Status: Clean

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  1. Mlaw

    There’s no top,just canvas.

  2. RayT Member

    Wonderful little ride! I spent some happy hours putting miles on SVT Cobra coupes — including some unforgettable laps at Elkhart Lake — and can’t really think of a thing I didn’t like about them. Don’t remember the convertible though, but I have no reason to think it wouldn’t be equal to the coupe fun-wise.

    Josh, I seem to remember hearing it hinted (rather emphatically) by someone who knew what was going on that the 305 bhp figure was VERY conservative. Sure seemed that way to me!

    Once again, it’s a good thing my folding-money pile doesn’t reach that high. I’d add to the 4600-mile total so quickly all the Mustang partisans and worshipers of ultra-low-mile pieces would hate me. I’d wave as I drove past them.

  3. ccrvtt

    I had a ’98 6-cyl. for ten years. Taught 2 kids how to drive with it (“No, Sarah, your OTHER left…”). Pacific green with a tan top – I loved that car. I think a Cobra would be a very fun car with all that horsepower, but as much as I love this iteration of the Mustang I can’t see spending that much for it. But if one is worth that much this one would be it.

  4. Rick

    IN 94 I went to Ford brake school. They had a mark 8 sitting there as a mule.
    The instructor said he got 100 hp more out of it just by adjusting the cam timing.
    So, yeah, I’m sure that’s way under rated.

  5. Mark

    I’ve always viewed these 90’s Mustang convertibles and their Camaro counterparts as graduation gifts parents buy for their teenagers.
    There are so many for sale with the 6 cylinder that one tends to look past them.

    The low production and higher hp #’s will drive the demand. Lock it up, let the years roll by and then list it w/Barret-Jackson seems to be the norm these days. From an investment perspective I can respect that.
    On the flip side $27K can buy one heck of a built up Mustang that you could put the miles on and enjoy. True for a lot of other later models as well I guess. But to each his own.
    Regardless, nice find. Wish the seller well on the flip.

    • Rocco

      The asking price is in the ’95 Cobra “R” range. Even with the low mileage, that seems a bit optimistic. I would probably sell my ’95R with around 7-8K on it for just a little more. I wish him luck though. It did clean up good.

  6. Todd Zuercher

    I can still remember when a friend bought the green version of this brand new back in ’96. A fun ride although I never fit in the SN95 cars very well.

  7. Rustytech Member

    The problem here is, the only way this is going to be an appreciating investment is if it’s put back in a barn for another 20 years. I’d rather invest in something I can drive and enjoy without concern for destroying its value.

  8. David Miraglia

    Really nice mustang. And in pittsburg another not so long drive to check that car out.

  9. Dan

    Wish there were more pics of the detailed finished product. I am the original owner of a Crystal White 97 Cobra vert and I have a bit over 200k smile filled miles on it. I will never trade or sell my Cobra.

  10. scottymac

    I don’t remember if it was Jack Telnack (SP?) or J Mays that styled these, but I just never liked them. As far as stashing a new car, I bought a ’82 GT when they came out, magazines at the time had gotten wind of the SVO, and were saying if you want a V-8 you’d better get one now. First performance Ford in 10 years, I put it away with 19,000 miles, thinking maybe lightning would strike twice and my ’82 would appreciate like the ’66 GTs and pay my sons’ tuition. Boy, was I wrong!

  11. Bradley Clark


  12. Jeff Staff

    The coupes are among my favorites of the Cobras. What’s the story as to why this one sat for so long?

  13. Jim

    Asking about $17000 too much for that cobra. After sitting in that damp area for so long I can bet everything has rust, mold, and mildew embedded in it. Very cool find and wonder what the story is..

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