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At first glance, you might not give this Beetle much thought, which is a real shame since it’s a 28k mile survivor that has been cared for since new. Reader Gerilyn A bought it from the original owner’s family after she passed away. It’s back on the road now, but Gerilyn is moving cross country and can’t justify towing it that far. So, if you’ve been looking for a low mileage survivor, you will want to contact Gerilyn via the form below!

Asking Price: $9,000
Location: California
Mileage: 28,060
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 119414883

Seller’s Description: This Beetle has seen just 28,000 original miles. It was owned by an elderly woman who couldn’t drive anymore. The family maintained the car for her until she passed. It’s clean, adorable and has that wonderful Bug sound when you drive it. I’ve got 5 new tires, WeatherTech floor mats, car cover and 3 misc. VW manuals. I am moving out of state and need to sell. Do not want to tow this gem across the country.

Body Condition: The body is clean and straight. The interior has been reupholstered and clean. Radio even works!

Mechanical Condition: Runs great! Needs an oil change and possibly a tune-up. I have 5 brand new tires for it and other new odds and ends.

Beetles are surprisingly fun little cars. They aren’t particularly fast, but they are loaded with character and are one of the more affordable classics to own and maintain. This one looks to be in great shape though and should be good to go for years to come with nothing more than basic maintenance. So, will you be zipping around town in the Beetle soon?

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  1. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    So spend the $150 and get the tune-up and oil change done already!
    Why have to offer any apologies at all for this great little car?

    And while you are at it, have the finish wet-sanded and professionally buffed. If the paint is not totally dead, it should shine again!

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    • Rabbit

      If the valves haven’t been adjusted in the last 5K or so, I’d have that done too. Just takes a short time, & it’s amazing how much quieter the motor runs. An oil change would be a must. Seems to be ‘Poppy Red’, a nice color buffed out. Looks like a really nice little car!

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    • J5

      I realize I’m seeing this way after it was posted but it should be pointed out , 28000 miles or not…that is a 72 or 73 engine. Definitely not original .

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  2. Donsladek

    Stick or automatic? Looks great!

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  3. Beatnik Bedouin

    I think DayDreamBeliever’s suggestion is a good’n. The Glasruit enamel paint jobs from that era are amazingly tough, and yes, they do buff out!

    Nice car. It reminds me of one owned by a girlfriend’s neighbour in Sun Valley, CA whose ’62 VW never got out of First Gear or Reverse. Sadly, the woman (i.e. the neighbour) was an alcoholic and only drove her car to the liquor store and back a few times a week. The round trip was maybe 300 yards.

    When she died (around 1978), I think the car had something like 12K miles on the clock.

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  4. Lance Nord

    This car won’t last long at that price. VW Bugs are still popular in SoCal…

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    • Rx7turboII

      Yes, exactly. That’s why I wouldn’t do another thing to it if I were her either. She’ll get the same amount of money for it whether she Tunes it up and changes the oil or takes the dancing bunny off the dash or whatever. It’s worth 9 K all day long!

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  5. Hollywoodcarguy

    So the car looks to be a nice survivor . No interior pictures and they have had the interior redone? 28,000 well cared for Volkswagen usually have their original interiors. I have asked for interior pictures. It would be great for the miles to be real.

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  6. Jeffrey Hicken

    I skeptical on the mileage. Why was the interior replaced? Why does it have a later model motor in it? Why have the wheels been repainted [originally they were black and white]? Why the aftermarket running boards? It’s hard to tell other details but unless it has full documentation, I’d bet that the mileage is probably 128k. It still seems to be a nice car, but probably it’s value more along the lines of 7.5k.

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  7. Rock On

    No Rx7TurboII, at minimum I would take it for the 10 minute $19.99 oil change special before listing it. You always have that buyer showing up with their “expert” that pulls the dipstick out and starts examining and smelling the engine oil. Man I really hate that annoying guy!

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    • GLK

      You just need to say the magic word to make guys like that disappear. “Next!”

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  8. Jeffrey Hicken

    Noticed something else, it has bee repainted, if you look closely at some of the window rubber, you can see overspray. It definitely isn’t a low mileage survivor. $4500 at best.

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  9. Luki

    Wrong wheels for a 69.
    Upholstery redone on a 28k miler. Why?
    Running boards been replaced.
    Engine compartment a mess. Yada yada yada.
    Move on nothing to see here.

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    • Paul

      I am not an expert but the car looks like it has had a repaint at some point in it’s life . Fender welting is body color and I thought should be black. Also looks like overspray on Weatherstripping around oEngine compartment.

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  10. RoughDiamond

    I owned a couple of ’69 VW Beetles and the engine air breather assemblies were not like the one on this Bug. Maybe it’s the CA emissions that required the type shown.

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  11. vwkidd

    An incorrect (although an upgrade) 1971 and later Dual Port engine in a 1969. Please learn more about this “28K” mile “one owner” car.

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  12. Chinga-Trailer

    I bet it’s had “just 28,000 miles ” several times. A true 28,000 mile car wouldn’t have needed new upholstery nor look so tacky overall.

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  13. Fred

    I grew up riding in my Mom’s red ’69 Beetle. As the story goes, it was the first 1969 model the local dealer had received in November 1968 and delayed delivery so it could sit on display for a little while first.
    When I arrived on the scene three years later, my car seat went in that car. We went to the grocery store in that car, stuffing bags in the front, the back and in that little storage space behind the back seat.
    I burned the backs of my legs countless times on the black vinyl seats in the summer time, which was followed by prying myself out bearing the imprint of the seat pattern. In the winter, we trundled through town with studded snow tires on the back while we were bundled heavily to stay warm.
    It was the car which I learned how to clean and wash properly. I remember my father popping the emblems of when he waxed it to keep the wax from building up.
    I learned how to change a tire on the Beetle. I learned that leaving the AM radio turned on will drain the battery and that tends to upset parents the next morning.
    I wish I could say I learned to drive in the Beetle. Alas, the parents traded it in for a brand new 1981 Pontiac T1000. It was just as spartan as the Beetle, but it had four doors and a usable hatchback.

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  14. Jack M.

    I never knew that child seats even existed in 1972!

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    • Fred

      Definitely. I remember it being two pieces: a bottom like a booster and a second piece that went over the booster and the child. It was held in place by the seat belt. Apparently is was developed by Ford in 1968 called the Tot-Guard. https://www.maggianolaw.com/evolution-of-child-car-seats/

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  15. Albert Heiles

    That is a very nice and solid looking Beetle. I wouldn’t any faith in the mileage being an original 28k. Looking at the engine, it has likely been rebuilt if not replaced at some point in its life. I see is has the “altitude choke advance” in place on the side firewall, but the additional hook up to the carb is not in place and it has a late 70s airbox rather than the original oil bath air cleaner. I also see a tell tale that it as been painted. There are two small rubber plugs on the rear apron that are black from the factory and they are clearly red, so the car was either painted or it took a shunt to the rear at some point. I’d like to see pics of the interior too.

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  16. michael

    Funny how the car is on a wet spot. People who sell questionable cars like to do that.

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  17. Bob

    Just like the one I had in High School. Wish I could see the interior. Needs a lot for 27K miles. I would bet with the new interior etc. it has 127,000 miles on it.

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  18. B Bittner

    You’re right, I wouldn’t give it a second thought. In fact not a first thought.

    If I wanted an underpowered car with no heat and A/C I’d buy a Tatra or a super Yugo. Or maybe splurge on a 1,000,000 mile Octavia diesel and be smug.

    Wait for all the bids from Mexico City cabbies, really hard to find. You know?

    Dont forget the cleanup charges for all the abandoned man bun scrunchies on the rubber floor mats.

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  19. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever


    Gerilyn (seller) was either scammed when she bought it, or is not exactly being straight up in this listing. The BF readers are sharp, and this car does not appear to be accurately represented.

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  20. Todd Van Winkle

    Wheels were painted silver, starting in 69′. that’s correct. Im skeptical of the upholstery being replaced so early on, and the dual port engine is not original. A single port engine was installed , why someone changed it out is a mystery. 28,000 miles is barely broken in for a beetle engine!

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    • Jeffrey Hicken

      ’69 had black and white wheels, they changed to silver in ’70. ’69 also had a 1500 single port motor. There is also over spray on the window and engine lid seals so it has had an exterior respray so most likely the car has 128,000 instead of 28,000 miles.

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  21. Bob

    Maybe it is 28K miles on the replaced engine?????

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