EXCLUSIVE: 77k Mile 1991 Honda Civic DX

Update: It has sold to a Honda enthusiast who is going to care for it. Thanks!

We have a new website in the works, so I’ve decided to sell a few of my cars to help finance the project. This first one was picked up as a commuter. It’s not a special model, but it’s condition and mileage make it very special indeed! I mean, when was the last time you saw a 27-year-old Honda with less than 200k on the odometer? Most of these cars were driven to death long ago. I figured this car could be maintained and driven on the cheap for a decade or two. Hopefully, it will provide that for one of our readers. It’s located in Boise, Idaho and I’m asking $4,000 $3,000.

The DX was the base model sedan and it offered few creature comforts. That’s perfect though if you would rather not mess with faulty switches or leaky pumps. There’s is a radio, but that’s about it. New cars are so busy inside so it’s a big change when you sit inside this thing. Everything is so simple and I like it! The manual steering and five-speed transmission actually make driving fun too. There isn’t air conditioning, but we made a trip to the junkyard and found multiple cars with the whole setup so it shouldn’t be too expensive or hard to add it.

What a little gem of an engine! This was meant to be an affordable econocar but look at all the attention to detail. Instead of just spray painting the valve cover, Honda went to the trouble of powder coating it and polishing the letters so it would look nice. I believe this is the kind of thing that made Honda stand out. They were economical, but high quality. There isn’t a lot to say about this car’s condition. Everything works as it should and all the finishes are in good shape. One speaker crackles a little, but that’s just nitpicking.

The trunk is clean and the fold-down rear seat adds some hauling capacity. A compact and a full-size spare go with the car. There isn’t any rust and the paint is original and shiny. If you are in the market for a bulletproof commuter, I don’t really know how you could go wrong with this one. The title is clear and some of the paperwork for recent work done is included. Click here to view an extensive photo gallery and here to email me directly with any questions. Thanks!

  • Price: $4,000
  • Location: Boise, Idaho
  • Mileage: 77,842
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: JHMED3547MS007088 (CarFax Report)

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  1. grant

    Wow. Been a while since I’ve seen a Honda of this era this clean. We’re all intrigued though. New website?

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      It’s seriously one of the nicest survivors we’ve ever had! It’s surprisingly fun to drive, so I’m kind of sad to see it go, but like Jesse said we’ve got something new in the works!

      You’ll just have to wait and find out what BF’s sister site is going to be about!

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  2. moorevisual

    beautiful car. if it had a/c i would buy it immediately

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    • Jesse Mortensen Staff

      @moorevisual – Buy it and we will gather up the a/c parts for you!

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  3. M.Balmer Member

    Hell,I’d buy it now,if it were closer to Mich.Even without A/C.I wanted one of these back when they were new,but back then,the Honda salespeople wouldn’t even talk to you when you walked in to the showroom.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Staff

      @M.Balmer – You could always fly in and drive it home. The Boise airport is nice and the weather has cooled off enough that the trip wouldn’t be unbearable without a/c.

    • Arthur

      You got that right. A few months out of college and in a professional job I went to a Honda dealer because I wanted a CRX. The sales staff directed me to the used lot and showed me a well used Civic Si. I finally did manage to test drive the CRX HF, but they would not lift a finger to locate the next trim level up. I went to my second option and bought a pickup instead. I called the dealer and told them they lost a sale.

      As for the car in this post. Nice car. They have all rusted away in Michigan.

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  4. Billy 007

    I bought a brand new 1990 2 door hatchback in the same red on April fools day 1990. No options at all, four speed, no air, no radio, vinyl seats. The ONLY reason I bought it was because I had a lemon 1988 Dodge Daytona turbo that while fun to drive, it was in the shop more then it wasn’t and the ONLY dealer who would even consider taking it in trade was the Honda people in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin. I got the cheapest thing on the lot, price with delivery was under 7 grand, $6890 if I recall correctly. I had never wanted a foreign car, but I was desperate for something reliable to get to work. Trouble was, it turned out to be the best damn little car I had ever owned and I kept it 23 years and only got rid of it because it was so rusty it gassed me every time I got inside, yet at 200K+ miles, never failed to start and never any problems except an 80 buck sensor or something, plus a bad strut, but that was my fault, I went off road, tore the boot and it got wet. If I had known I was going to keep it so long would have opted for air, and maybe some cloth seats. My folks took it down south on a trip when new, and in FLA got over 50 MPG on one of the tanks! I just bought my 5th Honda (A red turbo hatchback) several weeks ago, yep, Honda makes one fine product if you ask me.

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  5. Coventrycat

    That new website wouldn’t be devoted to 90’s Japanese econoboxes, would it? Seems to be a lot of them coming out of the barns lately….

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    • Tim S.

      No. It will be called “Iconic Finds.” Dedicated to ’64-’71 2-door cars with a big block V8 and a manual gearbox. Tri-5 Chevys allowed too, because iconic, duh. Emphasis on red/black/white examples.

      Just kidding. I look forward to seeing the new site.

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      • Jesse Mortensen Staff

        Good guesses, but no.

  6. SWells679

    What a sweet little car. One of my favorite era Civics. You don’t see too many DX’s. Truthfully, the more frills, bobbles and gadgets I see on these days, the more cars like these appeal to me.

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  7. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Great job Jesse, thats how to sell a car! Looking forward to the new website.

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  8. Kenneth Carney

    Just the car my SIL wants and needs right now. If this car was closer,
    I’d be coming by to see you about it. Looks great in and out and 55MPG
    too! Good luck with the sale. Can’t wait to see your new site. Oh Mike,
    while I’m here, if you go over to the ’68 Caddy Calais thread, I had Sis
    post a pic of them there. Gotta unstop Mom’s kitchen sink. Catch
    up with you later.

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Thanks for the heads up Kenneth, still not recieving new comments via email. I would have missed it. Good luck on the sink. I just had roto rooter here Monday. 1 hour minimum, $165.

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  9. Mike R in De

    These are great little cars and went a long way to get the American driving public into Good, quality smaller cars! I retired from the local Honda dealer as a master tech. I’ve put hundreds of ac systems in non ac equipped Hondas. Their ac went right in, no drilling, cutting, splicing! New owner might be able to get a kit from Import-air, if they’re still in business. I’d clean the compressor bracket mount bolt holes in the block with a tap and W-D40. Good luck to the new owner and your new project!

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  10. chad

    ‘is OK, wish it wuz hatch or wagon if not then 2, 3K $ frm my pocket.

  11. Jesse Mortensen Staff

    Lots of interest, but the lack of a/c and distance is holding some people back. So, to sweeten the deal I’d be willing to gather all the parts needed for the a/c or I’d knock $500 off to help with the airline ticket here.

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  12. Fiete T.

    Mom had one in white. It’s still on the road…over 300k on it, a friend of my brother bought it

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  13. Will Fox

    Damn. I had the 2dr. hatchback sibling to this new in `90! BEST CAR, HAND DOWN THAT I HAVE EVER OWNED. Nimble, great to drive, economical, park on a dime, great on the hywy, etc. Absolutely never had one single thing to complain about on that car–only back to dealer for maint. Only reason I traded it in `96 for for the gorgeous new Civic coupe that year. I’d sure love to have another!

  14. Jesse Mortensen Staff

    I’ve lowered the price on this one to $3k for a quick sale!

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  15. Jack M.

    Totally off the car topic, but why don’t you go to Home Depot and rent a power snake to clear your drains. Much cheaper than a plumber. If you can change a tire you should be able to clear a drain!

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Hi Jack. I have a snake and tried that with no luck. I had roots in my drain pipe to my septic tank. Rooter ended up using a 4 inch cutter to open it up. Total cost was $230. Worth it to me. I would still be there pluging away!!!!!!

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  16. Classic Steel

    Wow the ellusit rare civic found in a barn 😂

    They do run forever if one keeps the timing belts and cooling system hoses in great shape to preserve the engine .

    The JDM swaps are cheap too once an engine is wore down after 300-400 thousand miles or so …👍

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  17. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    A local Honda dealer used to run an ad in the paper of the stripper model Civic. My GF at the time really wanted one and we raced down there to buy it. After a 2 hour runaround, they claimed it had already been sold and that they had plenty of others to show us.
    We walked out of that bait and switch dealership and never returned.
    She ended up getting a nice year old one, loaded, for a great deal.

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  18. Mike B

    Dang it Jesse, I keep coming back to look. If it were an EX w/ air I’d give you 5k (actually it would be gone already). I’m nearly ready to replace my ’88 CRX Si with 237k on it. That looks like the same motor as mine, but it would be a shame to separate it from such a nice car. And who wants a nice Civic w/ a tired motor? (plus, I’m in San Diego)

  19. Jesse Mortensen Staff

    The car has been sold to a Honda enthusiast who plans to commute with it and take care of it. Thanks to all those you showed interest!

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Say Jesse, any help getting my new comments via email going again? Thanks, Mike.

      • Jesse Mortensen Staff

        I went in and checked and it looks like you had marked an email as spam so it stopped sending. I removed the block so let me know if they start coming again.

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Hey, thanks so much Jesse! I have them coming back now. Glad some one got a nice rig at a fair price as well. Looking forward to see what you cats have coming up on the Sister ship. Thanks again, Mike.

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  20. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member


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  21. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    https://www.cheesedays.com/ LOL Dennis! Heading to Monroe today for Cheese Days. Cheese, beer and music. I will have one for you, take care, Mike.

  22. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    LOL! It doesn’t get more Wisconsin than that! Beer, cheese, and accordian music.
    I bet there’s pretzels and a tractor display mixed in there too.

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  23. Seth Lane

    Is this still available? I’m interested if it still is.

    • Jesse Mortensen Staff

      As mentioned above, it sold right away to a Honda guy. Thanks!

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