EXCLUSIVE: Custom 1950 Chevrolet Woody Wagon

UPDATE 7/7/2020 – We just heard from the seller and this Woody Wagon has sold and is already with its new owner!

This seller has decided it’s time to part ways with his awesome custom Woody Wagon. This Chevy has more than good looks going for it, under the hood it’s packing a 383 V8 stroker engine with all the needed go-fast bits to make it fun. It’s ready for summertime cruising, so if you’d love to have this beautiful hot rod, be sure to message the seller via the form below!

What Makes It Special? 1950 Chevy Tin Woody Winner of “My Ride Rules” TV show episode 4
350 four-bolt main stroked to 383 High air gap manifold, 4 bbl Edelbrock carb
350 turbo trans with shift kit 2200 stall converter
Electric cooling fan
TCI front clip rack and pinion power steering
Front disc brakes drum rear
12 bolt Chevy rear end 308 gears
Heavy duty sway bars front and rear
12-volt battery maintainer
Customized speedo changed to 120 mph
Electric fuel pump, gas tank lined
Re-cored original radiator chrome overflow tube
Custom interior (does show signs of wear)
Shortened steering column with wood steering wheel
Mohair headliner and visors
Simulated bamboo headliner bows (original metal bows)
Custom Woodgrain on exterior and dash
Original Wood trim on door tops and in the rear
The rear door handles shaved, activated by remote (door poppers)
Original windup clock (rebuilt)
Original radio (rebuilt)
Custom widened and pinstriped steel wheels with stock hubcaps and beauty rings
Louvered and peaked hood
Comes with original rare third seat and arm rail
Loads or receipts

Body Condition: Body, hood louvered and peaked, door handles on rear doors shaved and remoter opener, custom wood graining, surf decals in windows. Nice paint on the body.

Mechanical Condition: Runs good and strong, 383 stroker engine, 350 Turbo Trans with shift kit and 2200 stall converter, 12 bolt chevy rear end.

  • Location: California
  • Mileage: 9,200
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 6HKD22456



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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    As good as it gets.

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  2. jo6pac

    I like it, great job and hope it finds a great home.

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  3. Jeff

    I really like this wagon, the price is very reasonable, the only thing missing is Air Conditioning!

    Then it would be Totally Awesome!

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  4. Tom Bell

    Another wonderful car trashed by someone who thought he could “make it better”. Makes me sad.

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  5. bobhess bobhess Member

    Tom… have you ever considered that this car might have been trashed to start with and saved from extinction? Might find out what pile of old cars this one came out of.

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    • Tom Bell

      Of course I have–Chevy parts are common enough, both original and re-pop, to do the right thing rather than create a Frankencar.

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  6. Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Erwin, nicely done!

    Tom, if everyone on the forum shared your feelings exactly, we wouldn’t have a forum, would we?
    At least not one of any real creativity from shared different viewpoints and that would be really boring!

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  7. Kenbone

    We must make it the same as it was for when 1950 comes back…………uhh…..it is coming back isnt it?

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  8. ERWIN Spitz

    Tom, sorry you don’t like my creation. Back in the day (1960’s) when I went to high school most cars were personized. We had “Auto Shop” to teach us how to fix cars or build them, we used our imagination. We also looked at things like, Car and Custom, Hot Rod, Car Craft magazines to name a few. Creations like: chrome rims, mag rims, baby moons, spinners, lakes pipes, scallops, hood scoops, flames etc. were born. Automotive manufacturers even latched onto some creative ideas and used them on production cars.
    This car won 1st place on the TV show “My Ride Rules” episode 4, a few years ago. Thumbs up is not an uncommon sign I get when this car is on the road.
    Thanks to all for your input.

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  9. Mountainwoodie

    In the last twenty years there has been an increasing trend towards customizing woodies as the generation that owns them, ie surfed in the mid Sixties, ages . The frailties and intolerance that often comes with aging makes it easier to drive these with a modern drive train.

    Not a true “woodie” as it does not have any wooden framing ( except maybe the tailgate) as it’s wood trim over metal, but no matter as some folks prefer these and the later “shoebox” Fords.

    Some folks prefer modern drive trains, auto trannies etc. I’m not one of them but my view of it has mellowed considerably.

    In and of itself this would be a lot of fun as the work is done, it’s driveable in modern traffic and you can’t beat a wagon for utility.

    But for me, to have the real Wooden Car experience, you have to own and drive one built as it came from the factory.

    That said, you couldn’t build this for the ask. Wish I had the money laying around , I’d buy it and drive the heck out of it.

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  10. ERWIN Spitz

    The garnish trim on the top of the doors and below the rear windows is real wood as it came from the factory. The door panels and rear interior panels are real wood as it came from the factory. There is no real wood on the exterior of this car.
    This body design from GM (Chevrolet) came out in 1949, 3342 station wagons were built with real wood sides and interior trim. The second half of 1949 the steel wagon (Tin Woodie) was born 2664 station wagons were built the interior trim was wood from the factory.
    In 1950 there were 166,995 steel wagons produced by Chevrolet. The only difference between the 1949 steel wagon and the 1950 was the color of the gauge cluster and the front grille, the 1949 had more teeth in the grille at the base.

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    • Miguel

      Erwin, I have seen one of these for sale where I am, but it doesn’t have the wood. It looks like it has a place for the wood and I also know there were pure metal wagons made, but I don’t know which one this is.

      Other than that it looks like a nice running original car to start with.

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  11. Superkev

    really sharp car until you raise the hood.

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  12. ERWIN

    To be clear, there is NO real wood on the outside of this 1950 Chevrolet. The real wood is on the interior of the car. The garnish trim on the top of the doors and on the inside of the car is real wood from the factory, the door panels and rear panels on the inside of the car are also real wood as it came from the factory.

    There were NO 1950 Chevrolet wagons that had real wood on the ouside of the car from the factory, they were steel wagons or now known as “Tin Woodies”. The factory put a stick on material called “Di-Noc” on the outside of the cars that looked like wood.

    Historical note: In the first 6 months of production of this body style in 1949 there were only 3342 Chevrolet wagons had real wood sides, tailgates and interior trim from the factory. Very few exist today.
    In the second half of 1949 the steel wagon was produced there were 2664 of those cars produced by Chevrolet. The doors and upper and lower tailgate were made of steel. The interior trim continued to be produced of wood. This continued onto the 1950 model run.

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  13. Jim

    I’m very familiar with this wagon & Erwin’s builds.
    Everything is done right & this car is quick as well.
    Erwin is one of the top Vintage surfboard and period surfing accessory guys in the surfing community. His attention to detail is reflected in this build….Did I say it’s quick…?
    I gave videos of it running at the Antique Nats a few years ago.
    Great car

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  14. Del

    Wonderfull custom

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