EXCLUSIVE: Pair Of 1962 Oldsmobile Starfires!

Don’t worry, you aren’t suffering from double vision! There really are two Oldsmobile Starfires sitting here. Reader Jim R has two of these rare Oldsmobiles and they both need to go. He has realized he isn’t going to get to them, so it’s time to sell. For $5,000 or best offer, you can bring both cars home. They can be found in Calhan, Colorado and you can contact him via the form below.

The Starfire was Oldsmobile’s luxury performance model when it debuted as a model line in 1961, rather than a trim-option as it had previously been. In ’62, a hardtop joined the line-up and the 394 V8 saw a bump in power. While there were more powerful cars on the market, the 345 horsepower Starfire was no slouch and gave the Thunderbird some serious competition.

Unfortunately, these cars are big projects. Jim provided us a look at one of the car’s engines and it’s missing some key components. Hopefully, the engine isn’t past the point of being salvageable, but it’s definitely going to need a full rebuild. The other engine looks better in the photo gallery below. Hopefully, someone can rescue these and get one or both back on the road!

  • Asking Price: $5,000
  • Location: Calhan, Colorado
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. SG

    When in high school, I chased the skirt of a chick whose Dad, a wealthy local housebuilder, had 2 of these too. One was restored, black if I recall correctly, and the other red & needed restoration. I liked the cars almost as much as I liked her. I often wonder what happened to her & the cars. All three were beautiful, especially for the time (mid 1980’s).

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    • 1Ronald

      Let’s hope both the girl and the cars are still beautiful but seeing how many women succumb to Father Time, my bet is on the cars.

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  2. George Mattar

    I have had the pleasure of driving two 62 Starfire convertibles. I run a auto detailing business and the female owner let me take it out. Big typical GM sloppy handling of the 60s and lousy brakes, but that 345 hp was awesome. Restoring these cars very expensive. Interior will cost you $10,000. At least the stainless trim is now reproduced. Fair price for 2. My favorite all time big GM boat.

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  3. Will Fox

    As I’ve said before, if you are in the market for a particular car, buy the best best example you can for your money. The more complete, the least rusty, the more drivable of a car you can snag for your budget, the better. You’ll be far better off in the long run. Even if you use both of these to make one car, you’ll still need probably $60K+ to put it back together. These Starfires are not that rare; look at the classifieds; they are out there. The `61 first-year cvts. go for more money. And Olds club members are a tremendous help that might be able to steer you to a solid example you can afford.

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    You might have enough parts to do one up, but with the new parts , as George and Will pointed out, you will be in it for far more than market value. That said,could be a great project for a father and son. Done up, this starfire is drop dead gorgeous, sold one in the 70’s that had torque thrust wheels on it that stopped traffic! if you went thru all of the front and rear end bushings, etc, put some radial tires on it and add discs I think you would have a cool cruiser. Starting with these 2 rust free Colorado cars is a great start. that 394 is no slouch even in this huge olds!! Good luck.

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  5. Ken Carney

    I owned an Ice Blue one while in high school. And what a car it was too! There was something about the way all that
    anodized trim harmonized with that gorgeous blue paint. And while I can’t really remember whether or not the tri
    power setup on my car was factory or not, but it was on there when I bought it
    and man, that thing was fast! With the tri power, it was probably good for a top speed of 125 to 130 but it was docile enough for my Mom to drive to work
    when she needed to. In fact, my parents
    liked it so much that they borrowed it from me to use as a vacation vehicle while I was on the road playing music.
    We had a ’71 Chevy Caprice at that time
    and I took great delight in knowing that
    my Starfire was better than any of the new cars being made and sold back then.
    Sure wish I had it today. It would be a nice car to teach my niece to drive with.
    And yes, I’d probably have the only one
    around on a Saturday night cruise too.

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  6. local_sheriff

    It’s always hard to judge condition just from pics, however neither of them look very bad considering body rot? These are great executive road boats when finished with the best-looking roofline coming from GM – it should be possible to save at least one here?

    Of course it’s out of my scope considering the $ and personal capabilities needed here – but may I suggest : put the best bits into the least molested for a correct resto; the carcass of the worst one could make an unusual stripped drag car?
    Best of luck to the next owner(s)!

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  7. Philip Hall

    My dad worked for an Olds dealer in the 60’s. Occasionally he would drive random cars home. He let me drive one of these one night. My 16 year old self wanted to lay some rubber, so I put it in neutral, revved it up and threw into drive. There was a loud bang from the engine. I drove it home while it made these horrible noises. Oops. Luckily it was only a broken fan belt. Sorry dad, but you screwed up letting me drive it.

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  8. JagManBill

    sell the stainless off the parts car and pay for half of the restoration…..

  9. James Martin

    Both of these car have been stored at my friends yard for 20 plus years. They were sold to this guy from my friends friend. He don’t pay anything near what his asking. I think he has less than a 1000 in both. Not sure why he even bought them. I looked at them for years. But just not my favorite year olds. Bet you offer a couple gs and you could buy them. Not a popular car and here in springs area not a lot of interest in these old olds.

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    • Jim

      Let me correct you James I paid well over 1000.00 for them and as you were not involved in the deal I will thank you to keep you speculations to your self. You know not of what you speak.And I don’t get involved in your deals stay out of mine.Thank you

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  10. Howard

    IMHO the 62 Starfire is the most beautiful production car ever made. Might have something to do with the fact that I took drivers training on a 62 Olds, though not a starfire. I had been driving farm trucks and a 46 Ford coupe around so I was damned well amazed when it shifted into 3rd and that big torquey engine made for great pickup. Damn being so old and so broke!

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    I had a 62 Olds 88 2dr hdtp in the sixties. It was a nice car with a beautiful interior. White with blue cloth. My neighbor bought a new 61 Starfire convertible. I have never, before or since, seen a more luxurious and cool interior. Never got over it. Would be beautiful restored, w/air. Don’t see why it would cost ten grand to renew the interior? A lot of that could be cleaned up with a lot of work. Anyway, wish I still had the energy and enthusiasm to take on such a big project.

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  12. steve

    Scrap iron price in Memphis is about 15 cents a pound……How much do both of these Olds weigh???

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    • Jason Brat

      Steve, is that what you see here? Scrap Aaron? You are obviously not a classic car connoisseur. I’m glad there are some folks out there who believe in saving this older. With that kind of attitude there won’t be much left

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  13. James Martin

    Sorry him didn’t mean to get into your business. Just commenting on the old cars.

  14. James a martin

    So Jim , sorry for the bad reply on your cars. Found out it was my son, who made the comment. And he was confused with another set of cars that Jason sold. I did look up price on these cars in the buyer guide. They list a 62 star fire at 4350 for a number5 car. So sounds like a pretty good deal on both for 5000. Sorry for the mix up good luck with the sale.

  15. Jim

    No worries neighbor thank you

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