EXCLUSIVE: Robert M’s Barn Liquidation!

Reader Robert M recently sent a photo of a barn, it just so happens to house his collection of trucks, cars, and parts. He’s been using this barn for the past 20 years, but unfortunately, he has to clear everything out. So, he’s decided to list his collection here on Barn Finds! So, be sure to take a closer look and use the form below to contact him.

From Robert M – A number of years ago, I took the job as caretaker of this property, and have had use of the barn for almost 20 years. All of the vehicles in the pics are mine, and each has a story. The shelves in the lower part are filled with NOS parts for my square-body crew cab, the El Camino and the place is stuffed with my tools. The bummer is that the property is being sold, so some, or all, of these projects have to go.

Of the vehicles that need to go, my 1987 Chevy R10 2WD long bed is the first one that’s ready to be sold. It is a Custom Deluxe that is oddly so loaded with options that it looks like a Silverado which leads me to believe it was factory ordered by a customer. It is the first year for fuel injection in Chevy trucks, and the final year for the half-ton squarebody trucks.

Due to that pair of factoids, the ’87s are the most collectible year for these trucks. This one has a 305 (5.0) V8, AC, tilt wheel, cruise control, the deluxe front appearance package, AM/FM cassette stereo, two-tone paint, and rally wheels. The truck is unmolested and original, the bed is nearly virgin, and the interior is very nice. It runs well, and has PA safety and emissions inspection current through November of 2019.

Somewhere along the line, the truck has had a partial repaint which I suspect was under warranty since the paint of these was notorious for flaking off. It needs a new repaint now to protect the really good body it still has. The rust is extremely minimal with very few spots needing repair – the pics tell the story.

The truck is running, driving, and insured with a clean and clear title in my name. I have only put a few miles on this truck since I bought it a bit over a year ago, but it has had a good bit of attention in that time. I have replaced the fuel pump, installed a new heater core that came with the truck, had new tires installed, replaced the rear axle seals and brakes, changed the differential gear oil, and installed a new starter motor.

The previous owner installed a full exhaust system (including cat), a new battery, and water pump shortly before I bought the truck. There are things that should have some attention, of course, but this truck is really in great shape. The pics tell the tale.

Be sure to take a closer look at Robert’s collection and contact him if you are interested in this truck or one of his other vehicles via the form below!

  • Location: Berwyn, Pennsylvania
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. NotSure

    Nice truck and with that topper really speaks for the era. Here in Texas I see hardly any trucks with tops and don’t know if I’ve ever seen a late model with one.

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    • DJ.

      I don’t mean to be rude. But that’s not extremely minimal rust. If you have ever done bodywork, you know that it takes a lot of work and skills to weld in patches and do a complete paint job. Restoring the body on this truck is a 7- $10,000.00 job at any decent shop. I just finished one just like it. Not trying to be a know it all . Just don’t wouldn’t want to see someone that is not familiar with this type of work to get the wrong idea. Nice truck. Love the square body’s.

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      • TimM

        I agree with you DJ and some body shops overlap the metal instead of but welding just because it’s easier!! I had people do it to me! This is why I do all my own work!! If your fussy enough you can’t tell where your weld is on butt weld jobs!!

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  2. NotSure

    It is not! I, for instance, am nearly a virgin and have never been a little pregnant.

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    • Sam61

      Thank you. It’s like Bill and Monica…depends on what the definition of “is” is. Sorry for the minor i nfraction of the BF no politics rule.

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  3. Steve R

    Asking price?

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    • Dj

      Funny. I posted a comment about this truck and the rust issues. Not offensive. A observation as I just restored one. And the administrator removed it ……… politics

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      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        What comment did we remove DJ?

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  4. Pookie Jamie

    Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t the steering wheel that’s on it now from the 90s trucks? And the 87s had the iconic one spoke all the way across with the Chevy insignia in the middle…. small detail but makes ya wonder.

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    • ChevyTruckGuy

      You are correct, Jamie. That steering wheel was used on the next-gen 1988 and later trucks. However, Chevy did also use it on the last of the square body R/V series Suburban/Blazer/Crew Cab models, before those trucks were replaced for 1992. This 1987 model would not have used it, though. Also, I’m 99.9% sure that the deluxe front appearance package (stacked lamps, etc.) was NOT available as an option for the Custom Deluxe trim level. It was optional for the Scottsdale trim trucks, and standard on Silverado trim.

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  5. Chris M.

    The greatest barn find of mediocre vehicles ever! Full of nice, clean original unremarkable cars and trucks. They look like good driver’s though.

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  6. michael

    How is this anything special???

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  7. motoring mo

    The pics tell the story.
    And that story cures insomnia.

    Boring, yawn, next…

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  8. Doug M.

    C’mon you guys! They were found in a Barn, they are a little bit old, and have some basic style and utility that someone will be interested in…and are being offered here first! So, it may not get you all excited, but its better than another story about partial-body of a 356 porsche with a really high price, sitting on a trailer in the yard where it was found (as in “flipped”)!

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    • Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

      Really nice barn. Too bad he couldn’t buy the barn and save his collection. Perhaps the new owner will keep him as caregiver so he can retain his collection.
      God bless America

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  9. Del

    What vehicle list ?

    All I see is that old unwanted truck ?

    With no price….

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  10. cmarv Member

    A list of what’s up for sale and a ballpark price would make this easier .

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  11. Robert

    Wow! you guys are a tough crowd. Not everyone has an E-type, a 356, or a 100S stashed in the barn! That said, Jamie may be right about the wheel not being original to my truck – I just checked the SPID and it isn’t listed. However, the Deluxe Front Appearance pkg. was listed there as well as the exterior appearance pkg., the rally wheels and the rest. Not sure why the price and other info didn’t make the listing, but here you go:

    Price on this truck is $7,500

    And this is the list.

    1988 Chevy crew cab V30 (K30)
    1987 Chevy R10 (C10)
    1977 Chevelle Malibu Classic Wagon
    1977 El Camino x2
    1986 C20 Suburban
    1995 Tahoe 2-door (Green)
    1998 Tahoe Sport 2-door w/plow

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    • michael

      ‘Price on this truck is $7,500’
      that price is as ridiculous as the entire listing is…
      tough crowd? no, more like realistic crowd. no BS crowd

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    • Little_Cars Saul Member

      Obviously. OBVIOUSLY a squarebody fan! But as others have stated, this list is not a attention-grabbing vintage vehicle collection. Every neighborhood has some old codger with a C10, C20, Silverado or even K30 that’s been babied for as long as they’ve owned them. At least here in Tennessee, where you can’t sneeze without hitting the side of an immaculate 70s-80s GM pickup. The El’s were sort of interesting until I took a closer look at that aerial shot…rough and another common sight around the farmlands of TN.

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    • James H Fitzgerald

      Crew cab asking price?


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  12. TimM

    If it’s a barn liquidation why are we looking at one specific not so special truck!!! Show me a big block Ford or Chevy or maybe a Chrysler product with a pistol grip shifter not a low hp pos Chevy truck

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    • M.C.S.

      Hey, I really like low-horsepower, old trucks. They are so much better than the enormous, bloated, ugly, extended-cab monstrosities that they sell today.

      Where I live, there are very few vehicles of this vintage still on the road, so one that looks this good (even with its rust issues), would be pretty special.

      Also, I have always found pistol – grip shifters to have rather impractical ergonomics, and knobbed shifters to be much more comfortable in the hand.

      To each his own, but not every vehicle needs to be a “muscle machine” to be interesting.

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  13. Rjc

    Very nice truck.I had one with the same paint colors.
    Easy to work on, inexpensive parts you can buy at any auto parts store.
    I’d be proud to own this truck.
    Good luck with the sale.

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  14. tommyboy

    it a anint gold but its a little old…..there’s an ass for every seat,,let’s know how the sales go>>>thanks & happy selling

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  15. Bob McK

    Tough crowd today. This guy collected what he liked and could afford. They are not for everyone, including me. But try to remember that he must love them.

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  16. Brian

    Sure reminds me of a truck my dad bought off a neighbor down the street of where I used to live in Indiana. It had the same blue topper as well. Transmission went out on a trip to Kentucky and he had it towed home. He sold it not too long after. This was in the mid ‘90’s. I wish I kept it.

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  17. Steve S

    Whats wrong with the look of the 70s and 80s square body trucks it don’t matter if they was Chevy or Ford or Dodge you could tell them apart with out having to look at the emblem or the name of the make of the trucks unlike the truck we have today where you can’t barely tell them apart and you have to look at the emblem of the truck to tell what it is except for the Dodge ram and the 70s and 80s square body trucks still look better than the trucks that are being built today and sorry for no punctuation that ain’t my thing

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  18. CJ

    It’s a pretty rusty longbed. Other parts of it are very nice, but ohhhh that rust is gonna cost, and then you’re in a $5k finished 305 longbed for $15k. This does not compute! You can find cleaner longbeds here in NC all day long for $3500. I’m sure this comes as no secret to most of us….

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