My Eyes! 1977 AMC Gremlin

Speechless! I mean, wow, where to begin? This vehicle started as a rather humble American Motors Corporation economy car. After what appears to be lots of money and modifications thrown at that basic mode of transportation, we have a Gremlin that would embarrass even Phyllis Diller. Find this, um, gem here on craigslist in Minot, North Dakota for $4,950.

I have seen pictures of these Gremalibur’s a couple of times in my life, but can honestly say that I can’t find any information on them. I vaguely remember reading about them in 70s Motor Trend’s, but beyond that, nothing. Someone back in that turbulent decade thought it would be a great idea to Frankenstein a Gremlin with nearly every neoclassic accoutrement possible. Huge fenders, chrome everywhere, stand up grill, streaks and strips and opera windows, and my favorite feature, lanterns for taillights. It almost works, but no, no it doesn’t. I really want to like this oddity, but I just picture all that fiberglass vibrating off that little uni-body on the first bump. And with all the rust and cracking, you might be back to a regular looking Gremlin in no time.

Apparently the entire budget went to disguising the exterior, because looking inside, it is tan, black, and as ugly as any ’70s econo-mobile. Wind up windows, bench seat, what I imagine is the smell of cigarettes and regret, and the feeling of depression every time you open the door to your neoclassic diamond in the rough awaits your senses. They could have at least opted for a more deluxe Gremlin, maybe even a Levi’s Edition, or a different color. Adding a Ferrari like emblem to the gauges and glued on crystals everywhere does not make up for the rest. Thankfully non-functional AC is present.

These AMC 258 sixes were not known for power or economy, and what looks like about half a ton added to this vehicle isn’t helping matters. Owner says it rides roughly and the workmanship isn’t coach quality. Practically nothing but the engine and transmission work on the car, and even that needs a carb rebuild. I can’t help but shake my head to read what he has done to the taillights. So there you have it, if you didn’t get a good scare at Halloween, you should now be very much frightened that more than one of these were made.

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  1. Dave

    The tree air freshener puts me in contention /s

    • shawn

      what were they smoking back then?

  2. Steve R


    You are right, it is unique. Why did they start with a turd like the Gremlin and not something a bit more upscale.

    I think the seller might be more interested in selling his other items since more of his ad is devoted to that.

    Steve R

    • Murray

      They say you can’t polish a turd, but I guess that doesn’t stop people trying….

  3. RoKo

    I’d much rather have that Packard in the background.

  4. Rob Rose

    I think I just threw up a little.

  5. Joe

    I’m bedazzled by this beauty!! LOL

  6. chad

    I know just what to wear when driving – poly-leisure suit, 5 – 6 gold chains, seen thru an open to the navel plastic shirt, anchle boots w/inside zippers, lots of rings on my fingers – but I refuse to get the correct beard trim or hair cut!
    8^ 0

  7. Crazyhawk

    If only the rear windows were diamond shaped instead of oval, then it would be a stunner….

    • Neal

      Great comment!!

  8. CanuckCarGuy

    Strangely, the only thing out of place is the prancing horse on the instrument cluster…. otherwise they’ve nailed it.

  9. elrod

    The only way to exorcise the demon here is a county fair demo derby. Its the only conceivable scenario where a crowd would cheer this thing on….

  10. Rodent

    I wanna know the masochist that drove this turd 90,000+ miles.

    • TriPowerVette

      I don’t… He should have to register with the police as a wrecks offender.

  11. Alexander

    kill it!!!!

    kill it with fire!!!!!

  12. Jay M

    Hard to believe the backseat looks like it’s never been used!

    • Josh

      That’s because everyone was too embarrassed to ride in the back of it!

      • DweezilAZ

        No room for anyone’s legs back there in the first place

  13. Poptheclutch

    Hahaha…this car should have been the
    DUKES car from Escape From New York
    It would have been A number one!

  14. LAB3

    Absolutely love it! A little work molding the body to better match up to the back of the doors would make a big difference in how it looks, that and making the transition in the biege paint straight across that spot would do wonders. What’s up with that platform in front of the grill? Maybe mount a diving board on it for weekend afternoons at the beach.

  15. Joe Howell

    I’d rather have the Gremlin it started with.

  16. Fred W.

    Should be in a museum of automotive monstrosities, parked next to this…

    • Jim in AL

      I liked that car!
      The Family Truckster!


    • Pat A

      Chevy Chase takes delivery on this at Star Ford in Glendale Ca.

  17. angliagt
    • Dovi65

      Whoa .. I wasn’t prepared for that much Green paint. Tho I have to admit that in some weird, twisted way I sorta/kinda like it.

    • leiniedude Member

      Hard to believe there is more than one of these.

  18. Tort Member

    Send it to the crusher, Now!

    • AF

      Could be fun in some sort of smash up derby first..then off to crucher

  19. Coventrycat

    Cool, Tail lights from the Munstermobile.

  20. Phil

    todays prize

  21. Adam Clarke Adam T45 Staff

    I guess this sums it up!

  22. SAM61


    Let’s double-down… Pacer based Excalibur with a 6 foot Cord front end, fake pipes, Continental kit.

    Any takers?

    • Dan

      Sign me up!

  23. JW

    I actually like the Gremlin over the Pinto / Vega econo-boxes. We have one that shows up at a few of our car shows that is black with a 304 v8 and a 4 speed, nice cragars with some bigger tires out back that give it a slight rake. The feature creature car in the post is a nightmare.

    • Dan

      Here is another reason to like the Gremlin better. In these crash tests, you are dead in the pinto or vega. Gremlin fares pretty well!

  24. Dallas

    The prancing horse looks more like My Little Pony.

  25. Rodney

    Clearly the basic rule of taking care of a Gremlin was broken: never feed it after midnight…..

    • TriPowerVette

      +Rodney – Comments should now be closed… you, sir, have said it all!

    • Neal

      Nice one!

  26. Jim Mc

    My first thought upon seeing it – just the photo, not yet having read the text – was that it was located in Canadia. Then I read Minot, ND and said yep, close enough, that’s about right.

    • Metoo

      When I was in the AF we called it “Mind-rot”. The owner has obviously been there long past the mind rot point.

  27. Metoo

    Once seen cannot be unseen. Please, next time withhold photos until a eyebleach warning is given.

  28. Superdessucke

    The Gremlin Bostonian edition.

  29. JagManBill

    wow…as in bow wow….

  30. John C Cargill

    Aside from the fact that they didn’t do anything to change the interior, did a lousy job on the bodywork and it’s falling apart, What I really like are the painted on whitewalls with wavy edges.

  31. Lance


  32. Pa Tina

    I read the headline. I said “Don’t click”. I looked at the image. I said “Don’t click”. I saw there were over 40 comments. I said “Don’t click”. I clicked. Now I feel really bad about myself.

  33. Jim Morris

    ’57-58 Merc Turnpike Cruiser behind the red Packard if anyone needs parts.

  34. Wiley Robinson

    I guess that’s the ride for a pimp on a budget (or one concerned about his carbon footprint)

  35. Pa Tina

    It’s not all bad. At least you know it will start in -30F. How many cars on this page can make that claim?

  36. Mlaw

    Who and why would someone do this?

  37. Duane Hayes Member

    First glance looked like an Excaliber, didn’t see any negative remarks about those, and they sell for big money. This one would be a bargain Excaliber, so why not??

    • Jay M

      Um, no.
      That’s like saying the inflatable girlfriend looks sort of like the picture on the package…

  38. Maestro1

    If you are hung over, don’t look at this.

  39. Alexander

    I did something EXACTLY like this with a 1/25 scale model of the Gremlin back when they were new. Took everything from the Gremmie from the cowl back, added a narrowed 71-73 Mustang front fenders to create a “hood” then added 1953 Ford F-100 fenders to the four corners. The kit never was right!

  40. Alexander

    My scale model idea came after building an exact replica of the real 73 Gremlin I owned. Looking at the photos of this BF car for sale, maybe one could possibly create a nice original Gremlin out of what’s there, but why? That interior looks superb, if not downright boring. I remember the package tray under the dash well. Great place to catch dust, coins, and the occasional knee or ankle.

    • DweezilAZ

      Alexander what in the H were you doing in your Gremlin to catch an ankle on the package tray below the dash ?

      I hope there aren’t any incriminating pictures

      • Alexander

        Nothing seedy! Used to make my girlfriend reach into the back seat to locate something while I was busy driving. I think one time she used the tray as a brace while stretching or reaching for a picnic basket. The edge of the plastic wasn’t burnished very well and she cut her ankle. In salvage yards, back then, these trays would almost always be broken or missing.

  41. DweezilAZ

    Luxury retro roadster complete with the donor car’s cheap and ill fitting plastic dash pieces.

    Just like Mom and Dad’s 71 Gremlin. Loved it, but it was a horrible example [or representative example] of AMC’s quality at the time.

    Their 72 Ambassador Brougham wasn’t much better.

  42. Mark S

    So what is that gremlin body sitting on to get that length, I’m betting either custom chassie or truck chassie. I like the concept here but not the exiqution. I’d say with some redesign and restoration this could be quit the car. And maybe something with a little more power. I like these kinds of cars it shows that someone had a vision and wasn’t afraid to follow through. Per portions may be a bit off but a good fabricator could clean that up. It is still on my bucket list to start with a small truck frame suspension and drive line and build my own coach work, for me it would be a boat tailed roadster. It would be a fun build.

  43. Ron D.

    Is that a Packard in that picture? Might like it

  44. Bill McCoskey

    I’m afraid the asking price is about $5,000 more than it’s total value, including a full tank of fuel.

    Either the designer/creator didn’t have any friends, or his friends were afraid to tell him the truth when he asked “Well, how does it look?”

  45. MDW66

    So wrong its right? Or so right its wrong? I’d buy that baby for $5 and no more! And then put it out of its misery after taking it to a high end show.

  46. j0eg

    Worlds. Best. Gag-gift. Just under $5K.

  47. mankosan

    Winner of the most comments award.

  48. Alexander

    You talkin’ to me? More than one Alexander on here, Manko. Jes sayin’ !!!

    Not even sure how that could be.

    • mankosan

      Sorry, Alexander. I was referring to comments on the car.

      • mankosan

        That is, I was referring to the total number of comments by everyone about this car. It far exceeds many previous listings.

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