Family History: 1969 Ford Mustang Convertible

Sometimes the sentimental connection to a vehicle can far exceed its monetary value. That may or may not be the case here but the seller indicates this Mustang has been passed around the family and is now being sold after the passing of his brother. The ad does not give many details and the seller admits he is not a car guy, hopefully, this car is worthy of a restoration. Find it here on eBay in Cincinnati, OH with a starting bid of $3,000.

This car needs work for sure and the buyer will have to perform a full restoration which will be very costly and more than likely not be a good investment. 1969 is a popular year for the Mustang and the fact that it is a V8 convertible does add to the appeal. The ’69 Mustang is very recognizable with a more aggressive front grille design and quad headlights that were used one year only. All of the trim in the front end looks to be intact and the grille seems to be in decent shape.

While on the subject of the front end, the hood is interesting. The scoop on the hood looks similar to a Mach One hood, but there are no external hood latch pins like the Mach Ones were equipped with, Mustang experts please give your input on that detail. The hood ornament is another area of interest, it’s not factory but it is a cool touch, I wonder what the story is there. Maybe a period accessory?

There are very few details in the ad, the car was shipped from Las Vegas to Ohio and put into storage. It sounds like the car was covered up outside. Rust is a problem with Mustangs and outdoor storage with a convertible is a recipe for disaster. The top and interior are obviously shot, let’s hope the floor is good. Most of the trim looks intact and there is not any major visible rust from the limited pictures, the wheels would look better on a Jeep but at least it should roll.

Under the hood, we have a 302 2V V8 which produced around 220HP from the factory. The engine was last running in 2012 and there is even a link to a video of the event, at that time the car was running on an external gas can so the car has been off the road for a while for sure. Hopefully, this car will be saved, but with the cost of a restoration, I’m not so sure it will. The asking price is reasonable if the rust hasn’t taken over, I can’t remember the last time I saw a ’69 convertible on the road so maybe someone will make this a labor of love and enjoy it for many years.

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  1. Mike

    The difference between a Craig’s List ad and an E-Bay auction is that the e-bay car will have the tarp completely removed.

  2. Classic Steel

    I guess defining reasonable is a personal thing.

    The body from the minimal shots is not to bad as the hood and doors look solid. The half shot of rear quarters show good around fender wells.

    Don’t see a rear seat or dash shot or floor shots . I do see a hood needing repaired from the
    pony squatting on it.

    Very sorry for the brothers loss and hope you get the ask but to be honest your from 500 to a grand high.

    The 69 is a nice looking convertible when restoration is compete of paint , interior and top as well brake lines and brakes and new gas tank ,pump and lines ran to front .

    The underneath most likely being Ohio salt and field car will require torque boxes and half pans .

    So depending on sweat equity put into it
    One is looking at cheap 4-5 grand paint on top of 700 parts (metals and break etc.) installed your self and another 600 for tires and front steering joints etc rebuild . The interior with top around 500-700
    again doit yourself

    We’re just south of ten grand …

    Now if engine needs rebuilt and radiator add two grand for safety.

    • Classic Steel

      Brakes are not to bad to install as well as welding pans are fairly easy too ..

      Again …good luck and save this poney !

    • Harry Hodson

      Probably more than that. Zoom the front end photo. The DS fender is a bondo sculpture over tin foil. You can see the seams. That, and there are zero gaps on either side of the hood, the grill/ headlight buckets don’t come close. AND the bumper is @ 3″ offset to the drivers side.
      More than just panel alignment going on here.

  3. Steve R

    If I lived in the area I’d check it out. It could be a low rust car from out west, or a rusted pile of junk, someone will need to see it in person to make that determination. Hopefully it’s nice enough to restore.

    Steve R

  4. David Calden

    From my experiences back in the day, most hood Styles like that we’re associated with 351’s

  5. Jay E.

    The ornament is of a Spanish horse performing a ( poorly executed) Levade. Sort of like a horse popping a wheelie. Different than a horse rearing like the Lone Ranger performed. Not really automobilia, but interesting.

  6. JeffD

    The hood scoop with turn signals could be had as an option, as part of the Sports Appearance Group (scoop and dual side mirrors), or bolted on afterwards. Only way to tell is with a Marti report or possibly with the buck tag.

    There are two VINs in the listing – the picture shows the door tag with a coupe VIN, the listing has a convertible VIN. Not uncommon with a junk yard door, but buyer be careful with the title.

    • Classic Steel

      This could be the door was damaged and swapped at some point with not swapping the door plate .
      It’s more common than expected sadly..these cars were built for cheap trans which most thought would of been discarded in lieu of preservation 👍👀

      The rear drip tray around the top of left quarter shows vin as well on the upper firewall left side .

      One can order a new tag …with correct info ..

  7. Chuckster

    Let’s see, you pay to ship a car from nice dry Vegas to cold wet Ohio then let it sit outside?

  8. Dickie F

    That radiator looks on the small side surely ?
    I still love the idea of fixing it.
    But I do not have the expertise,
    nor am I stateside….

  9. Gaspumpchas

    Wet leaves and no top-sure hope it was covered. Look er over good especially the underbelly. Sure would be great to bring it back but fear the worst on the places you can and can’t see!! back where the well is for the conv top looks rusty. Good luck to the new owner!



  10. Truckeemtnfords

    That hood scoop was not factory or dealer installed, it is mounted way to far forward.

  11. Saul

    @ Truckeemtnfords I think you mean too far back. Any further back and the scoop would be on the cowl. This car shows no sign of having the optional appearance group. Owner was accessorizing from the aisle at Pep Boys…

    • robert semrad

      Correct, Saul….according to tech specs, the scoop starts at 1 1/2″ from the rear edge of the hood on a CJ. Also, David…the hood scoops could also be had with the Boss’s 302, 351, and 429.
      And, Classicsteel….”the interior with top around 500-700″ …not even close for the entire interior package, which this one apparently is in need of.
      I’m presently in process of a complete restoration of a Boss 302. The Hood pins on a Boss 302 were optional, as was the hood scoop.
      These were great cars and just in the right place regarding the early Mustangs and the later 70’s. At least, that’s my taste. Too bad they let this one go so far, but, as already mentioned, who thought they’d be worth anything 40 years later, or that anyone would even want one? We were all pretty short sighted, living for the day, we’ll take care of tomorrow when it comes.

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