Family Survivor: 1963 Chevy Impala Wagon

1963 Chevrolet Impala Wagon

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I’m not sure why, but this big family wagon is rather appealing to me! The color isn’t particularly attractive and the car isn’t in perfect condition, but still I want it. This 9 passenger Impala Wagon actually has a lot going for it. The seller claims it is a one owner car, I’m guessing they aren’t counting themselves as an owner, and that it only has 69k original miles. While the color is starting to grow on me, it’s what’s under the hood that has me excited! Be sure to take a closer look at this Impala here on eBay in Lincoln, Nebraska.

1963 Chevy Impala Wagon Engine

That’s a 327 V8 and the seller claims it runs good. Admittedly, this isn’t the biggest or most powerful V8 that you could get in the ’63 Impala, that honor would fall to the 425 horsepower 409. This motor has a respectable 250 horsepower though and the benefit of being easily repaired and upgraded. There’s one issue I do have and that’s the seller’s asking. They have set a BIN of $29,999, which is well beyond what a fully restored concours level car is worth. If it were a big block wagon, I would say that price is a steal, but this is a mid level family wagon.

1963 Chevy Impala Wagon Interior

Before you write this one off completely, it does look to be a survivor, which is no small feat for a car that likely spent life hauling kids to and from school, practices and cross country. The interior shows the worst of the wear from this type of life, but is surprisingly nice. I don’t see any damage to the seats, although the seller doesn’t offer any photos of the center row. The dash isn’t cracked yet and even the rear jump seat looks good.

1963 Chevy Impala Wagon

If this were a higher optioned car, I could see it bringing in the seller’s asking price, but being a 327 car that still needs some work I just don’t see it bringing this kind of money. I’ve certainly been wrong before in the past, so maybe I’m way off in thinking this is a $15k wagon, but we will just have to watch and see! So if you were to make the seller an offer, how high would you go for this one?

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  1. RON

    i agree much to high expectation. as i usually comment i think this more of today’s hype and strickly over inflated pricing ruining the hobby by non-“hobby” people. oneinteresting thing i notice that is an interesting thing i have observed for years in the hobby, as to how certain little things appear on many survivor cars and also often restored cars. i wonder if the car was ordered with the radio antenna mounted on the left front fender or if it was dealer installed at the buyers request in that position. i often see restorations done to the nine’s and countless dollars spent to d everything as factory designed. these cars came from the factory with the antenna installed on the right front fender. nearly all year gm cars came that way with exception of when rear antenna’s were installed. ford always mounted theirs the same with few exceptions. in the year 1960 ford mounted them on the left front. also in 62-63 they did the same on the new mid size fairlane. it just thrws the whole balance of the car off in my opinon when they are done different than the factory designed position. i remember questioning my dad as a kid on many 30’s-40’s cars and one in which e installed radios and antenna’s and positioned them on the left. the reasoning by many of the older guys was that it avoided getting them bent and entangled with tree limbs hanging over the right side of the rural roads when traveling. must have been ther ery practile minds or maybe just a little designmind in everyone.

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    • Ray

      This is factory air car so the antenna is on the correct sid

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  2. Mark S

    I don’t know if any one else saw the big difference in the gap between the right and left side of the tailgate and the off colour of the left rear quarter panal. I noticed this in the 5th and 6th pictures. I think this car got hit at some point and it must have been a good one for that alignment to still be off. IMHO that would bring the price way down. This needs a closer look before buying it.

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  3. Mr.Bond

    I agree with Mark S. The bumper doesn’t look quite straight either, although it just may be the lighting. It’s an AC car, which is a nice feature in warmer climes! I grew up with a 63 Impala sedan being our only car, so they have a place in my heart! Something about those hubcaps and the impala emblem.

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  4. randy

    Obviously the “flipper” is seeing triple sevens. I’d say no way on this one. Way too much. I am currently in the market for one of these. We had one back when it was new, got hit in the rear quarter just like this one, while us three kids were in the back seat. Here’s one close to me, but I cannot get the guy to answer my enquiries. Ya’ll take a look.

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  5. Ed P

    A 1963 Chevy with A/C is unusual and probably the reason it was ‘special ordered’. Nice car but the price sounds high.

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  6. David Frank DavidMember

    The price does sound high, but the museum sold a restored example recently and it sold quickly for over 30K, surprising us all! Wagons seem hot these days and sell quickly for good prices

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  7. Nessy

    “30 Thousand Dollars” for a old brownish gold basic Chevy wagon with a small block, a ripped door armrest and an overall condition being fair to good at best? Nobody and I mean nobody, in any state, any country, or any part of the world is going to buy this thing for 30 big ones. I’m not saying it’s worthless but maybe we should remind ourselves that only 20 or so years ago, we were junking these. I sold a black over red interior 64 Chevy wagon like this in the late 90s for 3500 with factory air, and even power windows in about the same condition and I thought I overpriced it. Tell me if I am missing something here but this is getting crazy….We should start a topic about all the cars we sold for peanuts or the cars we wished we bought. My top 3 wish I bought cars were a running 63 Split Window Corvette for 900, a clean 68 442 convertible for 1500 and a 58 Eldorado Biarritz convertible with bucket seats for 1300. Keep in mind this was during the 1980s which was really not that long ago when you think about it.

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    • Chebby

      Amen, brother.

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      • Woodie Man

        DOUBLE Amen, brother brother

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  8. 64 bonneville

    with the 250hp 327 and factory a/c should come in at a mid level #3 condition for about $8700.00 not a bad looking car, and as we all know, often times, how it looks is how well it sells. it can be a POS mechanically, but if it looks pretty, then (almost) everybody wants it. Just think back to high school, and all the girls who were considered “ugly” had so many more good qualities than the “Beauty Queens”.

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  9. Jason Houston

    If I had 29Gs to spend on a 1963 Chev, I’d put it on a Sport Coupe or a convertible. Maybe the day will come when garden-variety, workaday Chevrolet station wagons become hot properties, but it hasn’t happened yet.

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  10. DRV

    I see 3 different golds on it.
    I perfect original condish it might get 20k, but this is a lunch money car.

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  11. R C Carroll

    We used to laugh, if anyone had a story of a 1963 Chevrolet that survived, it was almost always PBB color. I have no idea why the paper bag brown cars did not rust out, but they really were much better resisting rust than any other Chevy color.

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  12. OhU8one2

    Saw the pictures posted,and checked out the family wagon on Ebay and looked at those picture’s. After thinking it over and giving the car a lot of thought. The only thing that keeps coming up in my head,is a song by a group of English kids,back in the 80’s. “Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side”. Thirty grand? Are you kidding me? That engine should be completely detailed,and painted. All new suspension,tire’s,exterior paint, color sanded and buffed. I’m sorry,but maybe I’ve been a sleep for twenty years,and missed all the hoopla. A so so wagon for 30k? Absolutely Crazy. Oh Sorry,I’m supposed to be nice……………..

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  13. piper62j

    Nice is what I find this car to be.. Few small every day dings, but great overall machine.. I believe that the price is just a bit too high for the overall condition and as of now, there are no offers.

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    • Mark S

      Hi piper62j go back to the eBay pictures and look closely at picture 5 and 6. In pic. 5 the tail gate alignment is terrible and the gap from side to side is way off. Pic. 6 the colour is off on the left rear quarter panal. This car has been in a wreck bad enough that either it could not be repaired properly or the work was done poorly. There is no way I’d pay 30K for a car with this kind of damage. It would be no surprise to me if that quarter has been replaced.

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  14. Chebby

    Nice shape with some good options and the 327 is step up from the 283 as it comes with factory dual exhaust. However it’s an ugly color with a poor repaint, “premium floor mats” whatever. At 30K you are out of your mind, Flippy.

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  15. Braktrcr

    In 1972 when my brother got out of the service, we found a 64 Biscayne wagon in this color. As most of you know , Biscayne’s were the bottom of the line. No chrome no frills. I don’t remember if it had power steering… it did have a radio, and 2 other significant options. A 409, and a Muncie 4 speed. Oh yeah, and a factory tach.
    Ultimate sleeper, was a blast to drive. He paid $500 for it. Guessing if he had it today, it would likely be worth close to a Gazillion. I know the memories certainly are worth that much.

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  16. Bob R.

    Judging from the exclamation points, Elaine Benes must have written the eBay description.

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  17. josh h

    As a child in the early 70s, living at Fairchild AFB, my moms car was a green 63 Bel Air wagon. I recall a time in the BX parking lot as she was backing out of a spot, a guy ran his car into the right front door, scaring the bejesus out me as I was sitting in the front seat sans seatbelt. I’ve always liked the 63 wagons and would love to have a nice stock one to drive, but at that price, its way too rich for me.

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  18. Utes

    Maybe the price is where it is because it’s got 1st year N33.

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  19. Brad

    Perhaps the seller is asking so much because it has a 6 way power bench seat !

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