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Family Wagon: 1974 Ford LTD Country Squire


This Wagon Wednesday’s feature is a survivor 1974 Ford LTD Country Squire. It isn’t perfect, but it looks to be solid and the seller claims it runs and drives nicely. It came with all the options and should make for a comfortable and unique grocery hauler. The seller has listed it here on eBay out of Eakly, Oklahoma with a starting bid of $1,900.


This wagon is optioned with Ford’s 460 cui V8, which has recently been rebuilt. It might be a big block, but emissions strangled its output down to just 219 hp. The seller has already gone through the brakes, suspension, and exhaust system, but the interior could use some attention. It is the deluxe interior package with the third row seats and could benefit from a good cleaning and some upholstery repair.


These big wagons aren’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a family cruiser that has more style than a minivan or a big SUV, this might be the ticket. We would try to get the A/C system working, remove the window tint, and enjoy it just as it is. What about you?


  1. Allen

    I had a1973 ltd brougham, after 1 year it had rust through the trunk lid and fenders….and i bought it new and kept it cLeaned…..

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  2. The 2904

    That’s got mid-west drug-runner written all over it. Give it a good vacuum before you get pulled over by the cops for the hearse tint windows. “It came with all the options and should make for a comfortable and unique meth hauler.”

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Now that you mention it, it does look suspicious. The seller would have been smart to remove that tint before listing it.

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      • snuffy smiff

        You would be shocked to see how fast a steamer will take tint off. I certainly was.

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  3. MikeV.

    Not sure who wrote this post, but the 460 is a big block. There are some great crate engines that put out far more than 215 horsepower and will probably get in excess of 25 mpg. $1900 might be a bit high, would try and get it for less.

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    • scot

      ~ you right about that, baby! and already set up. why would someone place a starting bid of $1.9 small k?
      add to cart.

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    • Richard

      A solid rebuild, some port matching, maybe replace the 2V intake with a 4V intake (perhaps even junking some of the more restrictive emissions gadgets), replace the single exhaust with a dual, and you should ACCIDENTALLY make 300-330hp at least with a 460 big-block. Won’t make this wagon go that much faster, but at least it won’t be a dog driving around town. Them ’70s-era LTDs are HEAVY…..

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  4. Peter R

    @ Mike V it is already bid 1900 and is below reserve – it will take more than that to own it. The tint is only one year old so removing it should be easy. Definitely need the air in working condition and clean the interior. Then just drive it.

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    • scot

      ~ @ Peter R;
      your car? compliments!
      will await your declared price.

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  5. David

    You would definitely need to get that AC working, these cars get super warm inside in a hurry although the window tinting should help a little bit.
    I agree with MikeV, get a crate motor that will give you some horses; between the lack of ponies and the poor gas mileage the current engine will give the new owner, its certainly an option to look into.

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  6. Horse Radish

    I would say ‘roll it back in the barn and wait another 20 years’.
    I LOVE classic cars and sorry, but this ain’t one (yet?).
    Sorry, but this has about as much appeal as an ice cream in Alaska in the wintertime.
    Tinker with it ?
    swap the engine ?,
    ….how about getting ANY other car with a better set up ?

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  7. junkman Member

    AMEN!! Horse Radish

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  8. Alex

    I love big old wagons, and I’ll probably end up with a similar LTD at some point in the future. Having said that, the color’s no bueno for me. Pea green or sky blue or another color that’s not red. The tint needs to go as others have mentioned, and that’s coming from someone who drives a blacked out tahoe with limo tint all over!

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  9. skibum2

    NO RESERVE……(reserve not met)…Hmmm….. must be that new doublespeak they use in D.C.

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  10. Peter R

    @ scot – not my car and no interest in buying it – just an observation and my opinion

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  11. Harry

    Geez, why so negative guys? If I could buy it i’d be proud to have this wagon. I have 9 kids and currently drive a 93 Caprice Classic that i’ve owned for 5+ yrs and paid $1,200 for. Just under 200k without ever taking the heads off. My children (aged 14 to 3) love Dads Chevy way more than Moms T&C 7 passenger van that we can’t all fit in. My 1st car was a 57 Pontiac Safari wagon and me and my friends had a blast with it. So anyways, Happy 4th to you all and try to live by the wise words of “If you can’t say something nice, Don’t say anything”.

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  12. rancho bella

    What could be better than a summer vacation in the family Truckster…………..if it were only green

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  13. David

    What’s with the dog dish hubcaps and blackwall tires? Doesn’t make sense on an LTD with all the options.

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    • Jim-Bob

      They look to be from a 1988-90 (if memory serves) Crown Vic with the police package. I tend to agree though. They would do better with a wagon without wood grain, or perhaps with body color rims instead.

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  14. William Robinson

    If money where no issue Id buy this one and drop a new coyote 5.0 in its bay, backed up with a six speed and modern A/C. I would then paint everything the darkest black I could find but keep the wood siding. It would be a decent cruiser with acceptable mileage and a screaming rev happy v-8.

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    • Thomas Bean

      Winning bid….3,175$$$$$$$$

      Honest land barge….rubbing compound to bring out luster of the paint…then a coat of turtle wax….and some torque thrust wheels and some flow master pipes…..and it’s a ” Fast and Loud” flip.

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  15. mike hughes

    why would you get rid of the tint? that just keeps it cooler in the summer and thieves can’t see what’s in there. the dog dish hub caps add a sleeper look to it. I’d rock it as is!

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    • David

      If you really want a sleepier look to it then paint it black and get rid of the woodgran. A red car with woodgrain just begs for whitewalls and some nice wheels

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  16. Jim Clark

    WOW! Most “classic cars” do not get this many comments on this site! Would be a cool driver for the summer. Replace the caps for some Magnum 500’s to freshen it up a bit.

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  17. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Jim S. just sent us a link to the GM version of this car. It is a 1988 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Wagon and it is homely. It is very clean though so you may want to take a gander here on eBay. Bidding is at $1,825.

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  18. stigshift

    Has ‘all the options’ like crank windows, manual locks, no tilt or cruise, auto-dimming, sentinel, cornering lamps, and I’m guessing manual seats. Yeah, it’s loaded alright. Still a strong candidate for preservation. Buy these now, before demo derby crowd kills the last one.

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  19. Harry

    Jesse and Jim, Thanks for the link on the Chevy. Real nice car and that one is “loaded”.They always pop up when i’m broke but I would love to have that one. It’s even the same color as my 93 but in much better shape.

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  20. jim

    the chevy listing shows location as Mansfield Ohio which is less then 10 miles from Mid-Ohio sports car course. their schedule shows AMA superbikes 7/12-14 and then AMA vintage day 7/19-21 with WERA in the middle of the week on 7/17-18. so do you buy and combine picking up the car with using it as a tent to camp out at some or all the races? and do you then see how much stuff ,that you bought at the swap meet, will fit in the car for the trip home?

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  21. jim

    looking at the ford listing i have nothing for that location. but maybe someone else does.

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  22. Utesman
  23. David Ulrey

    You guys obviously do not live in Arizona or in any parts of the neighboring states with climates like this. You guys either hate the tint or find it suspicious and here it’s a bonus if the previous owner already had it done. Advice – stay out of Arizona because you will hate 70% of the cars you see or you will suspect that there is a much larger drug trade than there actually is.

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