Farm Fresh: 1955 Chevrolet 3100

1955 Chevrolet 3100 SWB

We have another flipper here that’s too lazy to take their find off the trailer for photos, but given just how sweet this little truck is, I think I can overlook that annoyance. They found this Chevy on a farm in Arkansas where it had been from new. While it isn’t a Cameo, this is a really well optioned truck! It has the 265 V8, automatic, shortbed and even an AM radio. You can find this survivor here on eBay in Eads, Tennessee with a current bid of $13k and a BIN of $17,500.

1955 Chevrolet 3100 Interior

From a styling standpoint, I think Chevy really hit it out of the park with the Task Force series of trucks. Like many people, I prefer the smooth looks of the Cameo, but I wouldn’t mind having this shortbed!

1955 Chevrolet 3100 Engine

The seller comments on how desirable the 265 with automatic is, but I’m not sure if that really adds that much from a value standpoint. These trucks have really gone up though over the past couple years, so perhaps having a V8 will have a bigger impact on price than I realize. Any thoughts?

1955 Chevrolet 3100

Condition wise, this truck isn’t perfect, but it isn’t beat up or rusty. Both are big factors when buying an old truck like this, especially if you’re buying it as an investment. I know the truck market has really taken off, so I’m sure there are plenty of bidders hopping to have it as an investment, which is a bit sad if you ask me. This truck deserves to be cleaned up and driven, not sealed in a plastic bubble for some future financial return that might never come.


  1. Van

    I’m out of touch
    It’s a neet old truck but.

  2. Danger Dan

    Flippers make the car game go round. Maybe since it’s still on the trailer you could negotiate a delivery in with the deal? Oh yeah you’re to lazy to do that. You’re going to sit back and criticize the guy for getting it off the farm from your click board. Time to stop pointing fingers and go hunt down your own deals-

    • Danger Dan

      If you want, check out “dans discoveries” here on barnfinds. I put in work and come up with cool wheels for good deals. I don’t squeeze every dime out of every project car. Just move em along to the guy who really wants to shine it up and bring it back.

  3. Matteo De Mauro

    Agreed. Buying AND selling is part of the hobby, doesn’t mean the guy loves the cars any less.

  4. David Montanbeau

    My 1955 Cameo Carrier that I bought when I got back to stateside in 73. 500.00

    Like 3
    • GeeBee

      Nice T Bird, too

  5. Andrew

    Your truck dan?

    • Danger Dan

      No but I got a 5 window 1950 for $900 bucks. They are out there. I found 3 etype jags this year. Bring your haz-mat suit and rat turd mouth guard if you’re down. I bring an old guy and an old pro skateboarder, give em each $100 buck & lunch(no fast food). Plus I bring 2 floor jacks, 5 spare tires and rollercasters.

      • Rspcharger Rspcharger

        Curious as to what value someone like Tony Hawk could bring to searching for barn finds.

      • DrinkinGasoline

        And do you only seek out vehicles that your spare tires will fit ??
        Too funny :)

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Know the rules of the game before you sit down at the table to put your money down, plain and simple. You wouldn’t play Poker if you only know how to play Black Jack…..right?
        Do your homework.
        Education is the best defense against grease balls.
        After 40 years of doing what I love….I stick with what I know, and if I don’t know, I educate Myself before sitting down to ANY table.
        Stupid is as stupid does. (Forrest Gump).

      • Danger Dan

        Old skater can push, pull & tug!
        He’s still got one strong leg!
        Don’t get me wrong I love barnfinds and I’d buy these guys a round of beers anytime.

    • Danger Dan

      Not my truck, this is a 5 grand truck in my book. I could buy something amazing for 17grand. Shoot I bought a crashed 67 Vette for $1800 once about 5 years ago.

  6. Rando

    These may be hte best step side fenders EVER. There was some actual design to them, not just covers over the rear tires. Compare these with ANY other truck from that era to now. I have a friend who has a 59 with these fenders and Caddy bullets frenched in. So sweet.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      AMT actually produced 1/25th scale models with the rear fender option with those frenched-in ’59 Caddy bullet taillights. I built two and still have two, un-built in the boxes. They were 3-in-1 kits. Stock-Custom-Drag. AMT Trophy Series. I have two Cameo’s also.

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Correction….SMP just prior to AMT taking over….sorry. :)

  7. Mike

    Nice truck, but I will keep mine, I still had a few things to do to it. This truck was bought new by my Dad’s Uncle Paul, he drove it everyday until he passed away in 1996. I bought it from his Daughter Dad’s cousin, and have not really done anything to it but replace the windshield bout 6 years ago. I get in it every so often and take it for a drive.
    A local drive in has a old car night once a month, and I will take it to see some old movies. Love this old thing

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  8. Doug Towsley

    I had a 59 Fleet side for a couple years. What a tank! But it OOOZED cool. I had a farm and used it as such as well. One day had to take a load of seperator manure from the neighbors dairly farm to my Dads place to amend the soil for his Garden. So had a load in it, Drove to work and sat in the parking lot all day, got in it to go deliver after my shift.
    Amused with the huge GREEN puddle of water that had ooozed out over my shift. The parking lot sure smelled like cow manure for a long time.

    Mine had the straight six, 3 on the tree, and a button on the floor for a starter switch

  9. Scott

    My dad had one when I was a kid, he painted it a deep purple & had enough paint left he painted my spider bike also. Thing I remember the most is the smoker wings needed new rubber & it whistled going down the road.

  10. John P

    Cool truck… Not that cool $-wise.. Curious why it would have been repainted with the low miles and such.. Seller throws down all the slang @ranwhenparked… I bet the deal sours and is relisted..

    • Danger Dan

      This truck is crazy expensive!

  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    David….not sure what I like more – the Cam….the Bird or those two pair of sexy legs !

    My dad brought home a standard wrap around with a 6 in about 1973 which had no chrome….my bro still has it….it was one of the first V/8 conversions we did…pretty easy and the old 283 is still a going with the truck not having any more mods…he runs 58 small caps on it and gets offers every time he gets it out….

    of course I get the same when I’m out in my 2E7 Stude….

  12. Pete

    I know this seller and he is a jack wagon. I bought a 67 Cadillac Vert from this guy and he will tell you anything you want to hear to sell the car. He is a pro with a camera as well so he knows how to take pics that obscure important details like dents or the severity of a dent or the fact that the entire one side is bondo, or that some idiot splattered bondo all over the car and pretends like it is just dirt or bird droppings. He will also park it in a barn which he has and that is where you will get the car from. Oh yeah he put a riding lawnmower battery terminal on the negative side of the battery right before I picked the car up so it would start. Well after it got on the trailer it wouldn’t restart because that terminal popped loose cause it was to small. He could have told me he did that. In short this guy is a lying bag of shite. He is the same kinda person who would mechanically reduce mileage on a car with a drill. The same kinda person who would put paper mache all over the rust under the car and paint it with POR to hide it. Yup the dude is a POS. I refrained from using the profanity this guy really deserves. :-)

    • David Montanbeau

      I blame the buyer on a bad purchase for not doing his homework. Out of town? Have a professional inspector check the vehicle.

      • Doug Towsley

        So David M, Are you the flipper I presume? You do have a point about having a inspection done, but I have been on both sides of the debate. I have been accused of selling junk as well as bought junk and gotten screwed. The reality is it cuts both ways. There is no pleasing some people but a good seller does shine thru and you are consistent and honest it does show.
        I dont know enough here to pass judgement on this particular case, but have bought and sold a LOT of stuff over the years so know a few things. We have a local guy we call “Trader Dave” who has a bad rep. A local vintage club voted once at Barley & hops therapy (Monthly meeting at the brew pub) that It would be great if someone killed the guy but no one wanted to go to jail, so they approved the idea in concept, not in execution. Trader Dave has many stories associated with him. I once was at a event. A local showed up, said he had a garage full of Norton motorcycles and were we interested? Several of us were and talking to him, Trader Dave got his El Camino, pulled it up, got out, said “I have cash come with me” and shoved the guy into the passenger seat off they went. To make matters worse he came back with the bed stuffed full, and gloated about the “Score”. At another meet, He ran over to a guy unloading his truck, and bought a MC frame for $250. Turned around and put it in his booth at $750 and laughed and laughed. I have bought stuff from locals who were happy to sell at any price to someone else just to avoid Trader Dave. But Trader Dave doesnt understand why people get mad at him. Hope you are not TD 2.0

      • Danger Dan

        No one ever wants to pay a pro to check out the car! Why is that?
        I wish people would take the burden off me and give the buyer a great overview of what they have to work with.

    • Danger Dan

      Wow tough to work with a car like that. I’m having trouble finding good buyers on eBay. I think I’ll try listing with barnfinds to find a balance that works for everyone.

  13. David Montanbeau

    Yes sir, Bought and sold cars since I was 14 in Detriot. My 1st car that I flip was a 59 Chev that I found during my paper route in 64. Paid 50.00 with a bad clutch and had tri power 348. Installed a junk yard clutch that I paid 15.00. 65 invested in the car plus 2 weeks of my time. Spent 1-week cleaning and sold the car for 500.00 Now I got the bug. Flipped about 5000 cars in my time and you can google my name and find no -s. People that buy out of the norm everyday cars should have an inspector check them out. Use to haul cars with a 10 car hauler and I can tell you endless stories of cars that weren’t up to standards when people bought them from Ebay and others. I ask, did you have an inspection done? NO, I didn’t want to spend the money 90% of the time and the other was that they didn’t know that was possible. Im the perdon on the left.

  14. David Montanbeau

    Person, Hate spell check sometimes. Whoops!!
    Internet picture. Not me:)

    • Doug Towsley

      OUCH! Well stuff happens!, I just bought 2 shipping containers (40ft) and using to organize inventory and clean up my property. The delivery hit a snag when the roll off truck sunk to the axle, local industrial tow Co would have charge $1500 min to go off road and pull out a semi truck, mean time I am paying driver $150 per hr to stand there and look dumb. Luckily i have tools and equipment and we got him out on our own. Stuff happens!
      So, I am SURE you have LOTS of stories yourself. (I do, not sure everyone appreciates them) but heres one flipper story.
      I know a guy in PDX, and he saw a early camaro or firebird? up in eastern Wa, Was on the Yakima Indian reservation, and I have attended biker events up there (Zilla-ABATE) and I can tell you not all those folks are friendly to white people. So, This guy sees one heck of a deal-he thinks*, and buys the car. Driving back on I-84 west bound he notices a LOT of people waving and pointing at his car. He waves back, says thanks, nods, etc,,,, yep, pretty proud of himself. Gets to the Dalles I think,,, stops for gas and a meal, and people are freaking out walking around the car.
      Turns out the sellers loaded up the car with clay and mud, LOTS of it, did a really good job too! But this is not bondo,,,,, this is honest to God river clay and mud. Then they did a really REALLY nice shiny paint job over it. And it was falling out, big chunks!!
      So, the dudes that sold the car were pretty intense. He decided it was not in his best interest to go back and try and get his money back. No idea if that was a one time thing or they did this often but they sure got the last laugh. This local guy was pretty upset but decided a shallow grave in the desert was not going to be his resting place so took his lumps.

  15. David Montanbeau

    WOW! I bought a 67 Nova SS from a car lot in the Keys. in the 70s, I would fly down from Detroit to FL to buy cars. This was a 325-350HP- 4 speed car. Thought I got a good deal until I took it to a power 25 cent car wash when I got back home. I got more water inside the car than outside. The window channels were rusted out. I ended up rolling the car one night street racing and I put a new top on.

  16. David Montanbeau

    I picked up a 64 GTO for a customer on my 10 car hauler. I put the car behind the cab because it was a pristine convertible. I started to tie the car down and the windshield breaks and the door jamb space started to expand. WOOOOO!!! WOW, I’m must be getting strong with my load bar. Further inspection revealed that the frame was rotted and was bondo to make look good. And this customer had this car professionally inspected. I called him to explain and sent pictures. The customer that I was picking this car up starts yelling at me that I tied the car down to tight HEHE. Left the car and got paid from the customer for the run and he paid with a CC for the car purchase and did a charge back.

  17. Roger

    I’ve never really understood their hate for the flippers ( unless they are dishonest of course ), I kinda think people may be thinking either ” oh I could of got this or that for that price and it should a been me” or I think some don’t like seeing some one make a buck or two – kinda like some sort of weird jealousy thing. I will say I probably am a little biased on their subject though. I started collecting cars and also flipping them when I was 12 years old and know am 37. My whole family has been in the business since they 50’s starting with my grandad. My father had 5 car lots. I don’t see anything wrong with making an honest buck, whether it be cars, real estate , whatever. I will say this though; I’ve seen people mentioning ” adding value ” and that is what I’ve always done on most cars. I start with fixing anything and everything that is wrong, even then little stuff. They all get a thorough detailing – interior, exterior, even the motor and engine bay. If needed the paint gets compounded / wet sanded. Full tune up, all fluids flushed and refilled. Make sure they have all new brakes and good tires. Complete safety inspection and anything not up to par is replaced. I do this for two reasons, one is this is how I was taught it should be done and secondly I DO want to get full value out of each car. More importantly as someone mentioned earlier in this thread is you want to always have a great reputation as that is everything as far as I’m concerned. I’m a car guy first and foremost and only play with cars as a supplemental income that helps me to obtain my own toys. I have always been honest on every deal I’ve done, although they same can’t be said for everyone and I get that and do not care for those types at all as they give everyone a bad name as seen by then distasteful opinion of flippers always seen here.

  18. David Montanbeau

    People do not take into consideration for your time for researching. Your time is worth something. People are to lazy to do the research and they do not like it. You pay the piper. I’m the same way with cars that I flip. I go through the car bumper to bumper. 65 and still going strong.

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