Ferrariero? Tastefully Modified 1987 Pontiac Fiero

Of the various Facebook groups I am a part of, there is one in particular that caters to “undesirable” cars manufactured between 1972 and 1996. Frequently, super quirky stuff like this pops up and I have no complaints!  I know kit cars are not exactly a fan favorite, and I know that Fieros aren’t really known for their collect-ability, however this Ferrari pseudo-replica (pseudo because it’s not trying that hard to be a Ferrari) is actually nicely done! I love everything about it, and for some reason I think I want it. Find it here on Craigslist with an asking price of $1,750.

The interior of this car is in great shape, and appears largely Fiero, however the seller states that there have been power leather seats installed as well as a few extra odds and ends. As Fiero as it looks, the interior flows with the exterior and I can’t help but think of Marshall’s Fiero from How I Met Your Mother. I am not a fan of Fiero kit cars, and I am not a fan of Ferrari replicas, however somebody though this replica out. and did good work.

Unlike most Fiero kit cars, and Ferrari replicas, this Ferrariero is seamlessly put together with parts of correct proportions. Often, those creating replicas try far too hard to make it look like a small Ferrari. I think this Fiero looks great, because all that it has had done is some tasteful modifications.  The rear of the car is the only part that I find slightly cheesy, and to be honest, I could live with it. I would drive this car as it is, because I find all of the exterior modifications to be fitting and frankly an improvement over the original Fiero look.

The seller has had this car for 10 years, and it sounds like he/she has either done or had most of the work done. This Fiero is equipped with a 3.4 liter engine out of a 1996 Camaro, and is reported to be fully functional aside from some minor work including a fuel system flush, and new alternator wiring. If you love Fieros and Ferraris, this is the car for you! Whether you like kit cars or not, this one appears to have been done well and worse things definitely exist. Would you drive it as a Ferrariero, revert it back to its original state, or avoid it at all costs?

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  1. Spridget

    Can you link us to that facebook group? Thanks!

  2. Jimmy Gee

    Looks like a very nice job the best I can tell, but it has been withdrawn by the seller.

    Jesse, I have been a Member for several years, but I believe it was under the handle of” SKY KING”. Anyhow I am glad to be back.

  3. Sam

    I like it, very good execution. I saw a Fiero recently at a local car show owned by a GM retiree. All stock exterior but swapped in a Cadillac 3.9 or 4.3…can’t remember which and added the tall air intake snout. He claimed it was an easy transplant. Looked and sounded good.

    • Don

      Probably was a Cadillac 4.9l V8… it’s a fairly common swap, as the Caddy motor was for front-wheel-drive cars, which makes it pretty easy to put into a Fiero.

      • boxdin

        The Cad engine and a GM 4.3 V6 bolt directly to the 5 sp trans from what I read long time ago.

  4. Doyler

    I only saw one tastefully modified Fiero, and that ain’t it.

  5. DonSladek

    Here’s another Craigslist example which looks a whole lot worse for a whole lot more money:

  6. Gbauer

    Is it April Fools Day?

  7. boxdin

    Bought a new 88 Formula and I’ve had a dozen 88s since then. My fav is a 4cyl 5 speed w Formula/GT suspension and lowered 1 inch. The most fun ever in a Fiero. That car had 236k miles on it when I got it and was still as tight as a new one. i also like the Iron Duke for great low end power. When I drove the 4cyl home from LA it got 42 mpg w the AC on full blast. Yes 236k miles !!! The engine had 100k at that time. I don’t need a V8, I’m from the datsun 510 school of momentum and smooth corners.

  8. Francisco

    Andrew Tanner, congratulations go out to you. In your post you refer to the subject “seller” with the pronouns “he/she.” This is known as noun/pronoun agreement of number. Too many writers relate the singular subject “seller” with the plural pronoun “they.” I cringe whenever I have to read that. Your professionalism as a writer is a breath of fresh air to Barn Finds.

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      Thank you! I appreciate the compliment. This is the first professional publication I’ve written for, so it means a lot!

    • Steve65

      “They” is firmly established as a valid non-gendered singular pronoun. And far less awkward than she/he.

      • Francisco

        Firmly established by whom. Perhaps it is accepted by the ever growing cadre of gender bender pseudo intellectuals who think Facebook submissions are true journalism. The use of the third person plural in this context is a politically correct assault on the English language. If Andrew pursues a career as a professional writer, I would suggest he stays within the rules of standard English grammar.

      • Burzel

        Correct, and it pains me to say it, as someone who formerly railed against the singular “they”. In 2015 the Washington Post formally adopted “singular they” and in 2016 it was named “word of the year” by the American Dialect Society:

        The fact is that “singular they” is far less awkward than “he/she”, “s/he” or any other of the myriad bizarre constructions formerly used in English. Until we have a real non-gendered singular pronoun enter the lexicon, “they” will suffice.

        Remember that language is a living thing and its speakers and writers are what drives its evolution. Yes, “they” was traditionally a plural pronoun only, but in 2017 its use as a singular pronoun is legitimate, Francisco notwithstanding :-)

  9. boxdin

    The top Fiero site is in the neatherlands. Ten thousand members as I recall. Pennocks Fiero Forum. Read the original story about how GM killed the Fiero w reject rods from chevy and more.
    Correction; almost 28,000 members

    • Car Guy

      Boxdin is correct. Pennocks Fiero Forum is great for anyone trying to restore, repair or modify a Fiero. I am the current owner of an actual 88 Mera Fiero (#8011), This site has helped me keep my Fiero on the road and showed me how to properly maintain, and repair these fun to drive cars. To this day, a stock V6 manual transmission Fiero still has one of the most exotic sounding exhaust notes ever produced by an American car.

  10. Tirefriar
    • jdjonesdr

      Whoa! For a second there, I thought I was looking at a Ferrari. That’s a nice looking job.

  11. Brad

    The Fiero is a fun car once everything is sorted out. I have two in my garage at the moment, and have owned the one since 2002. At this age, they tend to be a money pit. There is no “real” restoration aftermarket support if you wish to do a complete restoration, and restoration would cost many more times than the car is worth. There’s the Fiero Store, and a couple of other similar places, but nothing like Corvette America, for instance, where you can get every conceivable part for any year Corvette. Used parts is a crap shoot, too. Many owners think their parts are gold, and price them as such. These people tend to believe the Fiero will be a big-money collector car. It’ll never happen. It’s a fun car to drive, and is great for driving it daily or on weekends – but don’t pick one up with the notion that you’ll be getting big money one day. Last bit of advice to anyone considering a Fiero – if you live in the rust belt, or a Fiero originated there, take great care & time to look the car over carefully. A lot of people just look at the body and say, “It looks great – there’s no rust!”. Plastic body panels don’t rust – but the frame to which they bolt to can turn to dust. If you’re not familiar with Fieros, take someone with you who is when you inspect the vehicle. At $1750, this price tends to tell the tale that it may require some serious repairs, and may have some hidden structural rust issues.

  12. Steve

    My father-in-law has a badd azz 88 ttop…….I love the cars and his is really nice, last time I was at his house it was in the back yard and he was talking about getting rid of it, and WOW would I love to be able to get it and do a smallblock or supercharged 4.3 (or whatever big GM six bolts up)…..unfortunately like most of life money is always the issue, but if he holds onto it and when money gets better maybe we could do the project together…… would be a badd azz first car for his oldest granddaughter. She is 9 now, time will tell. As for the above kit, it is/was VERY well executed and looks like it/was installed with a high degree of workmanship…….but IMHO instead of trying to make it look like an F car they should have just improved on everything that was right about the Fiero……..I cant remember the last time I saw one with the over the roof hood scoop/snorkel……… that looked flipping killer……just my 2c

  13. Jona Denz

    My husband and I have 2 Fieros now and have owned a bunch…thanks to his racing them at Laguna Seca and Sears Point, etc. They fit tall people surprisingly well, and have a 5 star crash rating, which he’s put to the test! Our neighbor became a collector too.

  14. scottymac

    Ex had a new ’85 SE and a used ’88 GT. Can’t say much good about them except as one writer mentioned, nice exhaust note from the V-6; got my last speeding ticket in the GT. Fellow in small town nearby had a metallic blue with white stripes GT-40 kit on one, looked surprisingly good. I have to agree with the comment about proportions, but I liked it better than this Ferrari kit.

  15. Dt 1

    At first I used to chase them down with my brand new 1987 Chevy Corvette I used to call him little mouse cars but after the time I saw it to get to like them

    • Tirefriar

      You mean an 87 Vette could catch these? Jk

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