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This 1929 Ford Model A Tudor for sale in Madison, Connecticut on here on craigslist is pretty crusty, and has definitely seen better days. The seller does not have much to say about it, but the pictures do tell a story of neglect and decay. Potential buyers will have to use their imaginations to see this car back on the road.


That missing rear panel will be a problem for anyone who wants to rebuild this car, though the seller does seem to indicate he might have it somewhere (“i think i have full back pannel”).  In all likelihood, the only hope for this car is that a skilled and optimistic builder will make this into a hot rod.


The seller claims this Ford has almost no rust! The body panels actually do look fairly solid. Original wire wheels present and look pretty good. No pictures of the engine area are provided and no mention of it in the ad either.


Interior is shot, but maybe a buyer for this car will not care. There is no way to know more about this car without going to see it in person. And the seller is asking what seems to me a rather lofty price of $4,200 and will only respond to phone calls. Still, real steel original old Fords are always in demand. What do you think about this one – is this the basis for your next hot rod?

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  1. geomechs geomechsMember

    Definitely NOT a good idea to take your mother-in-law for a ride immediately AFTER the Chilli Cook-Off. Especially if she smokes…

    No, this car deserves a full restoration. Hot-rodders need to buy a reproduction steel body and a chassis already built to accommodate the powertrain they want. Leave this one to the purists.

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    • jaygryph

      They put wheels on em for a reason. If this car were restored it would likely never be driven, which would defeat the purpose of it’s existence.

      Cut em all up, just be confidant in your skills before you do so.

      Also, reproduction steel bodies are super expensive, and original abused steel typically isn’t.

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  2. geomechs geomechsMember

    Here’s what you do with a car like this.

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  3. grant

    My love for these things is really only undermined by a proportional lack of cash. Hope some one saves this, it would be a shame to cut it up.

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  4. Gary

    Asking is About 4-5 times what it is worth!

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    • jaygryph

      I dunno, I got $1800 from a stripped rotted tudor body with mismatched beat panels and no roof, with only a mocked up frame so it would roll around.

      This seems a bit high but not outrageous.

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  5. David

    Seems high when you can buy a running and driving Model A for $5000 to $8000 and really nice ones for $10,000. There’s no way you could restore this one for $5000. I hope someone finds a way to save this one.

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