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Field Full of Pre-War Cars in Maine


If you’re a fan of pre-war cars, then we have found something you are going to want to see. This field in Maine is full of them, including a number of cars from the early 1900’s. The seller claims that the cars were all recently pulled from a large barn, but given their condition, we think they may have been out in the elements for a while. Either way, this is quite a find! Thanks goes to Jim S. for the tip!


Among the collection, there are a number of interesting cars being offered. The first one to catch our eye was this 1926 Chevrolet fire truck. Who doesn’t love a red fire truck? Some of the other interest antiques include a 1925 Chrysler Roadster, a 1922 Buick Touring car, a 1917 Overland Touring car, and a 1926 Nash 2 door.


Not everything in this field is pre-war either. The seller also has two 1963 Triumph TR3s along with many newer cars that have yet to listed on eBay. Click here to view all of the seller’s current auctions. We will have to keep an eye on this guy to see what else shows up. So, which ones do you want?


  1. Don Andreina

    I’ll take the red 66 Olds next to the rat rod. Looks like quite a few Corvettes and some 50s stuff and even a Chevelle yet to come up for listing.

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  2. Dolphin Member

    Seeing all the eBay listings with bids on most of them all I can say is I’m glad that eBay exists, otherwise who knows how long they would sit in that field before anything good happened to them?

    The surprising thing is that there are no bids on the ’29 Chevy firetruck. I guess maybe the lack of parades through small towns these days must have depressed the market for vintage machinery like that.

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  3. Jamie Wallhauser

    As a confirmed junk yard crawler this fascinates me, but do I want any of them? Only the fire truck, the rest just make me sad.

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    • stp

      but does the firetruck come with that cool hand pump? it appears in one photo, and is missing from the rest. if there’s no water pump in the sale, well then it’s just a truck painted red.

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  4. Richard V

    The TR-3’s engine and transmission appear to be resting on the ground next to it. Yikes!

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    • Horse Radish

      The TR3 is resting on the ground next to its engine & tranny!

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      • Richard V

        I meant, out of the car and exposed to the elements – not a great thing especially in that part of the country. All better now?

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  5. Rich Nunn

    Sorry guys, I mistook the red fire engine at the end of the line as a jeep….in the first picture,,,,my bad…

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  6. Charles

    Lots of good street rod material!

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  7. David

    Really dig the 1924 Studebaker Sedan and the mid 50s GM products in the background

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    • braktrcr

      I agree David That Studee is/was a beauty…(Hey that rhymes) What an elegant classy body style. You can kind of imagine some of the stories that go with the life of the car.

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  8. Charlie

    That’s a deer eating grass in front of the cars!

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  9. braktrcr

    There is a bid now on the Firetruck Dolphin. I am glad to see that. STP the pump is included. It was sitting in the bed when he started taking pictures,then he placed it in the last one.
    I too am in love with the fire truck I have a 66 Chevy C80 that I hope never looks as bad as this one.

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  10. Rick W

    These cars were all in a barn on top of a mountain in Wales Maine, a small town in south central Maine. I bought a Crosley wagon and a BMW Isetta out of the barn a few years ago. I know a couple Maine Region AACA members also bought cars there. There were about 60 cars when I was up there, January, freezing cold with the wind howling. It was 4X4 up a terrible old “road” to get up there and to get the cars down. Quite a sight though. The little Chrysler was on my “to do” list. It is a real sweetheart and very original. Sadly I didn’t get it in time. Hopefully it will be restored not rodded, a rare car and remarkably straight, complete (except top) and solid. Well bought whoever ends up with it.

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    • Dolphin Member

      On top of a mountain in Maine, in January, with the wind howling, buying old cars… That’s dedication to the hobby, altho I recognize that some people would call it something else.

      Bottom line is, although the cars need lots of help, at least a bunch of people ended up following their interests such that the cars didn’t end up being crushed.

      Well done, especially RE: the Crosley wagon and Isetta.

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  11. rancho bella

    I thought for sure ifin’ I stared at those cars long enough I’d see Elly Mae Clampett………all I saw was that dang deer.

    Rick W

    I dig Crosley wagons

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  12. Rick W

    Hi, @ our Maine Region AACA (Antique Automobile Club of America) annual meeting in 2010 member Glenn Byron passed around a list of the cars on top of the mountain. Dave Ault knew the owner, had sold him some cars and I think bought from him as well. My son wanted to restore a Crosley and there was one on the list. Dave took Tucker (my son) and me to look at them. It was quite a sight. When we got to the top of the mountain, the owner Martin Finley discovered the roof had collapsed from the snow load. Everything was frozen, and wet, and like I said the wind was howling. There was a big car, a Peerless sedan maybe, all the early cars pictured, now in the field, a nice Model T speedster- an early one with brass, a Model T wrecker, a 70’s Corvette that a big beam came down on and crushed a ’28 Chevy Roadster, a Ford Jeep from the 40’s that my father bought, some old sleighs a real eclectic mix of cars. It was somewhat encouraging to know there were still cars squirreled away. I think he told us he had a vacant Mill in the Lewiston area that he had had all his cars in and there was some dispute with the town, taxes or zoning or something. I really don’t recall exactly, but he moved all the cars to his 100++ acres of mountain top and built the big barns, the top floor of which was going to be his living quarters with a 360 degree view. I think he is in the Phillipines, or Caribbean or Cambodia or somewhere and only gets to Maine a few times a year. It might be worth following up on what if anything is left. Like I said I think when I was up there, there were around 60 cars. His email WAS martinfinley@ymail.com and his phone WAS 207-713-7200 but it was at least 3 years ago so everything could have changed by now. If you get to a dead end try the guy selling all those cars in the field. They are all on eBay right now. And now you know the REST of the story. Happy hunting, regards, Rick,

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    • Linda Bolduc

      Martin sold us ( D.A.B. Inc. ) all the cars that were left on the mountain and in the barn. The hard part is getting them off the mountain. We still have some left up there, hoping to get them all down before the snow flies. The rest of them will be on Ebay motors soon.

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    • Jeanne Gagne

      My 1977 Olds Regency 98 with a 403 may have come out of that barn! The time is about right. I bought it in 2015, and was told it came out of a barn in Monmouth, which is next door to Wales. It had 25,000 miles on it when I got it. All original. And yes, it might be for sale.

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  13. Crazy canuck

    *sniff* I want ALL of them :)

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  14. K deets

    What’s #81 sitting in the background to the right behind the fire truck?

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