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Finned Find: 1959 Cadillac Convertible


If you like your classic cars to have fins, then this 1959 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible might be right up your alley, as it has the largest fins ever fitted to a factory built car. The current owner has had it in storage for the past 30 years, but has decided to let it go because they lack the time to restore it. Over the years it has had a couple of homes, including a barn and this garage in Idaho. Have a look here on eBay.


While its fins might be the most recognizable feature, this Caddy has a lot of other great features. The interior was very well appointed and comfortable for its time. This one is going to need some upholstery work, but it appears that everything is intact. The seller doesn’t state what kind of condition the motor is in, but they claim it was running and driving when they parked it. With any luck the 390 cui V8 isn’t locked up and can be brought back to life.


This finned convertible is going to be an expensive project, but given how rare these are becoming, it would be a shame to see it left in its current condition. The big question the next owner will face is what to do with it. It would look fantastic after a complete restoration, but if it is as solid, as it appears to be, it would be a shame to lose the current originality. What would you do with it? Restore it or leave it original?


  1. Hans

    Clean it up and drive it.

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  2. scot

    ~ i know, broken record. sorry but i like it as it is. the interior appears completely serviceable aside from expected wear and to sacrifice the originality would seem a shame. it can be restored at any point in the future, although it will become more expensive. but for now it is original and i’d have to enjoy lt as we see it now.

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  3. Dolphin Member

    I once had to drive a ’59 Caddy convertible to the garage where my father worked so he could work on it as a favor for a neighbor. It was summer, and the top was down. It was so quiet that you couldn’t tell whether the was engine running. The front bench seat was enormous and flat, and there were no seat belts so you had to watch out that you didn’t slide around while cornering…..not that you even wanted to corner very hard because the ride was literally like floating on a big couch. It was the softest riding car I have ever been in, before or since. When you looked in the rear view mirror the fins looked like they extended 20 ft behind you.

    It was totally different in every way from the ’59 MGA that I had at the time. When I got back in the ‘A’ it seemed tiny, noisy, and very stiff, and it seemed to vibrate a lot.

    That was the only time I was ever in a ’59 Cadillac, and it was decades ago, but I have never forgotten it. I have never been tempted to buy one, but I can easily see why people want them: they are unique in the world of cars. There’s just nothing else like them.

    I would just clean this one up, get the systems working well, put the top down, and then drive to the next cruise night with my car buddies along. You definitely won’t ever forget your first ride in one.

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  4. Ron

    I would leave it as it is. Original is always worth more than restored and as long as it is in good shape as this one is it would be a waste of money, time and effort

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  5. Jeff

    Luv it! This car was the epitome of American capitalism at the time, the country was rockin’ literally. I think Elvis had a few. A 59′ Caddy convertible should be in every serious collection.

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  6. ted

    Oh what a wonderful looking Caddy .Someone tell me something,here It seemed like in some Country Music videos over the years past,there were 59s in them were these privately owned cars or belonging to the set

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    • rancho bella


      there are companies that own cars just for the the purpose to leasing or renting to film companies. Also a person with a single or several cars can be put on a list as having cars for rent to studios, brokers etc.

      It can be done in various ways but if you want to stay with your car and you don’t mind others driving it…………you are good to go. Many times they do not want you there with the car as the sets are loaded with people that are working.
      But, trust me, it is a pain. Ever been on a set all day, night or both? Not much fun as folks believe.

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  7. jim

    what a great find. it would be nice to make it a driver. but when i think driver i don’t think of cars that are in this price range. and the listing has more then 7 days to go. and it is going to need more money spent after the sale before it could be a driver. still i think the buyer and seller are both going to be very happy.

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  8. Ron Bajorek

    Restore It? WHY? It is amazing how nice this car would look after 50-60 hours of cleaning with mild detergent, polish, hide food and wax. The seat belts are a must, as is the bolt in front disc brakes and a twin master cylinder, after that I’d say drive it and enjoy it, somebody can turn it into a 100pt trailer queen later. I’d love to own this one to put next to my ’70 deville convertible

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  9. paul

    Wow 41 & climbing, these 59’s do bring $’s… this car hasn’t run in 30 years ….it’s hard to see from the hazy/ dirty pictures what the condition of it all is, but who ever buys this will own a winner, it’s always best to buy original so you know what your getting, looks like the seller will do well because you know he didn’t pay anything close to 41, 30 years ago.

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  10. twwokc

    My grandfather had a 59 Sedan de Ville in about this same color as a new car. I will never forget riding in that car even though I was just a kid. A Cadillac was a true status symbol in those days. You had made it if you drove a Cadillac
    I can only imagine the feeling the original owner had when they pulled out of the dealership when it was new.
    If you are going to pump some money into an old car, a 1959 Cadillac is a pretty safe bet.

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  11. bruce r. colbert

    ” I vant to buy big American car, mit tail fins ” he said in a Russian accent.

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  12. Connor

    As much of a fan of originality as I am this is one beauty that I would restore to showroom condition

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  13. David Reeves

    Dear God, PLEASE don’t let that go to a hot rodder or “customizer”

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    • Connor

      It would be one hell of a lowrider but to do it to a car as beautiful as this would be a sin

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  14. rancho bella

    Both youz are are right. This needs to stay stock.

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  15. geomechs geomechs Member

    The first thing that needs to be done is lots of washing and detailing. Find out just what kind of shape this car is in. From what I see all it needs is a good shine but until it gets cleaned up you won’t know if it needs more than that. Clean it up, then make the decision.

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  16. Jamie Wallhauser

    The market for increasingly rare, original classics is heating up. It would be an historic crime to heavily modify this car and it could be extravagantly restored, but it wouldn’t be financially prudent — this original is a solid investment as is (assuming it is as good as it looks) and after a good cleaning and mechanical sorting she’ll only go up in value. Wish I had the cash.

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  17. BradL

    You’re gonna need a bigger garage!

    …especially to bag that land shark.

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  18. Jimmyd

    Its too cool as is to restore!

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  19. Chris A.

    This was when GM could build anything it wanted, and did. Buick was a bit more straight-forward with the Buick Electra 225. The model number was the wheelbase. As for this, keep it original, get a Stetson summer hat and Ray-Bans and drive it top down. Accesorize with a hot blond.

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  20. Dave H Ia.

    I had a 60 convertible I bought for $50 in 72. Sold it in 76 with a “Bi-centennial” paint job on it.
    A one armed guy from Alabama bought it. Kicked myself since for selling it.
    Persian sand and tan interior, electric everything. Wasn’t that rusty either for being an Iowa car
    Of all the cars I’ve owned, that one was my favorite.

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  21. John Engelman

    Actually, the 1959 Cadillac had the 2nd largest fins ever put on a car. The holder of the largest fins ever, is the 1961 Imperial. Measured from the ground, to the top of the fin, the Imperial is 1″ higher…..

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  22. ben

    just got done working on one for a client what a boat in red got a lot of looks driving it I remember growing up u could buy them for next to nothing

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  23. Mark59

    My all time favorite vehicle! After I was done drooling.I would restore it as close as possible.Any mention of the asking price?

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