Fire Chief’s Ride: 1962 Dodge Dart Wagon

1962 Dodge Dart Wagon

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I just love finds like this! Not only is it a fair unusual wagon, but this Dodge Dart also spent its early years as the Fire Chief of Carrizozo, New Mexico’s car. Sadly, someone started restoring it, but never finished and even managed to loose a few pieces. They repainted it in the original red, rechromed the bumpers, lost a few interior trim pieces and then left it in its unfinished state. The seller claims it does run, but isn’t driveable since the engine fan and pulley are gone. Outside of the few missing bits, this actually looks like a great find and can be seen here on eBay with a BIN of $9,750 and the option to make an offer.

Fire Chief's Dart Wagon

The early ’60s Darts were quite the machines with some of the most interesting design features you’ll find on an American car from that era! I’ll be honest, the fender treatments look a bit out of place on the coupes, but they look amazing on this station wagon! It definitely gives the car a futuristic look and actually compliments that massively over-sized spotlight. It looks like the paint and chrome-work were done to a high standard and could be left alone.

1962 Dodge Dart Wagon 318 Engine

While this isn’t the highest trim level Dart built in ’62, it still is a decently optioned car. Power comes from the 318 cui Poly-head V8, which churned out 230 horsepower and 340 pounds of torque. That should be more than enough power for a family hauler, but I’m sure there are more than a few of us that would have liked for it to come with the 362 or the Max Wedge 413. While either of those big blocks would be fun, I would be more than happy with this 318! I’d find a fan and pulley for it, do a tune-up and put this V8 through its paces!

1962 Dodge Dart Wagon Interior

The interior is said to be all original and it looks it. It doesn’t look to be in terrible shape, but could definitely benefit from some work. The front bench looks to have suffered the worst of the wear and will need to be recovered. It looks like a couple of the door panels currently aren’t installed, but the seller claims they are still there and look good. I’m still curious to know which trim pieces are missing. As long as all the important bits are here, I’m not sure it matters much if a few bits are missing. The fact that this car is equipped with a manual would make up for most shortcomings in my book!

1962 Dodge Dart

This could turn out to be a great driver or a big project based on how nice you want it. Personally, I would focus on the things that matter most first. Get the engine running dependably, go through the brakes, repair the front seat and make it a safe driver. Than as you have time, you could track down any missing trim pieces to take it to the next level! The only real problem I see is the seller’s asking price, but if you can negotiate the price down a bit it could turn out to be a great buy! So what do you think of this old fire wagon?

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  1. boxdin

    Nice wagon, just a hundred miles or so from me, but at 9700 I’ll have to pass. They do make the best cherry cider in Carrizozo hmmmmm………

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  2. Woodie Man

    Super cool! If it was a plain jane stripper without the gumball machine and siren would it sell for what….$2500.00?

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  3. Chris in Nashville

    Awesome… but sadly too far away and that asking price seems rather high to me… I would have thought $6000 – 7000…

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  4. Woodie Man

    Hmmmm…just looked more closely at the interior behind the back seat over the wheel wells………was the car originally green ? Not that I expect an answer but what is with a seller saying there is no pulley and belt …(so it wont run without overheating?)..But buy this car!

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  5. wagon master

    See, now this is what barn finds is all about!

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  6. Bobsmyuncle

    Its probably too much but as a fire fighter, a wagon lover, and a Mopar enthusiast this is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long while.

    The want is fierce with this one.

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    • george

      I agree. I seen a car exactly like this, if not the same one, on a trailer going down the highway in Texas headed toward Houston. I took a couple pics then found it while trying to identify the year model. Small world.

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  7. Ed P

    The 62 Dodge and Plymouth cars were among the worst looking. However, I do agree that the wagon body is an improvement. Fix the upholstery and have fun.

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  8. Jim

    My mind is telling me it needs to have the wheelbase altered and a 413/426 dual quad put under the hood and make a Ramchargers clone style drag car out of it. Oh Yeah!

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  9. ClassicCarFan

    I think this generation of Dart are so ugly they are almost cool. I agree that this is not a particularly desirable model in stock form but would make a crazy drag car – but the asking price seems a bit steep as just a starting point?

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    Price is to high in stock form it’s only worth about 4-5k

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      But this is hardly a typical stock Dart is it?

      Sure if your intention is to yank the fire gear off this is over priced. Otherwise, try finding another like it.

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  11. Jubjub

    Coolest year and model for these A body wagons. My parents had a midnight blue ’65 Belvedere wagon with a slant six which was always spoken fondly of. My sister sacrificed it to a brick pillar in front of UofL Shelby campus. Somewhere in family photos is a cool color pic of it with one of the sailboats my dad built in tow.
    As one of the MTV generation, I can’t see the front end of this and not think of the David Bowie and Queen “Under Pressure” video where a ’62 Dodge is grappled and slung by a scrap claw.

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    • OttoNobedder

      Thanks for the reminder -great video in its day. Trivia: Whats the engine that explodes (at 0:34 and at the very end it ‘implodes’)???

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  12. starsailing

    Whoa…..this is the best buy of the page. Add new seat cover, steering wheel…touch up paint in doorway/shows hint of being white before red. Add 413/headers etc to it, jack up the torsion bars, air shocks for rear with new springs, add posi rea end, cheater slicks/pie crust edges remakes…..electronic cut outs…..go street racing…with the bubble left on it…bet you a buck two eighty cops leave you alone and admire it when they see a burnout or race!

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  13. Bobsmyuncle

    Price drop to $8800 which doesn’t help me warrant the purchase any more sadly.

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  14. Skip

    Decent old car. I’m surprised that the roof beacon and siren are still intact on the car. It’s only two or three hundred miles from me, not worth anywhere what they’re asking. People who collect the old lights and sirens (like I do) would like those two items if they were to be removed and put up for sale. I almost had a ’62 Plymouth wagon similar to this one that served the small town of Tahoka, TX (35 mi. south of Lubbock). That was back in the ’80s and it was sold before I ever found out that it was available. Can’t win them all….dammit!

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