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First Year Malibu SS: 1964 Chevelle


It might be extremely rusty, but this is a first year Chevelle Malibu SS with the 327 V8 and a Muncie 4 speed! It’s said to be a one owner car that was driven until 1977 and then parked. They also claim that the mileage is just 45k, but I’m not sure if that really matters at this point given all the rust. I love the looks of the early Chevelles, especially in red. The 327 offered decent performance and came in 250 or 300 horsepower spec. No word which this one is, but either way it’s a desirable Chevy! You can find it here on eBay in Crestline, Ohio with a current bid of $2k. So does all that rust scare you away?


  1. Walter Joy

    The guy changed it to saying it was a 283

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  2. scooter8

    once again. how can anybody,,,,,,,BOOM!

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  3. Bingo

    Maybe this is more like Axel Foley’s car (remember the Nova).

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    Looks like a hot rod chicken coup. With that said , who the hell could let something like this happen to such a nice car? Its beyond my comprehension. Who ever is selling this car is more than likely get more than they deserve.

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  5. Woodie Man

    Well loved!

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  6. Jeffro

    The rust doesn’t scare me. The money I’d have to spend due to the rust…that would scare the hell out of me!

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  7. RickG

    I can’t handle the mouse poop. too much :(

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    • Pfk1106

      I don’t want to think how bad that smells…

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  8. Pookie Jamie P

    Looks more like a 65 judging by the taillights….

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  9. Luke Fitzgerald

    Always the same isn’t it? – no one can have it until it’s completely F?!’@ed or the owners dead and then it’s, “OK you can have (buy) it now”- lucky you

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  10. Chebby

    Corvette valve covers and exhaust that dumps before the rear wheels….

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  11. JW

    Boy those Ohio winters were rough on this car, must have never cleaned the salt from the quarters before putting in the barn. I hope he doesn’t think when and what happened on the day the car was “Brought” makes it worth more.

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  12. redwagon

    shots of the underside would have been nice. lots of rust? I’ve seen worse living in Michigan. I owned worse. still resurrecting this one will not be easy.

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  13. Terry

    Better bring a hazmat suit.

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  14. gotboost6

    Guess they don’t know how to use a hose or a vacuum cleaner.

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  15. flmikey

    …if one were to want to take on a project this size, this would be the one in my opinion…1st year SS Chevelle…4 speed? Hell yeah!

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  16. RoughDiamond

    Next the seller will post “Sorry just found out this is a correct, but NOM”. I’m pretty sure that on ’64 Malibu SSs they used the “V” with the two flags on the front fender to designate a 283 engine and the same with “327” above it for the larger engine.

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    • 68 custom

      that little V is correct for a 283 powered 64 chevy, 327 got the flags. was a nice car now a big project.

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      • cyclemikey

        Correct. That little Vee (no flags) indicated a 283. And that was the only V8 available when the Chevelle came out in ’64.

        The 327-equipped versions were introduced later, and had the crossed flags above the Vee.

        Except for 409 cars, Chevy didn’t use V8 emblems with the numbers indicating displacement until 1965.

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  17. Angrymike

    Being from Ohio, the rust you don’t see is what scares the heck out of me. The humidity here is terrible, my former 67 Chevelle SS sat in a garage for 30 years, brought out every couple years, and was relatively taken care of. But the frame, and underpan was complete scale, it took lots of work to clean up, and the car was inside and fairly well taken care of….

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  18. Skip

    My dad was given a new ’64 El Camino which was built on the Chevelle chassis by my maternal grandmother in Sept. of ’63. It had the 283 engine and was a real runner. I loved driving it, and was supposed to have received it when he died; but a friend of his who was helping manage some of his business affairs when he became ill sold it w/o my knowing it. So he was going to buy it back from the guy who bought it and it had already left the state. Someone, somewhere now has a cool old vehicle.

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  19. ROTAG999

    6 and 283 only option in 64 for Chevelle Malibu in 65 327, and a few 396’s made it into the engine bay !

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  20. ROTAG999

    Wow a ton of rats have pooped a few million pellets on the mouse intake manifold ! YUK

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  21. Prowler

    Looks like it would have been a nice project……in 1977
    This guy must have had manure for brains…but I guess what was this car worth in 1977…1200 to 1500 bucks
    Either way I hear the fat lady signing
    This one is over

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  22. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Long story short – the salvage owner I worked for son bought/ordered a 1964 El Camino 283/4sp tach and it had at the time a factory wood grain wheel ? Black with red interior – motor apart missing the heads…4 speed was there – the salvage owner got it at that point….it sat in the yard for awhile….for a price it could be had…..than he backed into the quarter panel with the fork lift…..someone did eventually buy it….

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  23. Rocco Member

    I prefer the ’65 SS Chevelle(grill & tail lights), but still a cool find.

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  24. Loco Mikado

    A friend of mine had one in the late 60’s-early 70’s. It had 4 different engines and 3 different transmissions in it by the time he sold it. I helped install-uninstall every one of them. The fastest was a 365hp-327 with a M-21 4 speed. Lots of power in a light body. One night the front shocks broke at the bayonet studs on top. We discovered that if the car was bounced a couple of times and floored on the third upswing we could lift the front wheels off the ground. Great fun for that night. Also it got good highway gas mileage, 20mpg if you kept it at 55-60mph. I have always wanted one for myself but it was not to be. But a great easy to work on car.

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  25. cudaman

    Just came across 4 64-65’s in an elderly ladies yard a few months ago. Wish I could post more pictures here for you “barn finders.” Three are 2-doors, two of those are SS 4-speed cars. The one in the picture was the one her husband used to pick her up when they dated. It was near new then. A lot of memories for her so I’m being patient.

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  26. cudaman

    ….here’s the other SS…….

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    • Cassidy

      She might have lots of memories for the one they were courting in, but for the other 3? Good eye though, and way to be patient! The SS with a hood appears to be missing her engine, but looks better than the first one pictured. What state are they in?

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  27. Utes

    @ cyclemikey….
    That’s true….late in the model year both the L30(250hp) & the L74(300hp) were offered, both denoted by the crossed flags fender callouts.

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