Flared Fox-Body: 1982 Ford Mustang GT IMSA

Though I usually prefer GM’s F-bodies and Mopar’s E-bodies, I do have a soft spot for Fox-body pony cars. Usually I look more at the 1987 to 1993 Fox-body Mustangs, but more recently the 1979 to 1986 Mustangs have caught my eye, especially the rarer models. This 1982 Ford Mustang GT not only features the GT package, it also features the rarely-seen IMSA flared wide body. Find it here on eBay in Brookfield, Connecticut, with a little less than five days left to bid.

After being redesigned in 1979, the Mustang went through an unusual period for 1980 and 1981, perhaps suffering an identity crisis or something along those lines. By 1982, however, the Mustang recovered its identity and its dignity with a slew of upgrades and new options. One of those new options making a return was the GT package, which had returned after a 13-year hiatus. Conceived to replace the former top-model Cobra, the GT included the front air dam with fog lamps and the rear spoiler from the ’79 Pace Car and the 1980 & 1981 Cobras, as well as  the smaller 1979 Cobra hood scoop on its hood. Only four colors were offered on the GT model and they consisted of Dark Red, Bright Red, Silver (the featured color on this car), and Black. Featuring a base price of $8,397, 23,447 Mustang GTs were built out of 130,418 Mustangs overall.

In addition to featuring the GT package, this Mustang features the rare IMSA package. Featuring a flared wide body and various appearance and handling packages, the IMSA Mustang is a rare sight today, and the only other one I’ve seen was for sale back in 2015. At first glance, this Mustang appears to be in great shape, and factoring in the flared wide body and the subtle gray color, the appearance screams aggression. I personally would swap the Centerline-style wheels for a set of BBS mesh wheels similar to the Mustang IMSA GTO race car wheels, but otherwise I would leave the rest of the exterior as-is, save for a set of stickier tires for the BBS wheels.

After a three-year hiatus, the 302 returned under the Mustang’s hood for 1982 as an option, though it was standard for the GT. Rated at 157 horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque, this GT’s 302 is backed by a T5 five-speed manual transmission and, featuring the IMSA package, also benefits from 3.55 gears and a Koni suspension. At some point, the Mustang’s 5.0 air cleaner was replaced by an aftermarket mesh one, and the engine bay bracing looks to be aftermarket as well. Since the 1982 5.0 is not much on power, I would throw a bunch of speed parts at it, swap in a stock 5.0 air cleaner, either paint the bracing black or source new black bracing, and build this Mustang as a corner-carving muscle machine.

Aah, nothing like an early-1980s muscle car interior. Arguably the nicest part of the car, this Mustang GT IMSA’s interior features a four-point roll cage, Recaro front bucket seats, a four-spoke sport steering wheel, and a short-throw Hurst shifter. I like the cloth inserts on the front bucket seats, and the IMSA interior modifications enhance the overall aggressive look. The interior appears to have little to no wear, and though I prefer manual windows, the power windows are still a welcome addition. Overall, this car is a unique and unusual sight to see, and though bids are high right now, the owner has another IMSA Mustang that is also for sale, and can be sold with this car as a package deal. What are your thoughts on this rare, unique Mustang GT IMSA?

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  1. ROAR

    These mustangs carry on the liniage even if their power was seriously clipped. There ARE ways to increase the performance if desired and still pass the SMOG requirements, There ARE experts that specialize in doing this legally and as these cars become again recognized will develop their skills just has happened with other cars with “challenges”. I predict that these will become the next “1965 mustangs”

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  2. brettucks

    Looks like he has two for sale..

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  3. Paul

    I like it … being foreign I know little about Mustangs but that is a nice looking thing. Different ..

  4. Dennis

    This car is just a base car we ran the Marti Report it left the factory as a black car with standard black seats.

    • Dennis

      Here is the Marti

  5. MikeG

    Cool looking ride!

  6. Richard Stanford

    Pull and store all of the original reports; swap in something fun, drive the living hell out of it on track weekends, then when its time to sell include all of the original parts. The new owner won’t reinstall them, but that’ll give you both license to enjoy driving the car without worrying about killing its eventual (likely very small) value.

    • grant

      Seeing how according to the Marti report this car has already been modified beyond recognition, don’t worry about “original” parts, they’re likely long gone. Drive the snot out of it and enjoy.

  7. sofa king fast

    I want to like it. I like the color, but maybe not on this car? It’s a fussy design with lots of lines up front (grill, bumper, hood “scoop” etc) and lines on the side (the fake louvers on the rear side window etc). I want to like it. I just don’t.
    Would it work better in a bright color? I think I saw an orange one that looked better once….

    • Miguel

      Don’t forget about the Capri tail lights.

      A piece from here and a piece from there.

  8. Dolphin Member

    Can’t warm up to all those doo-dads on the body, or the wide wheels. Too boy racer. I like the Fox bodies just as they came from the factory.

  9. Jesse James

    So is this a real one or not? Marti report say it’s not, am I correct.

    • Rod444

      Jesse James – Given the build features listed on that report, it seems unlikely:

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    • John

      It’s the real deal! Very rare

  10. John

    I think the auction price is high for this car. After adding the cost to make it drive the way it looks for the same money you can buy much more car.

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    • Cris Farrel

      I just found the new owner at a concept car rare car show, he paid $28,000 and he just sold it for $37,500. I would love to get that other one the original owner has.

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      • John Geller

        Amazing car! I watched it on the track, EXSTREMLY fast car !!! Let’s hope this car is never wrecked, I sure it can’t be replaced.

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  11. John

    I have never seen this model before. Was there truly a factory option for a four point roll cage? How did it ever get insured? Interesting car. It needs much authentication.

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  12. KevinR

    This car appears to have been featured by Jalopnik in 2015. It was black then and had an ask of $9995. It was also the topic of discussion on the Four Eyed Forums in 2008. I couldn’t make the links work here…

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  13. Sergio Garcia

    I have one in dark red. Going through a full restoration but still have not decided on the interior color yet.

  14. Aaron McCoy

    Owned 10 foxbodies. My opinion is biased. I would do stuff for this one.

  15. jwinters

    I don’t trust MARTI reports that much. the one I paid for said my 2007 mustang GT had a DOHC 4.6 liter engine. I had to have them make me a new one that read SOHC.

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