Floats Like A Boat: 1970 Cadillac Sedan De Ville

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The year 1970 was pretty much a carryover year for the full-size Cadillac. They were given a fresh grille and as Cadillac put it, “smart new elongated taillights”, but pretty much left alone otherwise. It was also the last year before a major change. Here is a 1970 Cadillac Hardtop Sedan De Ville (4 door hardtop) for sale here on Craigslist near Phoenix, Arizona. Thanks go out to Barn Finds reader Jack M. for finding this car and bringing to our attention.

The car received a repaint about twenty years ago. It drives, steers, and stops well on its newer tires. This Cadillac has been garage kept. The seller describes it as able to float down the freeway at 70 to 80 mile per hour with no problem. It is a head turner and gets the occasional thumbs up wherever it goes. The vinyl top appears to be in good condition.

The interior appears to be in good condition except for a tear on the upper back of the driver’s side. The seat fabrics are original and have brocade pattern (Cadillac called it Dynasty cloth) that was so often found in this period for luxury cars. The seats have center armrests in the front and rear. It has power windows, power steering, and power brakes, but the air conditioning will be needing a compressor. There are no electrical issues. There is a stain on the headliner near the back window.

There is no picture of the engine, but it is the original 472 cubic inch V-8 mated with a Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission. It has a newer copper radiator and heater core, new brakes, and new front bushings. The car has been driven 121,150 miles. The seller is asking $5,500. At 225 inches long, check your garage size before putting down money on this one.

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  1. Gary

    I had a gold on gold my first car
    Waiting toi see one.
    I missed one being cheap in Ohio for 5,800 one owner car

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  2. Jay E.

    My sister had this car, same color, except it was a convertible, during the rebirth of Cruising after American Graffiti. It was amazing how many people we could fit in the car for the slow drive on 4th street in San Rafael in Ca. Funnier still was that we would pool our QUARTERS to buy gas! It was like driving your couch.

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  3. Stevie G

    I had a beautiful 1969 DeVille convertible, white with red leather interior. I really miss that car. Rust-free California car my at the time boss left me when he passed away. I felt on top of the world when I drove it. Had to sell it to pay a bill for a delinquent son lol. I really miss both the car & the boss!

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    • LT1 Mike

      That’s a nice boss, and Caddy !

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  4. Stevie G

    For the record, the little boy in the picture on my last post is not the delinquent son lol.

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  5. XMA0891

    Fantastic car! Fantastic find! As the current Cadillac marque clings to life, I wonder how a real four-door hard top, on a car with “real” name like “De Ville” or “Fleetwood” – as opposed to the current mix of three meaningless letters – would be received?

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  6. Terry

    This Cadillac at 5k is a much better buy than the Bonneville listed at about 10. At least the fender skirts are still fitted to it.

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  7. RichinAtlanta

    That’s a fantastic deal. Not going to last long.

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  8. JP

    Seems like a great buy & hope whoever buys it keeps it as is (except for the repairs that is).

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  9. jamhess

    I/we had a 69 Caddy Sedan, gold/green, had 4 kids all about 10 +/-, loaded them and wife and trunk full of luggage, had air shocks on it, and headed to Florida.
    This was during the construction of I-75 that was finish in places. No speed limit so was driving at 80-90(had new tires) got 21-23 MPG, great car started me owning 6 more

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  10. Dave

    $5500 works out to a dollar per pound. Great urban warfare car.

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  11. Andy

    I bought my ’65 in 1991 for $850. I’m not gonna be one of those “I remember when you could…” people. If I had a place for this one, I’d drop $5500 on it in a heartbeat.

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  12. RobB

    My godfather had a 73 Sedan DeVille, Gold on Gold w/a white vinyl Top. I would drop him off at work in the morning and drive to High School in1974 (senior). I was only 17!! I got out of school at 11:30 and would go to my part time job with the government, which is where he worked. It even had a phone in it. Remember, this was 1974, a phone?!! Man you couldn’t tell me nothing. I kept that car clean all the time.

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  13. P Wentzell

    Swoon. I’m a Lincoln guy but this works for me, A friend had one of these in the early 1980’s, white, black roof and interior. The car was gigantic. It was wonderful. He stupid – sold it because his current ‘squeeze’ hated it. I stupidly passed up a 1970 DeVille convertible, triple maroon, absolute showroom, $1,800.00 in 1984. My own motto: If you pass it up, will you regret it later?

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  14. Gary

    It was my first car at 17 bought from a Senator in South Carolina while in the Marine CorpWhen we use to go on weekend leave 6 of us would pile in the car sometimes even 7 .
    We would be going in our caravan from base to NYC.
    I use to charge each guy 25.00 from South Carolina to NYC and still had some spending money in NYC assuming the cops didn’t catch us.

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  15. Bob

    My first Cadillac was a 69. I loved that car. Last week I purchased a 70 Limo with a divider window. Would love to park this beauty beside the big black one. I would gladly pay $5500. But I would offer $4000 and see what happens.

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