Four Door Survivor: 1973 Ford LTD

Every type of car has its niche, and enormous ’70s American sedans are no exception. Big, squishy American luxury sedans make for some of the best cruising vehicles if you’re looking to go out with a group of your friends! This 1973 Ford LTD is no exception, and in fantastic original shape it could be a great deal for someone. Although it has some minor wear and tear, this LTD is wearing its original paint, interior, and fully functional A/C. What more could you ask for in a simple vintage cruiser? Though some car enthusiasts may scoff at such a vehicle, this car will undoubtedly turn heads at most cruise-ins as well as your local diner’s parking lot. Find it here on eBay in Kentucky with bidding at $.99 and reserve not met. 

I cannot help myself when it comes to blue on blue cars, because that will forever be my favorite  color combination on cars of the ’60s and ’70s. Although this LTD isn’t a muscle car, it is in excellent original condition with only a few minor imperfections and dents. This car is in perfect driver condition, where its nice enough to enjoy but not nice enough to have to worry about driving it. It has no rust, no leaks, and is touted to be a “Great Affordable Cruise In Car,” and I have to agree. With a believed to be actual 43,200 miles this car looks to have been maintained and cared for. The exterior trim appears present and intact, and the only damage visible is a couple of dents on the passenger fender. Redesigned from the 1972 year model, the 1973 LTD wears safety equipment well.

Though the ad includes only close-up interior shots, it is enough to see that the interior is in excellent shape. The door panels are nice, and the seats are nearly perfect save for a small tear in the driver’s side seat-back along a seam. This Ford will easily seat six passengers including the driver, and has a whole lot of style and character! Even if square sedans of the seventies aren’t your thing, this car is in good shape. This wouldn’t ever be a car I went out of my way to find, but if I came across it while shopping I would certainly be interested. It isn’t 1989 anymore, so unfortunately this boat can’t be had for $500, but I suspect that it can be had for a reasonable cost.

More than likely, this car will be sold to a collector, enthusiast, or a younger person looking to get into the vintage car hobby. Whomever it goes to, it will likely go for a very reasonable price. While many of these were excellent demolition derby fodder, this car has escaped such a fate thus far and will likely continue to do so. Equipped with a Ford 351 V8, Crusie-O-Matic transmission, and fresh dual exhaust, this car is ready to roll. Fix the dent, sew the seat, or do nothing, and have yourself a clean original cruiser!

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  1. Anthony R in RI

    classic unmarked police car from the mid 1970’s when i first got my license

  2. Rich Tague

    Grandmother had a 74 all black, she retired it in 81-82 with a Fairmont ..same color

    • Duane Boda

      Granny went from styling and profiling

      to just there and totally square when not

      rocking in her chair….💺ya know? 🔮

  3. Steve R

    They have it listed on their website for $5,900. Not sure how that ranks, it’s nice, but not desirable. Definatley something to drive in “as is” condition but not the type of car you sink much more money into.

    Steve R

  4. Chebby

    This marks the beginning of the era where I really started disliking Fords. Big outside, cramped and plasticky inside, gas guzzling, ugly styling details.

    However this one is so clean, a set of Lincoln turbines and a 2″ drop would look sharp.

  5. Ken Carney

    OMG!! I want this car!! Lots of room to
    stretch out and be comfortable. Aside
    from issues with the valve guides in the
    cylinder heads, the 351 was an honest
    reliable engine. Pair this either a C-6
    automatic, and you have a winner. Yeah,
    they may have wallowed into curves and
    ploughed to a stop, but what car made
    today makes you feel as though you’re
    driving your living room sofa? Great find
    Andrew, really enjoyed it.

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    • scott

      I have her sister , 21k OriginaI miles, 429 black interior

  6. Don H

    Hawaii five o flashback 👮

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    • Bmac Bmac Member

      I know this one is to new, but every time I see one of these I think of Dirty Harry!

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    • stumptowngeo

      It just makes me want to say:
      “Book ’em, Danno!”

      • Danno

        Oddly enough, I think of Kyle Reese’s ride of choice, in the original 1984 Terminator, when I see these.

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  7. Bob C.

    These cars were tough in their day. Saw a lot of television time as police cruisers and so on. Ryan O’Neil drove one in The Driver in 1978 and that thing packed an interceptor 460 and boy, did that thing kick ass! They also served the State Police pretty well too.

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  8. LeRoy R Hampton

    My pop had a green one, same year… Fast and clean…

  9. Howard A Member

    Hmm, looks like one they didn’t kill in “The Streets of San Francisco”,,,a Quinn Martin Production.

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    • Ross W. Lovell

      Quinn was heavily sponsored by Ford.

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  10. GhiaBill

    I have a 78 LTD Landau that I bought last year to take the family to cruise ins, ice cream parlor, etc. Has 101,000 miles and everything but the rear power door locks work. A/C blows cold in the Georgia summer, cruise works when I’m too lazy to push the gas, and it will run 85 on the interstate without feeling like you’re moving. It has been perfect for what I wanted and the kids love it when I pick them up from school in it. It also fits in well with my Mustang II collection and my 77 F100 pickup.

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  11. BillB

    Odometer looks tampered with. The “4” should be lower and more centered at 3K into the 40,000 mile mark.

  12. Keith

    Boy I can’t count how many cop and gangster shows I watched as a kid in the 70’s with these LTD’s and Galaxies as the premier vehicle of choice. Whether you were a good guy or a bad guy you’re sure to see one of these big Ford’s riding around on the floor model TV screen. Nice car!

  13. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    We had the same year in a coupe growing up.

    Somehow we had the 400/4 barrel, my Mother bought it new. Had everything but an FM radio?!?

    Great car, learned to drive in it, took my test in this one.

    Rarely see the coupes any more, over the last twenty years, I’ve seen one.

    Always thought the 4-door being more symmetrical, had better lines, but ours was easier to get into sincere I never sat in the back seat.

    • Kevin

      Never heard of a 400 with a 4barrel, must have been one of a kind. Sure it wasn’t a 460?

  14. Rick D Borstein

    My Dad has one of these. We had a lake and he would go to the fish hatchery to get bass fingerlings for our lake. You could stand up two 33 gallon trash cans in the trunk. Crazy.

  15. chad

    so nice that I’m lookin 4 the wagon like this – only 6 to 9 yrs newer. The ‘downsized’ LTD (’79 – ’82. There was also a Granada wagon).

  16. Jack

    I like Gator McClusky’ s 1971 Ford, tuned up just fine!

  17. Kerry Dahl

    Barnaby Jones

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  18. Rustytech Member

    In Hawaii Five-0 Jack Lord drove the Mercury cousin of this car. Every other tv police car was a Big Ford. That’s why there so hard to find today. The studios must have wrecked 10’s of thousands of them.

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  19. W9BAG

    Had a ’74 2 door with a 400 2bbl, 43K miles, in 1977. The clock kept perfect time, and chilly A/C.

    Unfortunately, I slammed the car, doing over 100 mph, across a ditch, went airborne for about 20′, and slammed into a boulder that weighed about 2 tons, and knocked it 22 feet. Wrinkled the roof in 3 places, and the rear window was askew. You couldn’t push on the brake pedal, because the floor had raised up so much. The only thing that happened to me was a bump on my left knee, due to contact with the windshield wiper switch. Seat belt on, of course. ’74 was the only year that Fords would NOT start, unless your belt was on. It was the only car I’ve ever owned that I took to a drag strip. Bone stock, wooped a ’66 Chevelle/396 and 4 speed. Not that the Ford was so fast, but that the Chevy had some fuel delivery problems. Did 2 runs. He was so pissed off, he just left. And yes, it was brown.

  20. Tommy D

    Compared to the Impala/Caprice, I could never understand why these cars were always so stripped down, typically no pwr windows/locks/seats/stereo/ and don’t think I ever saw a cruise control unit in one…oh, and don’t ask for a four barrel ! I guess that’s how they pushed you into Mercury’s and Lincolns.

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    • Greg Standing Bear

      While the LTD had oodles of available options, most people who wanted a fully-equipped LTD moved up to the Brougham model.

      For just a few dollars more than a basic LTD, the Mercury Monterey Custom offered slightly more room with a smoother, quieter ride. Unlike the LTD, many of these were ordered with A/C, cruise, and an AM/FM radio.

    • Kevin

      If you got a 460, you got a 4barrel

  21. Doug P

    More like a streets of San Francisco special. Carl Mouldon drove a brown one.

  22. Greg Standing Bear

    No thanks. Other than A/C, remote mirror, and vinyl top, this car is sparsely equipped. Whoever ordered this vinyl-seat example should’ve gotten a Galaxie 500 and saved a few (more) bucks.

    Honestly, I think that the ’73 and ’74 Galaxie 500 had nicer interior details than the basic LTD from those years. Less fake wood on the dash is easier on the eyes, and there’s a tasteful woodtone applique on the door panels that the LTD should’ve had but doesn’t.

    I’d wait for an LTD Brougham to come along. A vinyl-seat LTD just doesn’t do it for me–a cloth-seat Galaxie 500 handily outclasses this one.

  23. Melvin Burwell

    Beautiful. How much do they want? My aunt growing up had a 72 with a big block. Kept it 30 years after uncle passed on. We never got it. Sold it to a church kid for $100.00. After she lost her licence and wrecking the front end. Sad story.

  24. glenn

    great car but i see alot of rust underneath

    • Kevin

      Eye doctors are covered under most insurance plans, maybe you should think about seeing one.

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  25. Bill Owens BillO Staff

    I had a 1971 LTD 2 door hardtop. The interior was only a little nicer than a Galaxie 500, but the exterior looked much better. It was a basically equipped car with AM radio, auto, ps, pb, air, no power windows, seats or fancy seats. My mom bought a 1972 Caprice which had a fancier interior and power windows and AM/FM stereo. However, stepping up to the LTD Brougham got you some really nice high back seats and pull down center armrest.

  26. Roberto Sylla Macedo

    It’s a beautiful car. The American style of the 70s represents the apogee of design made in the USA. Believe me, the world has fans. Here in Brazil Ford launched the Galaxie line (based on the American Galaxie model 1965), which was manufactured until 1982. I had several …. V8 engine, 302, automatic gearbox, beautiful style …. so until today we admire Great Americans, like this LTD!

  27. Scott D Carey

    I have a close twin, a 73, same color, black top, 21k one owner 5 generation miles, 429, manual windows, a/c blows cold, black interior, know the cars well.

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