Four Speed Splitty: 1963 Corvette Coupe

It might not be an all original survivor or a big block car, but that doesn’t mean that this Corvette doesn’t have a lot going for it. Not only is it a super desirable split window coupe, but it’s a 4 speed equipped car that is in nice enough condition to be driven and shown! The question is, is it nice enough to justify the seller’s $85k asking price? Before you decide, be sure to take a closer look at it here on eBay or in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

While the big money is currently in low mileage survivors, there will always be a market for split window Corvettes. This one’s odometer shows 85,119 miles, so it isn’t necessarily a high mileage car and it looks to be in good shape. Looking the seller’s photos over, we would guess it’s received a fresh coat of paint and new seat upholstery not that long ago.

There’s no word on whether the 327 V8 is original to the car and without a closer look it’s hard to tell. It’s said to be the 300 horsepower version, so there’s a good chance it’s the original engine. It looks like it has recently been gone through and hopefully it is in good working order.

While the split window design wasn’t necessarily the most practical for daily use, it sure is an iconic and beautiful design. This example might not be perfect or highly optioned, but it still is a great find and would be perfect for anyone that actually wants to drive their Corvette! We sure would enjoy owning it, but how about you?


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  1. jo6pac

    Were the wheels true knox offs?

    Thanks in advance

    • doug

      Yes. 300hp have painted steel valve covers, car has a Hurst shifter and aftermarket air conditioning. Very nice looking car.

    • Bob

      I don’t know how many years knock off wheels were offered, but my 64 Coupe was purchased new with that option. The wheels were apparently made by Kelsey Hayes, and a very close copy of the design was offered on the open market at the time.
      This car looks identical to mine, with the exception that mine had the white interior.
      I loved the 300 horse 327. It is a great, peppy, reliable engine. I put close to 70,000 miles on the car, and any problems I had were of my own making.

    • Joec

      Not in 63 !! The started using them in 64 !! The hubcaps on the wall are probably original. The car would fetch 70,000 tops at auction.

  2. OA5599

    All I need are the Powerball numbers. :)

    • Dave T

      3, 14, 21, 28, 48 – powerball 23

  3. MrF

    Misread this as “Powerglide”

  4. John Christensen


    Very nice split window coupe what and iconic car….They aren’t getting any cheaper..

  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Looks pretty good from what I can see. There is possible issues with the right door window crank, but that’s about all I see. If everything works as it should, it likely will get the asking price. The area it’s from has a pretty good track record for rust free cars, that’s where I got mine. One thing, if those are the oem hubcaps on the garage wall, they’re worth a lot more than what’s on the car IIRC. and a whole different kettle of fish trying to replace. There’s something like 19 parts to each one from what I remember.

    • Bob

      There was nothing special about how the knock off wheels were mounted. There was a 5 bolt to knock off adapter that was bolted to the wheel, the wheel itself, and the spinner.
      The wheels would fit on any Chevy bolt pattern spindle.

  6. grant

    It’s pretty but why are the front wheels so poorly centered in the wheelwells?

    • Darren Dover

      Looks like maybe they are turned slightly to the right.

      • Paul Grumsha

        Yes Grant, I was wondering the same thing. Theres something hinky going on in that wheel well…I think if the wheel was turned to the right it would increase the area between the edge of the tire not create a larger one. It could just be a weird shot.

  7. MH

    That car is worth 85K for sure. I would pay it if I had it. My buddy has a black one with a not numbers matching 327 and auto. He was offered 80K and he didn’t take it. He says he will never sell it.


    My bucket list car that’s as old as I am.

  9. Steve A.

    I thought this site was called, “Barn Finds.”

    • Dave T

      There are only so many barns left with vehicles inside left to find!

  10. Beatnik Bedouin

    One of my faves, but I the closest I’ll ever get to owning one, today, is the original 1963 dealer poster (from AE Nugent Chevrolet in L.A. that I got when the ’64’s came out) that’s now under museum glass in my office.

    Note the differences between the one in my poster and a production model.

    That’s LAX in the background, and I’m guessing that the pic as taken before the expansion had officially opened.

  11. Paul

    If you look at the tack it was a 340 hp or a 360 hp ..6300 to 7000 rpm….the 250 and 300 hp went to 6000 rpm So I would say it not the original motor. I have a 63 split window in my garage…

    • johnfromct

      Paul, I just learned something new from you on my matching #’s 327/340 SWC! Confirming your correct observation, the listing details spell out non matching numbers.

      • Gus

        I’m guessing you bought your SWC as an investment not to drivre. Nothing wrong with that but you should probably look for a better adviser next car you buy.

  12. Paul

    This is a barn find,I bought it a month ago !!!

    • Bob W

      Wanna sell it !!

  13. Paul

    This is a barn find,I bought it a month ago !!!!

    • Loco Mikado

      What is the boat?

      • grant

        Looks like a Reinell

    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      Sweet find Paul! We would love to do a feature on it. Can you email us with more photos and info?

  14. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    While the split window design wasn’t necessarily the most practical for daily use, it sure is an iconic and beautiful design. This example might not be perfect or highly optioned, but it still is a great find and would be perfect for anyone that actually wants to drive their Corvette! We sure would enjoy owning it, but how about you? Taken from the Author. Confused about the daily use comment. Why not. That spine was not that big of a thing back in the day. All of the midyears are the some of the most beautiful cars ever built. Happy to see Paul has a project! Best of luck Paul!!!!

  15. gbvette62

    The seller doesn’t really tell us much about the car, which really scares me. Even his YouTube video is pretty useless, at only 37 seconds long. With no pictures of the engine stamp pad or the trim tag, who knows if the engine or colors are original.

    The car has seen a fair amount of modifications. Aftermarket air conditioning, aftermarket radio, Hurst shifter, front disc brake conversion, aftermarket dual reservoir master cylinder, and a power antenna. It doesn’t look like an OEM Carter carb, and I’d bet the engine isn’t original either. Knock offs were supposed to be offered in 63, but GM ran into trouble with them, and supposedly only 6-12 sets were made in 63. Those are obviously repros, but most 63 buyers are okay with repro knock offs, since they look so good.

    Even with the modifications, the seller should get his asking price, or close to it. Split windows have been really hot for 5-6 years now, with mid 80’s being a typical price for decent ones, and most properly restored matching number examples, easily going for $100,000 plus.

  16. Grid Michal Member

    1966: 2-yr-old 3BR, 2BA, K, LR, DR,attached garage, 1 acre west of Baltimore–$8500.Drove by the house last year, looks as though I can still get in and out the door for 1/10 the cost of the car.. The Vette? In, maybe;dial 9-1-1 to get me out.

  17. Bill

    The ad mentions it isn’t a matching numbers car. Given that, the price may be a little stiff, but not out of line for what they’re going for these days.

  18. Del

    Nice looking car.

    But get an appaiser to look at it, if you cannot go and see it yourself. Especially when coin like this is involved

  19. Chuck Simons

    The split window of 1963 found is nfound on a 1956 Oldsmobile Rocket, through the styling hands of Larry Shinoda and Bill Mitchell (mentored by Harley Earl).

    Interesting stories about the Designer and his life. He pushed for split windows, even in 58 for a Buick Skylark (nothing like the mid 60’s Skylarks).His fellow Design Engineers though were not impressed, even though Bill was VP of styling. Alas, the buying public didn’t appreciate it either.
    Personally, I like the split windows in the rear…didn’t on the front of my 1950 Champion.

    If this is allowed…

  20. dyno dan

    barn find? maybe in warren buffett’s barn.
    to me a barn find is something the average
    guy can buy for about 5k, and work their magic.
    I don’t mean 5k worth of “patina”.

  21. Scott

    I have a convertible 63 327/340 and read although the knock offs were offered no one actually ordered them in 63. When I bought mine the original hubcaps were covered in dust and laying in a box in the passenger seat. That was the first thing I polished up and put back on the car. Also the wheel size for 63 was changed slightly in 64 making those harder to find.

  22. Cary A Gay

    I love the 63’s, split window and all. Matching numbers or not, they are not making any more of these and the more that are in this condition are trailer queens. A great driver and 85K is a bargain. If I had the strap, I wouldn’t waist the time, I would own it!

  23. Brakeservo

    And I liked the split window on my Tatra 603 – the design came out in 1955.

  24. Elwood

    Left front wheel looks suspiciously too close to the front of the wheel opening . . . I realize that the wheel is slightly turned, but still . . . .

  25. Robbie

    Left front also appears to have to much camber if the wheel is slightly turned. Also cambered the wrong way. the body work in the front of car seems to be missing. Is this why there are no pictures of the front of the car. one picture of right front from the side , shows that there is nothing on the front except the parking light and than empty space going across front of car below the bumper.
    The first picture seems to show the left rear has a camber issue also.Very nice looking car inside and out. must have pictures of front of car and underneath the car to see if it is worth $85,000

    Big money for too many question marks about the car

  26. TR

    Both tires look to be in the correct position in the ebay photos

  27. Skip

    Nice car. Not really a barn find, though.

    I’m always amazed when I see people selling expensive cars on eBay who don’t know how to upload images large enough to actually SEE the car. eBay allows large images and will expand them when you click on them. Why the heck do so many sellers not understand this?

  28. mike

    if this was a rust laden mopar you would ask if it was nice enough

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