Free Delivery: 1957 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup

With a fairly reasonable buy-it-now price, and transportation costs thrown in at no extra charge, this 1957 Chevy pickup for sale in Georgia and listed here on eBay is worth strong consideration. The 1955-1959 Chevy pickup was a real benchmark design, bridging the flat-windshield era and the C/K designs that began in 1960. This particular pickup is the utilitarian example of that Task-Force era, not the flashier Cameo body style, but it exemplifies the predominant automotive styling of the late 1950s. With cues reminiscent of the iconic ’55-’57 Chevy Bel Aires, it would be right at home driving alongside Milner’s Deuce Coupe on the set of the movie American Graffiti.

The seller’s description is very transparent and notes that the paint is not original and that there are numerous scratches and dents on the body panels. Hidden beneath an aftermarket mat, the cabin floor is badly deteriorated and in need of patchwork.

The Task-Force body style incorporated sleek designs like a wraparound windshield and running boards hidden behind the doors, yet retained old-school features like exposed rear fenders and a wooden floor in the bed. This truck has the desirable short narrow bed and features a no-nonsense steel grille with eyebrow-ed headlamps. It would be best suited to a resto-mod, since a number of features have been replaced over the years, like the steering wheel and shifter. Some original items remain, like the gauge cluster lying on the interior floor, but the dash is stripped clean and would be more easily put back together with modern updates. The description states that steps and cab corners need attention, which is apparent from the photographs, and that a previous owner welded a steel plate over the wooden bed floor, a common trait of these survivors.

The current engine is a non-original 327 cid V8, and is said to run strong and smooth, but is in need of a lot of repairs: the carburetor needs to be rebuilt, valve cover gaskets need to be replaced, and the exhaust system is gone. The seller states it is capable of being driven onto a trailer or around the yard, but the brakes are soft and the master cylinder is leaking. The venerable 327 V8 is a strong workhorse, however, so it’s possible the engine could easily be returned to driving standards, and the parts and machine work needed on these ever-popular small blocks won’t break the bank.

Several photos of the undercarriage indicate typical surface rust, but no major structural problems. If you are looking for a pickup to restore to original condition, this is probably not the right candidate. If, however, you are a reasonably skilled DIYer looking for a Saturday night cruiser, this might just be the one. Body repair and a paint job, along with refreshing the interior with easily obtainable aftermarket parts, would make a presentable conversation piece. And if the drivetrain can be sorted at a reasonable cost, this might be a good entry level project that would justify the investment of time and money.

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  1. MacVaugh

    I don’t see any transportation included :)

  2. Saul

    I don’t see transport included either, unless you consider the standard eBay verbiage “get a shipping quote” next to buyer responsible for vehicle pick up. I think it is humorous that in the body of the listing it says bill of sale only, but the teaser at the top of the listing says “clear title.” Clearly, not!

    • local_sheriff

      I may remember wrong but I somehow seem to recall Georgia doesn’t issue titles for vehicle 25 years and older?That of course doesn’t necessarily help anyone elsewhere…!
      IMHO any seller posting a vehicle for sale should OF COURSE uninvited cough up any paperwork possible to prove ownership of vehicle – anything else should be considered highly suspicious, and I always avoid even contacting the seller if paperwork status is unclear

  3. Little Cars

    Alabama and Georgia do not, based on the age of the vehicle. But, buyer should do their homework when transporting their purchase into a state that does! Still, devious to say the title is clear when all you will get is a bill of sale. I’ve done those on my PC for many things, usually when a component is most certainly going to be used for parts.

    • Dave at OldSchool Restorations

      @Little Cars
      Description is CLEAR… there is no Title
      Lots of States do not Title vehicles of this age, but Ebay has no option to show that, so most of us in those States correctly list the same way.
      Yes, I agree, check with your DMV, but be careful, because some of these State employees ” just say no “, which may be incorrect.
      Asking ” What do I need to tag a vehicle from the non-Title State of xxxx , should get you the right info. Be specific , because it is different depending on the State it was sold in.
      we ship our cars everywhere in the World, contact me if you don’t understand, I will try to help

      Don’t post it here, I don’t follow this thread


  4. Jerry Brentnell

    one thing on these year of trucks! I have the joy of having to replace door hinges on these years of gm trucks when dad had the garage business as they sag at the rear bad

  5. Stilbo

    Thank you Kim for NOT using the “P” word in your description…
    We performed a ground up, body off frame restoration of an identical truck in ‘02. The owner was very happy to spend $28K on our restoration plus his original buy in of $3K for a truck that was close to this condition.
    His opinion was that a new 2002 Chevrolet truck would have cost him about the same amount of money but he was a lot more happier to own his restored truck than a new truck.

  6. Old Car Guy

    Even the panel version also used the wooden bed and steel runners of the pickup bed. Steel floor back to where the cab would end and the rest wood.

  7. gene

    Georgia did not have titles before 1963 model year

  8. Wrong way

    I like 3000 miles away from Georgia. There is no way he can cover the cost of shipping, I don’t care if he hauls it himself. By the time he did a round trip to hear and back he would be upside down! I do like it tho.


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