From Across The Pond: 1967 Ford Cortina Estate

When I stumbled upon this car, I thought someone has a Cortina sized hole in their life, and hopefully, this can help them fill it.  The Cortina was imported to the US from 1964 until 1970, except for the estate body style. Listed here on Craigslist, the owner states that as work is done the price goes up but now its listed for $1,500.

From the available pictures, we can see that the car is missing the front bumper and that it has some rust. The door bottoms and the rockers seem to have the worst of it but they are salvageable. The car appears to have all its trim and does not to be bruised and battered. The saving grace is definitely the complete trim and that all the glass is there. Those would be the pieces hardest to find here for a wagon. Unfortunately, the engine is gone but its a chance to drop in something new. They were given a 1,500 cc inline 4 that was nothing special. I would not be surprised if it was taken out with the hopes of making the car faster. It lacks undercarriage photos, but on Craigslist this is a common occurrence

The interior has definitely seen some better days. The peeling paint, hanging trim ,and torn seat are in no way show ready. The most important thing to note is the left hand drive. Since this car was never sold to the US market, this car is a British Ford sold in another part of Europe and shipped to the States. I have always liked unique and unusual cars and this car is no exception.

I will put it out there; I love wagons. Funny thing about wagons from this time, they always seem slightly less polished then their sedan counterparts. The back of the car is simple and similar to the Austin A40 Farina with the line just under the rear window. It has a tow hitch but I am unsure of the towing capacity.  Also, notice the Avanti in the background. What’s your thought on this little British ford?

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  1. RayT Member

    I’m getting that “deja vu all over again” feeling from this one. I would swear one exactly — and I mean EXACTLY — like it appeared a mere seven days ago!

  2. angliagt

    First the Opel,& now this –
    “Summer Reruns”?

  3. Michael

    Let’s go for a three-peat!

    • leiniedude Member

      Having early access, I see the white Rambler convertible from Monday will make the three-peat soon Michael.

  4. Steve R

    The least the seller could do is wash it between his CL ads.

    Steve R

  5. Miguel

    Why are we seeing the same cars over again?

    With all the cool cars out there and the limited space on this site, at least some care should be taken to show us something new instead of the same cars.


  6. George

    This looks vaguely familiar… Oh right, it was first posted last week.

  7. George

    Sold in the US until Ford stopped importing it in 1971 when they introduced the Pinto.

  8. #69pacecar Member

    I love these Ford cortinas and especially the estates and the lotus cortinas and would love to have one except have no room for one right now.

  9. Nevis Beeman

    In about 1978 I hitched a lift in a Mk 1 Ford Cortina estate, (like this)being driven down through Sweden, en rout to India, by its young Australian owners. They made it all the way to the Pakistan/India border where officialdom prevented further progress with the car. Durable hardy vehicles these cars !
    Incidently the Mk2 version of these Cortinas, in estate car form, were imported into Canada. I know because a commercial beekeeper I worked for had one,and we once used it to haul a dead bear out of a bee yard !

  10. Leon Labuschagne

    I had one of these in the mid 80s in New Zealand, I think a 64 model from memory, but it was called a Cortina “Consul’ in NZ which had a different dash and cluster but otherwise identical. I blew the motor up after 6 months of owning it. I paid NZ$600 for which at the time was a little steep. I remember the alternator went on it so I would just park on slopes and roll-start it all the time. One time on the way from the city I stalled it on the North Western motorway during peak and brought the gridlocked traffic to even more of a grinding halt… till a bloke behind me jumped out of his car and gave me a push start before the cops arrived. Everyone in that gridlock was pissed at me and my crappy Cortina wagon! Ahhhh, Auckland in the 80’s!

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