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Front Wheel’n: 1963 Lancia Flavia

1963 Lancia Flavia PF Coupe

As I’ve stated in the past, I prefer my sports cars in rear wheel drive format. There really isn’t anything wrong with front wheel driver, it’s great for economical daily transportation, but I don’t want to be fitting torque steer when I’m trying to hit the apex of a corner. There are however a few FWD cars I wouldn’t mind having, the Lancia Flavia being one of them! This example has some issues, but with an asking of $8,500 and the option to make an offer, it might be worth a closer look. You can find it here on eBay in Wylie, Texas.

1963 Lancia Flavia Interior

Lancia has a long history of building fun to drive cars. The company was started in 1906 by Vincenzo Lancia, who was a gifted driver and engineer. He took what he learned at the track and used it to improve his cars. Sadly, he passed away at just 55, leaving his family to run the business. They managed to keep it going and in 1969 Fiat bought them out.

1963 Lancia Flavia Engine

This Flavia isn’t quite like the cars Vincenzo was building in the ’30s, but it’s still comfortable and fun to drive! The flat 4 is a strong little motor, especially with the dual Weber carbs. They did have some issues with timing chains and keeping the carbs balanced. The seller hasn’t attempted to start it, so hopefully there aren’t any mechanical issues.

1963 Lancia Flavia Coupe

Like any other Italian car from this era, these are notorious for having rust issues. This one has some rust spots, but I don’t see anything to severe. It’s definitely going to need a new exhaust and I would want to treat what rust it has soon before it gets worse. For an original survivor, it looks pretty good and would be worth fixing up! So are you a fan of front wheel drive Italian cars?


  1. Dolphin Member

    Another rare car over here, this time at least on Ebay with lots of good photos. And it’s a black plate California car with a good underside. It will be of interest to people who value these vintage Lancias, which are great cars even with FWD. But….

    I think this will potentially sell only to a small number of people who know and like Lancias and can do their own work. The car looks pretty good physically, especially the underside because it’s a California car, but after sitting 32 years it’s going to need a lot of work, even if the engine turns over, which the seller has not tried to do. It will need rubber and seals replaced at a minimum, and probably more—-in addition to the interior.

    The problem is, Flavia Coupes are the most plentiful vintage Lancias, with over 100K made, and values are low, leaving little room to R&R this car without having way more in it than it’s worth. The Guide says the median auction price paid for these recently has been only $12K, with the top auction price paid being only $12,958. For someone who’s got their eye on the work-to-value metrics, those are scary numbers that aren’t much above the asking price of this car.

    But that said, I hope it will be bought and brought back, maybe as a labor of love over time by someone who can do the time consuming work on his own time.

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    • Chad-O

      100% with everything said. I absolutely love the late 60’s Lancia cars. Flavia models although rare here in the USA lack demand because the performance and styling does not equal the Fulvia or Zagato styled models. And as you said a very limited buyers pool. If you are willing to import you can still get into a late 60’s Fulvia for around $12k. I look at them all the time on mobile.de Not without issues but you would be ahead of the restoration dollars for a car that should rise in value. Zagato styled models command the premium $$ of all Lancia’s. The seats alone are worth the price of admission.

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  2. Fred W.

    For some reason the rear view reminds me of this US car…

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  3. Fred W.


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  4. Dan h

    Hears some unsolicited advice for any would-be Lancia owners:
    1. Get a donor vehicle for those unobtainium parts.
    2. Parts your donor doesn’t have can be usually sourced by Classic Lancia in the Netherlands (oh, and you will pay dearly)
    3. Don’t EVER wash your Lancia or drive it in the rain.
    4. During storage, keep the humitidy levels between 45-55.
    5. Laughing and crying are common emotions while owning a Lancia (or any vintage Italian cars)
    6. Listening to Pavarotti helps you get into the mood to work on it.
    7. Discover what a pleasure it is to drive Lancia!

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    • Allis128

      And Fellini/Nino Rota tunes for driving any vintage Italian Car!

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    • Kevin Harper

      Add Mike kristick in Pennsylvania as well as omnicron in England, lancia parts in south Africa and lalancia are all good places to get parts.
      Lancias are wonderful cars to drive, but they do make alfa parts seem common.

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  5. Don E

    Damn be neigh sayers! I made an offer. Let’s see what happens since they have countered already. Basically needs everything. Much like a parts car.

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  6. Don E

    Unfortunately not ….

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  7. Don E

    Anamera showing multiple nice presentable Flavias for sale in the mid- high teens! My top offer was $5300. They countered with $6800. With interior, decent paint, the unknown of the stationary engine for decades, it didn’t make financial sense. Always cheaper to buy them finished! Boo hoo …..

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  8. Dolphin Member

    It sold for $8,500.

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