Future Find: 2010 Shelby GT 500

2010 Shelby GT 500

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I know when most of us think of a barn find, it’s something old and dusty. This 2010 Shelby Mustang GT 500 certainly isn’t old, dusty or your typical barn find, but considering it was parked in a pole barn and has just 21 miles on it, I think it’s safe to call this one a barn find! Or would it be better to call it a future barn find? Find this beautiful Mustang here on eBay in Nisswa, Minnesota.

Shelby GT 500

So here is the story the seller gives as to how this 500 horsepower Shelby has only seen 21 miles since new. It seems a Mr. Gene Ellingsen ordered the car and had it delivered directly to his barn. I guess he decided to skip all the headache of going to the dealer to take delivery and the annoyance of driving a Shelby GT 500 all the way home. It really sounds like a miserable way to spend an afternoon, doesn’t it?

2010 Shelby GT 500 Interior

These cars are really impressive, so much so I don’t think I could own something like this and not drive it everyday. We don’t know the full story of why Mr. Ellingsen never used it, perhaps he had medical problems come up after he put his order in and so he never had the chance to enjoy it? Or maybe he figured one day a low mileage example would be worth serious money? It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a special performance variant put into storage as an investment. We likely will never know the full story on this one.

2010 Shelby GT 500 Engine

Here’s that 500 horsepower V8, in all its supercharged glory! To be more accurate, this is actually churning out 540 horses and 510 pounds of torque. Talk about some serious grunt!

2010 Shelby Mustang GT 500

I know this isn’t your run of the mill barn find, but when was the last time you saw a 2010 Shelby GT 500 come to market with just 21 miles? Most people bought these cars to drive and enjoy, so I doubt there are many other examples with this few of miles on them. That makes me wonder a couple things. First, what do you do with something like this? Do you drive it or do you put it back in storage to cash out someday in the future? Is it new enough that the mileage doesn’t add value or does it already make it desirable to someone who wants to experience a brand new 2010 GT 500? Also, is it alright to call such a new car a barn find? It was found in a barn after all. What do you think?

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  1. Mr. Bond

    Drive it! Your grandkids can curse you!

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  2. Dave B

    I hope he did not buy this to speculate a possible future sale for big profit years down the road. If he did, there are a lot of guys who stashed 78 Indy Pace Car Corvettes he should have spoken with first. When something that is mass made is bought in hopes of being a high dollar collectible in the future, they rarely ever are. The old Shelby’s are worth so much because they were used and abused and many of them were lost to time. No one ever thought they would be worth anything, that’s why they are worth so much now.

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  3. Rob

    You forgot to include the ‘Link’ :)

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    • Jesse JesseStaff

      Thanks for catching that. It’s fixed now.

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      • Rspcharger Rspcharger

        Wrong Link, it goes to some other blue Mustang that’s highly modified.

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  4. Rich

    Could this be the same guy that owns Ellingson car museum off 94 in Albertville, MN? Great museum!!

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  5. RoughDiamond
    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      Thanks for the correct Link

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  6. Mike

    Kinda missing the point. Doesn’t help that I seldom take a second look at anything Mustang.

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  7. Jeff

    These cars will be the ’78 Corvette Pace Car of the future. I’m thinking there are lots of them in similar condition with owners thinking of a big payoff down the road. These have the performance to make them special so they will always be sought after cars but there will be a plethora to pick from years down the road with ultra low miles.

    I’d love to have it as a play toy and I’d drive it often.

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    • Joseph Conner

      Not even in the same ball park as the 78 Corvette Pace Car. That car was one of the ugliest Corvettes to come off the assembly line. Not to mention extremely under powered. You’re comparing apples to oranges.

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  8. jim s

    i would run this hard and treat it like a daily driver. not keeping a service log or receipts, just driving it year round. let someone at sometime in the future try to deside if they would be upside down after they restore the car. great find.

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  9. Glen

    If you have enough money to buy a car as an investment, you probably shouldn’t use it, for the rest of us, DRIVE IT! However, it’s probably not the best choice for Winter driving, so you’d best have a beater truck, as well.

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    • Bruce

      Amazingly enough, with the right tires and the right feet for the gas and clutch these cars don’t do too bad in the snow. I was forced to drive mine two winters ago after leaving my wife.

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  10. JACKinNWPA Jack NWPAMember

    Like grandaddy always usta’ say ” Who are you saving it for?” drive it!

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  11. Kent Pearson

    Now you’re talking!! A real live gut busting CAR!.. DRIVE IT! Wish it was me.

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  12. JW

    I love it and wish it were mine, I don’t care for the 2016 model with it’s European styling. But that’s just my taste not everyones.

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  13. MH

    Something is wrong here. It does not have Minnesota license plates. Maybe it’s a fake ad? It should have MN plates or no plates at all. What does anyone else think?

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    • RonL

      Florida dealer plate?

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  14. Joseph Conner

    You’re all morons. This car is a collector. Rare color and with 21 miles on a 6 year old soon to be 7 year old car. It will increase in value. Especially in 15-20 years from now. You don’t drive it as a daily driver. This comes out once a year for a run around the block. And if you have the cash to buy this, then I’m sure you have a Raptor or SHO sitting in the driveway as your daily driver. One of the best colors that they could have put on this car.

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  15. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    A quick Google search on Gene Ellingsen resulted in a few hits about the estate sale of all the vehicles he never drove. This Mustang sold at Auction for $37K with 17 miles. Someones been getting crazy adding 4 whole miles ;)

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    • Alan (Michigan )

      Some quite ordinary cars in that auction.

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  16. George

    No nav. I’ll pass.

    Seriously, though, it’ll go up in value. Anyone who has driven that generation Mustang can tell you they’re very serious cars. My stock ’14 GT is 426 hp and can barely keep the wheels planted. I can’t imagine another 115hp on top of it.

    The GT350’s and GT500’s are future collectibles. That said I’d be hard pressed not to put some miles on that pony.

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    • Joseph Conner

      I agree. If it sold for $37k and had a msrp of roughly $48, the it only took a 25% decrease in value. That’s strong now a days!! So it will go up in value. Just give it some time and keep the miles low.

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  17. Gnrdude

    They’ve Ruined the collector Value of the Ultra Low Mileage car by taking off the Original Window Sticker and Dealer Markings and TAG’s so I’d say Get in it and Drive it!

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  18. Eddie322

    It may be an investment, but it is a poor one. Won’t appreciate as fast as the stock market and you don’t have to insure a money market account.
    Never going to be worth much more then MSRP once those costs and inflation are factored into it.

    Hell, it is just a Mustang. I have a 2013 GT convertible and drive it year round with snow tires in Cleveland. I bought it used with just over 5,000 miles and it was 2 years old. Thanks original owner for taking the depreciation hit and then not driving it for me.

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  19. HeadMaster1

    Future collector? Maybe/kinda It’s not the first or last year of the model, not even close to the most powerful, and it doesn’t have every option….The only way buying a new car and putting it away makes sense is if you have lots of money, and you have a “museum” of some sort so you write off the expense…Then what you do is buy TWO, one to show in your garagemahall/museum, and another one to drive the wheels off of…….I’ve never had the money to do this, but I’m thinking it might be fun t try…..

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  20. jim s

    someone paid $ 40200 for a car that, per its VIN and using safercar.gov., has an recall incomplete. remedy not yet available for drivers airbag inflator housing rupture.

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