Future Find: 2011 Pontiac Trans Am?

Andrew TannerBy Andrew Tanner

So this isn’t really a Pontiac, as it is common knowledge that Pontiac ceased to exist after 2010 and Firebird production ended in 2002. This is clearly and without a doubt a gussied up 2011 Chevrolet Camaro, however it is well done and shows what the Trans Am may have become were Pontiac to have lived on. The seller does not state where the parts came from, but there are two major companies out there that do full conversions: Trans Am Depot and Trans Am Specialties. There is one company, ZTA, that offers a bolt on body kit and that is what this car appears to be. ZTA’s kit is the most common conversion, and also usually the least involved. Nonetheless, this is a unique car that will certainly garner double-takes at many events. Find it here on eBay in Michigan with bidding at $35,200.¬†

My local Chevrolet dealership had a very similar ZTA Trans Am Camaro on their lot about a year ago, and if I remember correctly it was priced at around $40,000. I worked across the street, and could see the car from my place of work. The amount of people stopping to take pictures or go on the lot to look at it up close was unreal! I had the chance to check it out up close myself, and because so little of the Camaro parts were altered the car had a very clean, factory look to it. The interior both of that car and this car is largely original Camaro, with the exception of Firebird logos. This Camarobird looks to have been gently used, though it has suffered some minor exterior paint damage. Having covered only 17,800 miles since it was built six years ago, it is no surprise this car has little wear.

Under the hood sits an Eaton supercharged 6.2 liter GM V8. That means this car is equipped similar to a Camaro ZL1, though the seller states this car is faster than the ZL1, Shelby Mustang, and Hellcat. Looking like a Trans Am is one thing, but performing like a Trans Am is another. If this car can back up the seller’s claims, then it certainly meets the criteria of a modern muscle car!

Though this body kit isn’t fooling anyone, the Trans Am script and slotted taillights really give it a Pontiac feel. The seller states “This car is for those that crave attention as this car gets far more attention than I’ve ever seen” and based on the number of people constantly checking out the one that was for sale near me, I endorse that claim! Aside from having a Camaro like no other, with as much power as this car has it could be a lot of fun for a weekend car. Would you prefer a Camaro ZL1? Or this modern-day classic Trans Am? Though not uncommon now, this is the type of car that could be a “future find.”

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    Sold for $39,900.


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