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Garage Find: 1965 Buick Skylark

Peeking out of the garage

This is one of my favorite sights, a classic American car just peeking out of an old garage or barn! It’s the kind of thing I dream of most nights! This garage find in Lebanon, Pennsylvania might not be a highly recognizable Mustang or Corvette, but this Buick Skylark Convertible is still a great find! The seller believes the car has been parked for the past 35 years and was under the care of the same little old lately since 1971! If you are interested in give this bird a new home, you can find it here on eBay with a BIN of $3,500.

Wildcat 310 V8

Power for this Skylark comes from a Wildcat 310 V8! While you would think from the name that this engine is a 310 cui, it is actually a 300 cui engine. The 310 rating is how much torque this aluminum V8 produces, which should be more than enough to make this convertible interesting. Hopefully the engine is free and will only need minor work to get running again!

1965 Buick Skylark Convertible

The seller is clear that this car is going to need to be restored, but they state that it is rust free. There are some spare parts that go with it, which are currently piled in the trunk. I also see that the bumpers are still with it and have been stashed away next to the garage door (hopefully they were protected from the elements enough to keep them from rusting out. The convertible top is likely going to need replaced, at the very least the back window will have to be.


  1. bob

    If owned by little old lady, why is it torn apart and why not get it outside to take photos?????????????????????

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  2. Rich

    I’m guessing it was taken apart for paint many, many years ago, brought home, then never reassembled. This is a great price for a nice ragtop.

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  3. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Wow this is some crazy irony. I just purchased a 65 Skylark a month ago as my winter project car. I can’t quite see the paint color on this one, but it may be the same Sahara Mist. The engine is the same 300 V8.

    Mine is a 2-door post, so not as sexy as a convert. More like the car your high school principal might drive back then. Mine’s a runner with no interior, and a little bit of rust-fix to do. It’s a great cruiser and the power steering is so feather light it’s ridiculous…I love it.

    Great post.

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    • Gary

      Rex, Look’s like it was an Arctic White or Shell Beige car. See that it has sold now.
      Your 2 dr post car w/V8 was one of 11,877 made. I personally like the 2 dr post car. One of my best cars ever was a 2 dr post ’64 Pontiac LeMans.
      Need help with finding ’65 Skylark part’s?

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    • Video Calibrator

      Feather light power steering? I LOATHE feather-light
      steering! lol I want that thing on rails until I need to
      break away.

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  4. Charles

    Nice find! My uncle had one of these that he special ordered with a 465 Grand Sport engine with a four speed manual. That was one HOT Buick!

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  5. Luke Fitzgerald

    had a jam job – but so what – haven’t they all by now? – I like the hammer – so when you lose your temper there’s something close at hand to start smashing things – I just bet all the parts/fasteners/ nuts and bolts are all there

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  6. piper62j

    I had a ride in one of these that had a V6 back in 1965.. The engine bounced all over the place at idle, but was a good performer overall.. The ride was good and it seemed quiet..

    This would make a nice daily driver if it is in fact a rust free car.. Not bad..

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  7. GreaserMatt

    I love these cars; I guy at work has one…

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  8. randy

    Aluminum V8? That should boost this car’s value, running or not.
    Rex, you need this for a “his and hers” collection.

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  9. Woodie Man

    ran when parked!

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  10. 60sclassic

    The 65 Skylarks had a cast iron block and heads, the 64’s had aluminum heads with a cast iron block. I currently have a 65 Skylark convertible, and they are great summer cruisers. Most of the parts are easy to source as they are similar to Chevelles. Some of the trim parts that are Skylark only are a bit hard to find as the 65 was a one year production car, but other that that, they are an easy (and fairly cheap) car to restore. Buick only made about 10,000 V-8 Skylark convertibles in 65, so they are fairly rare now. Not sure how many are still left, but you don’t see many of them any more.

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    • Gary

      Hey 60sclassic,
      Your right on about a great summer cruiser! For me not all the parts were easy to locate. Thanks to CL and eBay I rounded up parts for my ’65 for over two years, and as far as cost some items reasonable and some way to pricey. For the ’65 V8 lineup there were 10,456 convertibles made. Given 50 years have passed , maybe less than 3000 have survived? As of this writing I see the Buick has sold, the BIN worked for the seller. IMO someone scored a good deal.

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  11. Gary

    I can not believe this has not been purchased as yet. The selling price is dirt cheap if this is a rust free example, this little A body Buick is a very nice find. I have to believe some one from the BCA will buy this and bring it back, whether a local club or not.
    Randy the ’65 did not have the aluminum V8, ’64 was the year. The ’65 all cast iron. Rex if you need anything in the parts dept. I may be able to help you out.
    Just parted a ’65 4 dr w/factory A/C The Buick 310 was the 2bbl 210hp, a very good engine and quite peppy, add the carter 4bbl setup and at 250hp is a nice street cruiser.
    Just doing a few final touches on my ’65 Convertible, took it to one show got a second place ribbon. These are not your typical car seen at so many show’s, more people like to see a mix of BOP cars also.

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Hi Gary, what is a BOP ? Thanks, Mike.

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      • randy

        It’s a dance, non-stop-bop!

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      • Gary

        Hi Mike,
        the Buick, Olds, and Pontiac GM cars. You don’t see many at local car show’s, so your car will truly stand out. Not your everyday Chevy Chevelle.

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Thanks for the info Gary. Anymore I walk right by the tri fives and such. Cool but some what saturated any more. The problem is , you never see them on the road. I have a 72 Stingray and beat it up as much I can. My old girl friends dad had a 64 Buick ragtop I think. Blue. Back in 1973. Cool car! This spring I bought a 1960 Willys wagon. Got her going and it is so fun! Chicks like it better than Vette! Cheers to the BOPS!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • 60sclassic

      Hi Gary – if you come across a 4bbl manifold for a 65 300c.i., let me know. I am looking for one. I have the original carb, but need the manifold. My convert is almost identical to yours, only a slightly darker shade of blue. Midnight Aqua I think it was called.

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  12. randy

    Thanks Gary, more “ammo” in my pouch so to speak. The more I learn here, the more likely I won’t make a mistake when my ship finally rolls in.

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  13. junkman Member

    Buick olds pontiac

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  14. Cattoo CattooButt Member

    Love these cars. First car I bought was a 1966 Skylark 2dr coupe. Had the 375 Wildcat with 4bbl backed up by a two speed Power Slide, err Power Glide transmission. Great car in good condition until some ass ran a stop sigh going 60+mph. Totally destroyed the front end and nearly killed me. Still love them Buicks.

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  15. Wayne

    Hey guys . I just acquired a 1965 300/310 convertible factory 4 speed
    ( I read in Hemings that a mere 100 of these left the factory) not sure what my plans are yet as I was only interested in the frame for my LeMans , but the body is in great shape . Not rusted anywhere. So I think I will list it locally here in Alberta

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