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Garage Hunting In Wyoming!

Finds In Wyoming

A couple weeks ago, Jesse and I decided we needed to make the 12 hour journey back to Wyoming to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with our folks. We figured since the weather has been good and knowing what the roads between Idaho and Wyoming can be like in late November, we decided this was our best chance to make it if we wanted some of our mother’s home cooking! It turned out to be quite the amazing trip full of good food, family and lots of cars! We also discovered our father has turned into quite the Barn Hunter!

Sheridan Car Show

As you might recall, this last summer he found a lovely Cadillac DeVille that we helped him get running. While we were showing it at the local car show a few days later, a customer of his told him about two Lincolns that had been parked in a garage for 10+ years plus a Chevy Blazer that was parked outside. Shortly after that he found out that our former school bus driver, Stan, was wanting to sell his 1967 Mercury Cougar XR7! Stan had his Cougar at the car show and we got a chance to see it then. It was absolutely spectacular, with breath taking paint, bright chrome and a perfect interior. While the Lincolns sounded like an interesting find, hunting them down was put on the back burner. Our dad has wanted a Cougar since he was a teenager. He had a friend who owned the exact same car during their high school days and they use to cruise around El Paso, Texas in it!

Cougar At The Car Show

We’ve known Stan (The Bus Driven Man!) since our elementary years, he was our school bus driver every year that we rode the bus. There were two things we knew about him as kids, he was the coolest bus driver ever and he owned the only DeLorean in town. To say he meticulously cares for his cars would be an understatement! Given the condition and the price, our dad just had to have the Cougar. A few weeks lately they worked a deal and our dad became the proud new owner. The only problem was, he didn’t have a place to store it. Well he did, but my Fiat was in the way! Thankfully, I was able to get it moved to Boise recently so he could have that space back. Stan let him keep it in his garage for the mean time and since our dad knew we were coming, he waited for us to arrive before picking it up.

Stan's DeLorean

When we finally had time to go get it, our dad was like a kid anxiously awaiting Christmas morning. We grabbed my camera and all headed over to Stan’s house. As Stan opened the garage we were greeted by his DeLorean, which was just peeking out from under it’s car cover, and the Cougar of course.

Mercury Cougar XR7

We rolled back the Cougar’s cover and that’s when we realized just how special this car is. This thing is almost like-new inside and out! As we started to talk, Stan revealed that he has owned it since May of 1967. Sometime in the ’80s he had it repainted by a shop in California that specialized in woodies and the work was done to an exceptional level. The paint is probably better than new and he has taken great care of it ever since.

DeLorean DMC-12

After taking a closer look at the DeLorean, we could tell our dad was anxious to drive his new car! As we said goodbye and thanked Stan, we could tell it was an emotional farewell for him (I think he might have even teared up a bit). Forty eight years is a long time to care for the same car, but we could tell by the smile on his face as our dad excitedly climbed into the driver’s seat that he knew it was going to a good home. We jumped in and off we went.

Standing With The Cougar

It was a ride I will never forget and not because it was a wild and crazy one, but because in that moment, as we carefully drove down a little dirt road I realized this was the car our father had been dreaming of since he was a teen and I was getting to share in the fulfillment of that dream. It is a moment I look forward to one day sharing with my own children, who knows it might even be at the wheel of this very Cougar!

Dad's Cougar (1)

As we pulled up to the garage where my Fiat had once been parked, we carefully tucked it into it’s new home. With the coming Wyoming winter, it probably won’t see much use for the next few months, but our parents are excited to get it out and use it as much as possible! They even asked if we wanted to meet up with them for a rally in the spring. Hopefully we have something as cool as this to take by then! Oh and if you are curious to find out what happened with the Lincolns, well just stay tuned for that story! Here’s a little teaser…



  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    What a gorgeous car! Congrats to you and your Dad!

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    • Josh Staff

      Thanks Jamie! It was a great experience and made the 12 hour drive well worth it!

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  2. JW

    Yes Congratulations to your Dad and a cool sounding experience for both of you. Great looking car.

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  3. Ian

    Great story,well done,you guys have the life.

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  4. Howard

    What a great story. I hope you and your family have a great holiday season. Keep up the great work!

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  5. Toast54

    Nicest Cougar in the Bighorns!..I’m sure he’ll enjoy many a spring ,summer (and autumn) drive through that beautiful country!

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    • Josh Staff

      Oh he already is planning on it! The Bighorns are the perfect place to enjoy a nice spring or autumn even drive. I can’t wait to get back over there in the spring to go out in his car and enjoy the beautiful views, twisty roads and of course the sound of that 289 V8!

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  6. David C

    Great story and car! To me the stories are sometimes more important than the car. I know I’ve shared a few stories of my own on BF and I’m sure I’ll share some more.

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    • Josh Staff

      We look forward to seeing more of your finds David!

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  7. Alanjnc

    Outstanding story!
    And an early Christmas for your father!

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  8. KO

    Awesome story, so happy for your dad!

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  9. Barzini

    Isn’t it great to read about people who land their dream car after waiting a long time? And what a car!

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  10. shiro1303 Member

    Great story
    can’t wait to hear about the Lincoln’s

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  11. rjc

    congrats to papa barn find!!
    thanks guys for sharing part of your life with us!!!
    I really enjoy these stoys.

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  12. Jason Houston

    Whoever thinks Wyomingans are out of the loop has a lot to learn! They ARE the bar when it comes to doing right with a vintage car. I Iove that Cougar, too!!! Congratulations to your dad and your family.

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  13. jim BROWN

    What a wonderful car and the story to go along with it. Happy your Dad got it.

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  14. jim BROWN

    What a wonderful Cougar, so glad your dad has the car and you have the memory

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  15. Woodie Man

    Having owned a ’67 Cougar Convertible a long time ago, nothing like a mostly original car well kept by a long term owner, I could relate to Stan’s feelings of letting his Cougar go………….while I haven’t had it as long…only 14 years…… lt looks like my 7’0 Porsche is about to find a new home. I’m actually dreading it..oh well,,,,,,,,Great story and happy for your dad!

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  16. '59FORDfan

    Josh-congratulations, to all; I hope so much enjoyment is realised, by all, of you, with the
    Cougar. I, never, have seen this colour, on one(too many Apple green, I remember, growing up) but, if I had and, had the resources, I’d have grabbed it-it is beautiful!

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  17. Dolphin Member

    Glad to see what a nice visit you all had together, in cars so to speak. Gongrats, and many more happy visits like this one.

    My dad, who taught me so much while he was with us, passed fairly early (by today’s standards) but memories of him are some of the best I have, and I’m sure that’s true for you also—–long may it contunie.

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  18. Mark S

    This cougar reminds of the one my brother in law had when we were in high school his was silver. Great story congratulation to your dad. It’s great finally getting the car of your youth.

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  19. John

    Great story. I wish my Dad and I could have that experience. I do have to admit, I would take the DeLorean over the cougar.

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