Solid Project: 1974 International Harvester Scout II

Many collectors look for vehicles being sold in Arizona and California because rust has not decayed the bodies of vehicles even if they were stored outside. This 1974 International Harvester Scout II is located in San Diego, California and… more»

Tons of Scouts…and a Few Cool Jeeps

In Southwest Little Rock, Arkansas lies a treasure trove of cool vintage International Scouts. Based on the ad found here on Craigslist, it sounds like they probably have a Scout project and the parts to finish it for you…. more»

Solid and Desirable: 1968 Ford Bronco

Do you ever wish you had a crystal ball? I know I do every time I see a First Generation Ford Bronco. During the 1980s and 1990s, sellers struggled to find anyone interested in handing over even a modest… more»

Cheap Chalet: 1977 Chevrolet K5 Blazer

The K5 Blazer was Chevrolet’s smallest full-size sport-utility vehicle built from 1969 until 1995 when the Tahoe replaced it. Its second generation had a long production run, 1973 through 1991. In partnership with an RV specialist, Chevy offered the… more»

Blown Big-Block! 1971 Chevrolet K5 Blazer

During decades of involvement in the classic scene, I don’t remember hearing an owner saying, “I wish my vehicle had less power.” Many crave something extra under their right foot, and the owner of this 1971 K5 Blazer made… more»

Solid Survivor: 1988 Toyota SR5 Xtracab 4×4 Pickup

During the 1970s, vehicle manufacturers began to recognize that an untapped buyer market was ripe for the taking. Some potential buyers craved the practicality and ruggedness of a pickup but were unwilling to forego the creature comforts brought by… more»

High-Riding Brit: 1960 Morris Minor Traveller 4×4

Regular readers will be aware of my love of original and unmolested classics. That doesn’t mean I instantly dismiss custom builds because I feel they allow an owner to express individualism that will usually draw crowds. Such is the… more»

Hole-y Blazes: 1972 Chevrolet Blazer 4×4

In the 1960s, International Harvester, Ford, and Jeep were competing fiercely for the customer’s wallet in the Sports Utility space. Chevrolet, watching the larger Bronco and Scout take market share from the smaller Jeep, decided to enter the space… more»

One Owner: 1983 Range Rover V8 Classic

Driven by British royalty in the UK, the Range Rover has almost become a cult classic, which the market is only just waking up to. These were a revolution when they came to the market, eventually bringing mass luxury… more»

No Reserve: 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

I’m unsure whether it is an age thing, but while I love early off-roaders like Land Rovers and Land Cruisers, the thought of bouncing along some rutted track behind the wheel of one looks less inviting. I begin wondering… more»

The Original SUV? 1950 Willys Jeepster

If you think about a Willys Jeepster in modern terms, it’s really the first, or one of the first, SUVs. Instead of mimicking a jacked-up station wagon the way most modern SUVs do, the Jeepster was designed to look… more»

Half Cab: 1962 International Harvester Scout 80

This one owner 1962 International Harvester Scout 80 has been a ranch vehicle all of its life. It is said to have traveled only 16,000 miles. It is listed here on eBay with 1 day remaining in the auction…. more»

Estate Sale: 1966 Chevrolet Suburban

In 2×4 form (two-wheel drive only), the 1960’s Chevrolet Suburbans were still incredibly useful vehicles with lots of transporting room; they were known as “Carryalls”. Essentially a large station wagon body on the chassis of a pickup truck, the nameplate… more»

No Reserve: 1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Do you hear that sound? You don’t? Listen carefully because you will hear the call of Mother Nature beckoning you to head out and enjoy all she has to offer. Getting there is half the fun, and doing so… more»

Field Find: 1973 International Harvester Scout II

This 1973 International Scout II is sitting out in a field near Gonzales, Texas. It looks like it was just abandoned and the earth is trying to swallow it up. The seller is asking $4,500. The original color appears… more»

For Love Or Money? 1964 International Travelall

“Will you buy it for love, or money?” That’s the question the advertising for the 1964 International Travelall asked! This particular ’64 Travelall has recently been taken out of the storage it’s been in since 1986 and has been… more»